The government is preparing to restructure or write off tax debts to the defense industry 10s bn

The government is preparing to restructure or write off tax debts defense industry tens of billions of rubles

This compulsory measure — further evidence of the poor state of Russian defense industrial complex and risky bets on the defense sector as the main engine of growth innovator Russian economy.

Two federal bureaucrat familiar with the discussions on the issue, confirmed the newspaper "Vedomosti" that the respective draft resolution prepared by the Ministry of Finance and has recently be introduced by the government. According to the 1 st of them, it could be a write-off of tax debt and installment companies military-industrial complex (MIC) for a total of up to 100 billion rubles — possible under the law on the budget for the current and the next two years.

In fact, with the placement neuvvyazkami defense contracts in 2011 and specialists in the main relate the appearance of tax arrears. The main reason that they appeared too well known — the lingering controversy over the cost of defense contracts procured under arms between defense companies and the Ministry of Defense, which have delayed the signing of the respective contracts and pay them. Part of the blame, according to the views of the Accounting Chamber auditors lies with the existing system of contracting, which is why the development of allocated funds is "very inefficient and non-transparent schemes."

As you know, last year's state defense order to save interruption failed even in spite of the intervention in a "dispute of economic entities" Vladimir Putin personally. Implementation of the state defense order will be torn down this year, does not hesitate to Alexei Kudrin, who said this back in January. According to the former Minister of Finance, in its current form, Russian defense industry, represented "the largest number of inefficient companies," just not able to fully implement the tasks that are put before him by the military.

The problem also is that Kudrin believes that in today's government no one is aware of how to reform the defense. Quite naturally, in its own ex post Kudrin so angrily opposed the plans of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to pour in the program of development of Russian defense industry, Rusted reminiscent An old leaky bucket with no handle, 23 trillion. 2020, expressing doubts about the true effectiveness of these expenses.

For examples of how Russian DIC develops large budgets with little result, do not need to go too far. Get at least a sensational program from the development and testing of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which spent 5 billion rubles. In the spring of 2010, the Ministry of Defense officially recognized it as a failure, confirming the purchase of a batch of 10-s vehicles produced by Israel Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

If a similar scale "efficiency" measures on Russian theft, even a child will understand that the usual injection of funds — even in unprecedented volumes for Russia — the Russian defense industry recovery puzzle is not solved, but ditch the country's budget really can.

What did do? The answer, prompted by the same Kudrin, is on the surface — to narrow the number and amount of soluble defense complex tasks, focusing on the support of a viable and effective directions and companies. To this end, the views of the ex-minister, to conduct an audit of re problems facing the army and in concert with them to carry out the reform of the armed forces.

Such areas in Russia, fortunately, there is — the creation of combat aircraft, helicopters, air defense systems. With all of this is easy to see that the more advanced and competitive defense companies — those who now have to withstand the global konkurentnst. The conclusion imposes itself: most of the Russian defense industry (obviously, where it may be) shall be derived from the greenhouse criteria such as guaranteed government funding as part of the SDO and placed in conditions of the market. The State is not precluded assist these companies with investments, modernization and promotion.

By the way, specifically with the original export-oriented self defense products, for lack of sufficient domestic demand, usually associated success of the Israeli defense industry. His other component — the most powerful influx of "brains", including from the former Soviet Union. Creating a system for training and new verbovaniya trained personnel for the new Russian defense industry — a concept Problem, cope with that country without fail. And she does not dare apparent increase in funding of research and higher education institutions.

In other words, to solve the problems of defense requires all-encompassing reform of the economy and the modernization of the country. Hope is the fact that within the framework of the existing system Russian defense complex be able to perform tasks it faces, and even more to become the locomotive of the "modern industrialization" and the main source "of millions of new, sverhtehnologichny and high-paying jobs for educated people," is not necessary.

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