The Government of the Russian Federation punished the culprits in disrupting the defense procurement

Deputy Prime Minister RF Sergei Ivanov reported to President Dmitry Medvedev about the execution of the assignment of punishment of those responsible for the failure of the state defense order in 2010 year. This is Lente.Ru told in the press service of the president. As a result, the sanctions have lost their own posts 5 people, another 11 were reprimanded. In the not to distant future, a list of employees who have suffered the punishment may Strength.

Namely, reprimands were announced general designer and general director of "Information Satellite Systems" Nicholas Testoedovu and CEO "NGOs Engineering" Alexander Leonov. With their own positions were fired CEO "Izhmash" Grodetsky Vladimir and "NII Electromechanics" Arkady Hohlovich. In addition, government proposed reprimand Deputy Managing Roskosmos Anatoly Shilov. Administrative sanctions and disciplinary disposition have been used more to eight executives of defense companies.

According to Ivanov, in June 2011, to be held board meeting Severodvinsk shipyard "Sevmash", which will address the issue of dismissal of CEO Nicholas Kalistratova. In addition, on the boards of directors of the "daughters" of the United Aircraft Company will also address questions about verbovanii accountable management companies.

Government RF not limited sanctions against management companies, performing the state defense order. For example, a private office lost Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces of the brain control RF Major-General Nikolai Vaganov, head of the organization's development of aircraft orders and weapons, Colonel Igor Krylov and Deputy Navy Commander for Armaments Nikolay Borisov. Earlier it was reported that Borisov had lost his own position because of incompetence in negotiating the purchase from France landing craft class "Mistral".

The state defense order for 2010 year was made at 30 percent. In the past, the military did not get a corvette 20380, three submarines of project 955 "Borey" and 885 "Yasen" 6 of 9 training aircraft Yak-130 and half of 151 BMP-3. In addition, of the 11 satellites, the creation of which was included in the government order, only 5 were prepared. Total volume of defense contracts in 2010 amounted to 1.159 trillion rubles. It must be emphasized that the state defense order for 2009 has not been fulfilled by half.

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