The heart of a businessman: Chelyabinsk bachelor brings nine other orphans

44-year-old businessman from Chelyabinsk Egor Andreev took custody of nine children from a local orphanage. Everything turned out by chance one of the kindergarten teachers invited to become chief merchant younger group. After talking for some time with the children, Yegor realized I did not want to part with them.

A few years ago, the owner of large enterprises in Chelyabinsk Egor Andreev before New Year holidays decided to visit one of the local boarding schools. He brought gifts to all children. One of the kindergarten teachers invited Egor take patronage over the younger group of children. Businessman agreed.

Businessman and children began to chat and spend a lot of time together. The first joint winter holidays were spent in Moscow, in the country of Egor Andreev. Museums, theaters, attractions — children remember that trip so far. In the summer of boarding boys and girls vacationing in Gelendzhik, parents businessman.

After three years of patronage Egor Andreev, who has no children of his, he decided to make the guardianship of orphans. In September 2010, he took the children in his spacious apartment. A little later, the family moved to the town house of a businessman in one of the villages nearby. The oldest child is now 17, and the rest — 11 and 13 years old.

Businessman dreams that his adoptive children have grown happy and successful people. Children go to the pool, doing downhill skiing. One of the girls studying in a prestigious high school mathematics. All his spare time trying to Andreyev give his four sons and five daughters, and when he was out of town with them engaged adoptive grandmother, as well as teachers and tutors.

"Now we're learning" Song Petrel ", someone in for sports, some learn, move somewhere, now I can not tell who is an engineer, who is a firefighter, Dasha, for example, we learn in the 31st Lyceum It is the second in his class. Now we bored, fun, there are, of course, the problems of daily life. Maybe two years later, when the children grow up, I want to take two more small, the case is very interesting, "- says Egor Andreev.

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