The Guest from the Future with a cell phone revealed her secret


Once again, have caused a heated debate frames Chronicle, which conspiracy theorists spotted a mysterious time traveler. In the documentary film, made in the USA in 1938, came a young woman who speaks animatedly, pressing his ear to the object that looks like a mobile phone.


A lady with a similar device, lovers of mysteries previously found in the newsreels in 1928, accompanying the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus".

However, the mystery of black and white frames 30s soon revealed a man who identified himself as a direct descendant of the "guest from the future", the newspaper The Daily Mail. Moreover, it turned out that the woman with the "mobile phone" alive.

Conspiracy theorists are encouraged by the emergence of the video as evidence of time travel, which took advantage of the carefully concealed power. In the chronicle, filmed at one of the factories of the industrial giant Dupont, a young woman, dressed in the style of the 30s, the crowd goes towards the operator, it is obvious from the facility's entrance. With a cheery smile she says something incomprehensible brick of pressed to his ear, and then puts his hand to the "mobile phone" down.

First clip appeared on the web a year ago and led to a lively discussion. However, only recently user under the name planetcheck said he could explain the purpose of the strange object. According to him, the footage shows his great-grandmother Gertrude Jones, when she was only 17 years old.


The woman told grandson in person, at that time, employees of the plant really tested the wireless devices — a prototype of a mobile phone company in connection Leonminstere (Massachusetts).

The old woman told that she, along with five other women were given the devices and asked to test for a week. Gertrude says in the shot with another participant in the experiment is to the right of it, which keeps the same wireless phone. However, the official confirmation of the words planetcheck yet.

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