The Government of the Russian aviation industry Medvedev issued a death sentence

The Government of the Russian aviation industry Medvedev issued a death sentenceNeuzh that the summit decided the final liquidation of the Russian aircraft industry? On liquidation of our national capabilities to design and build a world-class aircraft, outstanding products that for all that could be cost-effective to bind our huge and poorly populated spaces that make up one seventh of the world's land?

In a slightly disguised form of the death penalty is set out in the aviation industry posted last week by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the draft state applets "The development of the aviation industry "for the years 2013-2025. "

Reading of the draft state program at least some must inevitably bring on an attack of happiness.

In the best tradition of bureaucratic storytelling programs from the reader is suggested that its "implementation will promote the development of" anything and everything, all of our aircraft will be even better in the very best of all worlds. There will not only major improvements, and hundreds of breakthroughs, and ultimately global aviation market will continue to conquer Russia to shame Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer also risen to this point the Chinese.

For 13 years, the acts of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry of the state program promises spent only 13 billion dollars budget, implement at tysche Russian civilian aircraft: Dry Superjet 893 (SSJ-100) and 960 units of MS-21 and several hundred transport aircraft, first, IL-476 and AN -70.

Which is a death sentence? — Utter at least some, including a member of the government and the president, turning over nearly 400-page program from. This is — a breakthrough, and not even getting up from his knees and did not include jumping on a trampoline, and a pure explosive development!

As a cure for premature euphoria I would suggest even more fascinating reading of past policy papers on "the development of the aviation industry", approved by the government with the filing of Industry and Trade of 10 and seven years ago.

But first outline the situation in our aviation industry now, and show that the actual results of the implementation of previous basic strategies.

Almost 90% (devyanosto!) of all traffic this year is Russian airlines have on aircraft of foreign manufacture. In the past year, made a total of 11 Russian aircraft, most of which is not subject to normal use.

In general, even if the situation utter the highest official — Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev Federation. Here is his assessment of a year ago in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", which he gave after the Security Council meeting on the aviation industry, "Volumes of civilian aircraft are rare temper. The domestic market for Russian aviation industry is largely lost … ".

In other words, as a result of past activities, Industry and Trade of Russian aircraft market and put one hundred percent is divided between Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer, and is about to begin wedged into our market and aviaizdeliya from China, has practically become out of phase with us from non-aviation — aviation world power.

In fact, this should be on the analysis of results of the previous strategic documents and finish, if not a complete failure and fully expected initially unpromising in advertising, technical and economic terms, the Superjet and last week's announcement by the Government of zeroing Medvedev brought from other countries import duties in Russia overseas regional jet — with wide-bodied "closed question" in favor of the foreign producers already 5 years ago.

In the end, for the sake of completeness, immediately after the entry into the WTO in August, the country's leaders somehow at once began talking about the need for "the development of the Russian aircraft" through the introduction … screwdriver assembly of foreign aircraft.

But now it makes sense to honor the promise that all of us generously fed in previous policy documents Minpromtorga.

That's a federal motivated programm "Development of the Russian Federation civilian aircraft to 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015", "The purpose is Applets fundamentally alter the strategic competitive position civilian sector of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation, is to develop on the basis of its new global center of aviation and the conquest By 2015, more than 5 percent of the world market sales civilian aircraft …. The implementation of measures to ensure the yearly Applets will allow the implementation of main and regional aircraft Russian production in 2015 in the amount of 95 — 100 units. "

Performing came even with the excess.

New World Center aircraft appeared and powerful — though not in Russia and in China, but also appeared. And not 5, but all 95% of the market, even if only Russian, but not of the world, conquered! However, not Russian and foreign aircraft manufacturers — but then won the same! And not only conquered, and painstakingly, for decades to come, to share!

For all the feeling can also read more and approved in 2005, the aviation industry development strategy for the period up to 2015. On it we have, of course, to the true time there was a "return to the world market," and we go out to create "hundreds of civilian aircraft year. "

In general, a crazy idea-fix all of our industrial and aviation chiefs since 2002 — to capture the world market, giving its own market foreign aircraft manufacturers.

Gay people. Who let them in the opponent's market if they have passed their own? If the main point is, they do not understand, and ruptured a penny is not worth all of these strategies and their chubby state program. Either all means and shall consciously deliberate? As one expert said, reading the text of the state program ranting about the conquest of the world market, "Either half-witted, or lie — and, therefore, the scoundrels."

But for the realization of all these mind-blowing works of the past 10 years have only been directly eats more than 10 billion dollars budget funds. And in the coming 13 years — another 13 billion and a plan, of course, is to learn exactly thrifty billion dollars a year — that support their pants …

Of course, neither the Security Council nor on other large gatherings that base any assessment of sabotage and the failure was not given and may not be. A Chamber hardly find time to audit the effectiveness and even more so a strategic audit which revealed a failure with the initial objectives and implementation mechanisms in landmark decisions on aviation industry.

So why is the storytellers of the Industry and Trade Ministry and now do not offer — straight to the anniversary of Vladimir Vladimirovich — the next volume of non-science fiction?

Here they take and offer.

What's all the same now vparivayut the country for the next 13 years?

Until a few billion dollars to invest in the initial deadlock and unsaleable Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ) — this is a fantastic language Minpromtorga called 2025 "to sell 893 aircraft" (direct attention, not 800, not 900, but 893! Until bolts of what is called, was considered !) — and even more to invest in is not yet available and a failed first in all parameters of MS-21, a kind of second edition of the Superjet. Oh, and much
less sensitive to invest as much in hundreds of dead-end transport without any prospects, but unlike the remakes on the right opposite reason — if the first "innovative" super-duper, the second — still hopelessly outdated with Russian construction period: 1960 IL-476 (76), and 1980 — the AN-70.

That's the whole essence of the project of the state program "The development of the aviation industry" for the years 2013-2025. " Two fancy remake and two civilians all have to show and prove starodela transport.

This suggests that part of the project for airborne state applets are not municipal interests, and the interests of commercial 2-clans, which are the actual customers of the state program.

Natural and undisputed favorite of the first of the clan, the creator of the Superjet, and now also the second Superjet in a cardboard MS-21 is Misha Aslanovich Pogosyan, president of the CBC — United Aircraft Company.

Undercover second clan is fully sudden revival theme of IL-76, which in their own "deep modification" Il-76MD-90A (aka Il-476), said his lobbyists, "according to the guts — a completely new plane. "

In aviapromovskih circles even they say about the origin of this rapid invasion rejuvenated grandfather IL-476 second-Pogosyan, fully capable hardware skharchit and most Pogosyan first.

This is the second Pogosyan Viktor Livanov — experienced (born 1943), a bureaucrat from the aviation industry, General Director of JSC "Ilyushin" — JSC "Aviation Complex. Ilyushin "and part-time chief designer of the IL-476, until last year — the vice-president of the KLA, deputy Boghossian Air Transport, leader, widely recognized not only the fact that he can, pulling back one by one engineering projects (for example, MTS, IL-112 and IL-114), get paid for it very highest municipal services, and lobbying for its outstanding features.

Besides, Viktor Livanov not just the father of today the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov.

He is also in-law (husband's older sister) today Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, now oversees the defense industry, and in it the military and military-transport aircraft, and with them the KLA. Interestingly, by the way, that in 2001, Viktor was a medic in Brussels there the philosophy of the Academy of Information Sciences and Dmitry O. three years he served in Brussels as ambassador to NATO — see their selfless love for the capital NATO gives them extra strength for NATO assistance in developing their own military base in Ulyanovsk.

Pogosyan clan and clan successfully climbing Rogozin-Livanov — that's real customers the latest government program.

By the way, is a military aircraft in fact we even worse. Pretty indicate that from 2020 Oboroneksport virtually nothing to be exported — PAK FA, even if he will be executed, there will be purchased, and a promising light fighter of the 5th generation, which could create a MIG will not be as MIG actually demolished dry through UAC Pogosyan Pogosyan.

In general, because of the occurrence in the firmament of the liquidators of the Russian aircraft industry newest star in the form of a pair of home-Rogozin Lebanon is better not to criticize Boghossian, even unsafe, as guidance to the President of the Russian Federation about this important principle for the country's industry, it will not work for the Russian aviation industry, and the ambitions of the second clan-Rogozin Livanov.

So, we have before us two mutually complementary phenomena: superdzhetstvo and patriotstvo. In this — the way to the ultimate elimination of the Russian aircraft industry.

On the one hand, waving a super-duper jets of all kinds. On the other hand, for the traditionalists and antisuperdzhetovschikov — calls for support for good An old Russian.

In the end, on one only niraham and OKRah can absorb billions of dollars.

… It is possible and necessary to further analyze in detail minpromovsky draft state program for aviation industry. Most vedchivye can find on the web links to a dozen benign discuss it.

Also at this point of our Movement is preparing a public hearing on the project, in which any of the parties and the positions will have the opportunity to speak exhaustively.

But the essence of what is happening, I think, is clear.

Mocker sounding the title of the state program "development" actually covers a conscious rejection of large aircraft industry officials on the status of Russia as a global aviation power and surrender sovereignty over aviation maintenance in the end of screwdriver to aviation industry.

By the way, the analysis of the draft state program for aviation industry is a great opportunity to learn and municipal state administration in general.

To pass a similar state program can not be criminal.

Management of the country's advisable to find a situation in the aviation industry as an emergency and get to the forced change in the situation.

What should I do?

First. Return the Russian and Eurasian (Customs alliance, the CES and CIS) market is Russia. Adopt a presidential decree on the terms of release airborne vehicles in Russia in 2013 — 2030 years. with the application plan for the year and in pieces on the 2-pages, though, and designate the individual responsible for implementing the plan, and the penalties for failure and rewards for winning.

2nd. Urgently to the Ministry of Aviation and the KLA as irresponsible "pad" for the development of budget funds to close. In Minaviatsii join the administration and the aviation industry and the aviation activity.

The main objective of Minaviatsii — refund of its own market and prepare pragmatic breakthrough, the creation of the modern Russian aircraft.

Boghossian and formed the second "Pogosyan" in the form Rogozin-Livanov restrict personal topic — respectively, the heavy maneuverable aircraft "Sukhoi" and the development of modern transport aircraft under the aegis of "Ilyushin". Not that 2-, and 1st Pogosyan as the head of the aviation industry on the country no longer sustain.

The third. Finalize our (the Movement Development) project Aviation doctrine of in the hard discussions of real aviation industry and aviation experts of Russia and the world, professionals in related fields of basic and applied science, defense and management, and then accept the doctrine of the Aviation and convert it to the format of the state program of development of modern aviation industry and aviation.

We have reached the very limits of reddish stripes, when we no longer posodeystvuyut of old aircraft and rescue superdzhetovskie "innovation" screwdriver assembly. At stake — our machine-building and productive capacity.

Who are the creators and performers of the previous applets? Who are the creators and consumers of today?

Creators, performers and customers — in the studio! And the wall.

I have written many times and now repeat.

All came to the fact that the management of the country there are two methods to raise aviation industry: either shoot all the "effective management", and that for the next thirteen years have prepared themselves for the next development plan for traditional media, or to make the aviation industry and aviation in general a priority area of Russia's development putting in place all these hangers-on vacuum cleaners in aviation and appointing people who really make the new Russian aircraft industry.

At the last meeting of the Security Council, President Putin urged "to make such a powerful, full breakthrough in the modernization of the defense industry, as it was back in the 30s of the last century."

If you take the aircraft, the wildest illusion is the belief that military aircraft will be doing yourself, and civilians — to collect screwdrivers or simply deliver. No civilian aircraft unr
ealistic military.
And while Putin sends us in the 30s, it should be recalled that for the Russian aviation, they were very different and very difficult, and indeed a crucial one in 1939 became the first year, when at the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b) was adopted directive on the general development of aviation in the USSR and in fact were boosted created new at that time and the aviation industry aviation, and that have allowed us to ultimately defeat into a sublime Russian war.

Very edifying dialogue IV Stalin and the famous Russian Russian aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev in the summer of 1939: "Say what you think, and do not be embarrassed — we believe for you, even though you are young. Are you an expert on your own business, not due to errors of the past and therefore can be more impartial than an old spice that we believe is very, and they brought us to the aircraft in a swamp. "

Who now believe in the aviation industry — is. Call them out loud until you can not, because they will be targeted here.

But that's who does not believe — well known.

This current ones, "we are very trusted, and they brought us to the aircraft in a swamp."

And the government should take them out of administrative positions where they are not only for the city due to personal solve puzzles, and finish off our aviation industry.

We control the country's last chance to make the 2012 1939, not 1937.

According to reason, now everything seems to have to do from scratch, collecting and drawing really the best designers, growing new engineering school, gathering our most professional young people in these schools around our distinguished and dear old men, still remembering how to make planes — consolidating all creative forces to create a new Russian aircraft.

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