The government will change the system of defense procurement

The government will change the system of defense procurementMilitary-Industrial Commission and the State Duma RF decided to change the system of procurement for the state defense order, the newspaper "Izvestia". Instead of the existing rules conduct sales to the auction, the military offered three options for conducting public procurement, the differences in what are in the types of participants and purchased products. All proposals issued in the form of amendments to the law "On the state defense order", the first reading of the draft has passed.

In a first embodiment, the Ministry of Defense and law enforcement agencies will be able to turn away from the conduct of the auction and purchase the right product from the manufacturer directly, if it is a monopolist in the market, such as, for example, "Gazprom". With all of this the Government will determine the price of the product and the size of mandatory delivery.

2nd option As for the purchase of arms, military and special equipment as well as special equipment, including flak jackets and helmets. In this case means to put in place a system of competitive negotiation, in which, according to the newspaper, will be competing not the military products, and the production capacity of participating companies.

Finally, according to the third embodiment, military establishment fails conduct tenders for the supply of various business products. It is a question of the purchase of fuel, lubricants, building materials and furniture. With all this auction conducted by the Office should be open. Changing the system, the government hopes to speed up the ordering within the SDO and to increment its implementation.

The law "On the state defense order" in Russia came into force in 1995. He has often been criticized because of the disruption of fundamental procurement, the main premise of which was the inability of the Ministry of Defence and the contractor agree on the price of the product. In addition, the disruption of contracts are often promoted and samples conduct Tenders for the supply of military products in those cases where they produced the only enterprise in Russia.

According to a member of the Defense Committee of Franz Klintsevich, competitive negotiations are more effective inventory determine the ratio of "price — quality — marketability." It is believed that the proposed authorities and members of amendments to the law "On the state defense order" will make the defense procurement system more open and transparent.

The state defense order RF in the last couple of years, not one hundred percent marks, and because of the inability to agree on the price of the product of wartime transfer purchase order or other type of weapon and equipment for subsequent periods.

It must be emphasized that the samples of the authorities to influence the situation yield positive results. In 2009, the state defense order was filled only half that in 2010 this figure had risen to 70 percent, and in 2011 — to 96.3 percent. Yet, the shortfall SDO is slowing rearmament, provided the state program of armaments RF 2011-2020.

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