The Government of Southern Sudan to draw a map of their own country

The Government of Southern Sudan to draw a map of their countryI. Longish hand

Integration and Globalization — the concept of the past. Even in the EU crisis — and the French could elect a fully Marine Le Pen, is not endorsing "evroinstituty." So what can we read, for example, 2-Sudan, in 2011, he received from Sudan 1st. In general, a "cell division" Sudan felt longish hand, stretching across the ocean.

July 9th, 2011 at 1:10 am Moscow time on South Sudan became independent state — based on results of six months to reverse the referendum, in which participated more than 3.8 million people. (Almost 99% gave the vote to secede from Sudan). The referendum was the result of a long civilian war in Sudan, which lasted from 1983 to 2005. and which killed an estimated two million Sudanese. In the 2005 peace accords were signed.

On the same day, July 9, in the 196 th country, which seemed on the political map of the world, the celebration took place, in which participated such famous figures as the last Secretary of State Colin Powell and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The first to recognize the newly formed government of the United States, China, Japan and Egypt.

"After such struggle of the people Southern Sudan The United States welcomes the birth of the modern nation "- with these words, Barack Obama officially delivered to the address" newborn ".

America is not the case was noted among the first well-wishers.

What should Washington in Sudan? The answer does not lie on the surface and in depth: oil. Democracy and oil — an old kind piece. First without the latter can not exist. Do not believe me? Not so long ago, speaking at the Institute campus of Syracuse (State of New-york), Hillary Clinton expressed quite openly"Diplomacy in the energy sector is a critically important factor of our national security, and not just from the standpoint of pleasing the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price, but also from the standpoint of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world."

Oil in Sudan so that its provisions are associated with the proven supplies of Saudi Arabia.

And that the U.S. share was comfortable, and ruling in Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir north of the country has been declared in America accomplice of global terrorism, the sponsor of "Al-Qaeda" (let's not forget that the latter — the brainchild of South American) and several other terrorist organizations. All undemocratic portrait ready. It's time for the Pentagon to have areas of Southern Sudan military base — to fight "al-Qaeda" and global extremism.

But the politics of division spending is not easy. You can congratulate the latest country to independence, is possible even in the IMF and the Global Bank to accept it. Yes, even to the UN or NATO. You can arrange and so that U.S. ally Israel supplied South Sudan to implement (this stroll stubborn rumors) for war with North Sudan. The gun needed, because the "tribal" army first very inferior to a more organized and better equipped army of the latter; besides the army of northerners superior army of southerners in number.

Doctor of Political Sciences AV Manoilo a year earlier wrote"In the conflict in Southern Sudan, which could be fully attributed to internal conflicts, are turning their attention to the following details: it is — the very duration of an armed conflict; significant scale armed clashes periodically escalating into real combat actions, the role of the Sudanese army, which is opposed very efficient and is built on the same principle as an army compound black rebel, an unlimited number of victims, allowing fully justified read about civilian war in southern Sudan, not as an internal ethnic conflict, as a planned and systematic genocide realizable by the authorities of the local population. And all this is happening on a relatively small area is not very large African country. The very fact that this leads to the idea that the conflict would have long since gone out he would have been eliminated or combined efforts of peacekeeping troops adjacent African countries, if it is very proactive and not intensively fed outside. Thus, widely known facts of large-scale supply of guns the rebels of Darfur: one of these channels would be the case disclosed a result of uncoordinated activities of pirates in the Gulf of Aden when they hijacked Ukrainian transport Faina was found an arsenal of weapons (including — languid: tanks and air defense systems ), able to equip a small army. The investigation showed, contraband cargo weapons intended for the rebels of southern Sudan. Organize such as supply chain guns and the heavy military equipment, including — air defense systems, so necessary for the protection of the rebels raid Army Aviation and Sudan army attack helicopters could only one of the majestic powers with important fundamental enthusiasm in the region very highest the level of organization and coordination can be seen in this complex operation on illegal transfer of guns that have been reported through this channel rebels probably more than once. Well, the price of the party tools found on the Faina, so that the rebels could not make it, even for payment. All this leads to the idea of the ordinary: the war raging in Darfur, as it is in the interests of at least the last few large players in world politics, is now leading a relentless struggle for political power over the world and for control over global energy supplies. That is why the conflict in Darfur should not be viewed in the narrow sense, as the ordinary internal ethnic conflict, and in the coordinate system of global politics, as the point at which now converge huge global political forces that have made South Sudan typical training ground and springboard for approaching a deadly battle for Africa, which will be for the black continent and the new territorial redistribution of energy. " reported:

"The Sudanese newspaper Al-Intibaha argues that in the last week every day at 15.00 hours at the airport in the north of the town of Rubkona South Sudan land, Israeli aircraft with weapons, ammunition and African mercenaries.

According to the newspaper, "the Israeli organization" heavily arming the army of South Sudan, engaging its supply and providing instructors. With all of this publication does not specify what specific organizations in question. "

Gun instrument of division and separation, but An old heritage — historic, so to speak — creating American democracy in South Sudan interference. There are several, and they are serious.

The fact that the Juba, which has naikrupneyshimi supplies of oil, after disconnecting from Khartoum was formed and immediately transport the financial dependence of the latter. Transit of oil coming from the area of South Sudan through Sudan: oil pipeline that — one. This problem of the kind of people that until now torturing the former republics of the Soviet Union. And northerners to return for at least part of themselves own past earnings, decided to increase the cost of transportation, — having acted so Makar, an unsightly as a "pure monopoly."

In such a situation, diplomacy is powerless — even though there was an attempt negotiations for compensation of oil revenues. Because Southerners invented in April 2012 to invade the oil-rich border region Heglig (about 55% o
f global oil supplies northerners, 60 thousand of 115 thousand barrels produced per day Sudan), officially belonging to the northern areas (as recognized by international society). Southerners were going poruha and Abyei — another oilfield, located in Sotk km from Heglig — but this venture postponed, apparently, since they Heglig and nothing came of it.

Hegligsky favorite Omar al-Bashir earlier said he would not give anyone an inch of land, and if he put his hand to the Sudan, the hand that will be cut off. In Africa, you know, no joke joke. Favorites of South Sudan, according to him, — insects, to be destroyed. Bashir plans to "free people of South Sudan from its rulers." Known more thing, these are his words: "Either we go to Juba and take everything for themselves, or they will go to Khartoum and take over everything."

But the words of Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan, pronounced them to UN Secretary General in response to a request to suspend the last coming on Heglig: "I am not your slave, that fulfill your orders." M. Yushin, a columnist for "Kommersant" writes"According to experts, a similar behavior of sovereign Kiir explained by the fact that he is confident in the unshakable support of the United States, which helped the southerners in their fight against the" dictatorial regime in Khartoum. " Specifically, Americans including the chief designers of the independence of South Sudan. Stroll stubborn rumors that a new area of the country with the passage of time will be the U.S. military base — the largest in Africa. While Washington and London condemned the seizure of Heglig South Sudanese government troops Juba convinced that serious pressure on the West to provide them will not. "

It is clear that in such a situation northerners and southerners are unlikely to rapidly cool down. In general, they do not cool down since 1983.

Potential miners could solve the problem of transporting oil by economic means — in other words, is not debilitating and costly war designed for the victory, and the construction of the pipeline, which would stretch from Cameroon to Kenya, bypassing Sudan's northern area, but South Sudan joining the field to the port of Lamu in Kenya, on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In Kenya, not so long ago found the oil that will produce the English brothers U.S. ideology and the construction of a new pipeline would be on hand fraternal South American corporations have set their sights on the oil of South Sudan.

In general it is difficult to imagine that Juba would have invaded the area of Sudan, having behind the back of strong backers. Yes, the United States condemned the April Confederate military action, but it is a diplomatic condemnation not worth a damn. U.S. and Bahrain criticized at times, and the EU — sometimes chides Latvia for its three hundred thousand redundant "non-citizens" — so what? WHO and is now there. But with Syria, for example, an entirely different story (and earlier there were other stories of Iraq and Libya), and everyone understands why.

Another hindrance in the United States of South Sudan is China. China is like between 2-lights — in the economic sense: the Chinese, from the time of one of Sudan, have invested in the development of oil production in the south and its transportation to the northern ports and signed multi-billion dollar contracts. But with the outbreak of hostilities, 2-Sudan is not no oil, no pumping her that China really do not like, so he calls on the northern and southern Sudanese to diplomacy and peace-loving. The restoration of Heglig leave, according to many experts, for three months. With all of this Beijing can not be unaware that for the South Sudanese military actions are viewed the interests of the Stars and Stripes Democrats. Because Washington is here still burdening relations with Beijing, which already seems to him insecure competitor, because of which the Yankees have to increase its military presence in the Asia Pacific region. (In the U.S. cut military spending, but not by the presence in the Asia-Pacific region, this is not so long ago said Barack Obama.)

Third obstacle for America — Our homeland. This is about as in Syria. Moscow — one of the major suppliers of conventional arms and the army of Omar Bashir. With the collapse of the economy of Sudan Moscow will lose another market instruments that can serve as another reason for the cooling of the already frosty relations it and Washington, recently tangibly lower the temperature because of the European missile defense system, and even earlier due to Damascus.

At the February briefing Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, answering the question of how Russian side refers to the fact that the tool supplied by the Government of Sudan, could be used against the civilian population in Darfur, said"Deliveries of arms to the Government of Sudan is based on the respective intergovernmental agreements that divine control mechanism for end-users to Russian military products."

Western human rights activists accuse Russia is that it is fueling the Sudanese conflict:

"The human rights organization Amnesty International issued a report, which contains data on the supply of Russian and Chinese weapons to Sudan, bypassing the UN resolutions, says Riccardo Nouri in the article published in the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

"The conflict in Sudan runs through Russia and China, and their military supplies to bypass the UN embargo," — says the publication.

"Thanks to the helicopters, airplanes, missiles," Surface to Air "bolshennomu armored personnel carriers and ammunition from Moscow and Beijing (also part of Belarus), the report said Amnesty International, Sudan's army and militias supported by the Khartoum government, continue to terrorize the people of Darfur. Just in 2011 alone, some 70 thousand people were obliged to leave their homes as a result of armed attacks by the Sudanese armed forces and militias against ethnic Zaghawa, "- writes the creator of the article.

"The conflict in Darfur continues, at first, because of the weapons supplied from abroad. Our home and sell it to China, it is aware that it will fall into the hands of rapists and murderers. The armed opposition groups operating in Darfur, a tool often used reclaimed from the Sudanese military, "- says the creator of articles" («Inopressa»).

So Makar, obey in all Moscow. And Beijing. Do not stumble on the Russian Yankees, because of the Chinese.

There are in the world's capital and a small fallback — the insurgents are concentrated in the west of Sudan — in Darfur — and carrying out democratic attacks. On the morning of May 9, the rebels captured the city of Girayda in the region and was killed there the whole garrison, and even captured the warehouse with a gun. The purpose of the militants — to overthrow the regime of Omar Bashir. To achieve this goal, they are going to neither more nor less — to capture all of the town of Sudan, until they reach its capital — Khartoum. In Khartoum believe that Juba supports the rebels in Darfur and Juba ties with the rebels do not recognize. In general, and Khartoum as if in answer sponsoring rebels operating in South Sudan.

And yet here, and Uganda. There soon began to utter that vsesuschy Khartoum finances and its rebel (she also supports the Uganda South Sudan) — and in response to these conversations Sudan May 8 informed the UN and the African Alliance, that from the moment of their direct flights between the support base in Uganda and Darfur will be terminated — let planes fly through Khartoum. Flight range will increase and the price of flights will increase significantly. Strategy Bashir slightly resembles a successful strategy of Iranian President Ahmadinejad: that in
response to the economic sanctions he has imposed sanctions against the EU, some people turning off oil.

In general, the option undermines the activities of the rebels until the looks unlikely due to the relative helplessness of the rebels. Insurgents operating in Sudan and is going to take "all city", can be considered only as an auxiliary force from within destabilizing the situation in the Sudan, where refugees fleeing from war and famine, hundreds of go to South Sudan.

The Government of Southern Sudan to draw a map of their countryII. From the "road map" to a map of the country — one step

May 2, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution on border confrontation 2-Sudan. UN threatens sanctions — if neprekrascheniya war and violence on both sides. The resolution endorsed the resolution of the conflict, previously proposed by the African Union.

In the following days of South Sudan and Sudan him formally accepted a peace plan — the so-referred to as the "road map."

This "map" ordered the conflicting parties to sign a peace agreement before the August 8, 2012 shall be resolved territorial and border disputes and differences in matters of production and transportation of oil. It is interesting that in 2011, when the vessels were divided, they have not had a line of demarcation — and their border, by the way, is 1800 km.

Omar al-Bashir has approved a peace plan of the African Union with one condition (almost as Bashar al-Assad — Kofi Annan's plan): the north side reserves the right to self-defense while continuing southerners fighting. Khartoum to Juba bezotstupno advised to leave the border areas, because of which there was the fuss.

But on May 5, has accused Sudan of its own southern neighbor of violating the cease-fire test. Quote:

"We support the African Union's plan, approved by the UN. We did not make any aggressive actions against South Sudan. But we draw attention of the international community that the terrain in some areas of Sudan as before are forces of South Sudan, "- said the Sudanese army spokesman Al-Khalid Savarmi, reports Reuters. We are talking about areas kafenion Debbie and Samaha in southern and eastern Darfur.

Representatives of South Sudan rejected the allegations made by a neighbor. "Kafenion Debbie was used by rebels as an area to attack us. We remind you that this area is part of the western region of Bahr Al-Ghazal, which is owned by South Sudan, "- said the spokesman for the Army of the Southern Sudan Philip Ager" ("RBC").

In short, to find the boundaries — a difficult task. Realizing this simple truth, Southern Sudan has decided to go the way of Alexander the Great: not untie and cut. And instead of the "road map" proposed its own northern neighbor … the political map.

To amicable between neighbors, the reconciliation of the UN and the African Union, was no longer any controversy or even disagreement, South Sudan took so approved on May 5, the latest map of their own country, to which pririsoval "controversial" Heglig — not that I was all but significant piece of it, the one that hosts the deposit of oil (6 districts). This is called: to share a fraternal.

And now on the map of South Sudan oil fields Heglig are the possessions of Juba, and on the map of the northern neighbor — to the possessions of Khartoum. And if the federals will be in these areas, the southerners will fix the invasion of their country, and if there Confederate troops show up, the right to be indignant Northerners. Drawing a map, South — apparently, according to the first law — hastened to declare these areas "occupied territory."

Thing — for America. Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services of South Sudan Madut Bier Iel already cast States hint"Map of the South Sudan includes 6 districts — areas that have been illegally annexed by Khartoum in the 70 years following the discovery of oil there, including some Heglig — Panto. " So the minister said local television. In other words, it is about the restoration of historical justice, and what kind of democracy — without historical justice? And the South American oil companies will get bigger, and quite taken aback impoverished Russian Khartoum, which, perhaps, will finish the entrenched "rebels". Americans missed a disgruntled Chinese have invested in the Sudanese oil fields, but it happens, and they are missing something.

Here, then, why so far not held the line of demarcation between Sudan. Heglig oil should go to the southerners. In other words, America.

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