The heart of the future of e-mobile designed the Vologda designers

Domestic experts have developed the engine is lighter and cheaper than their foreign counterparts. With a capacity of 30 kilowatts, it weighs only 15 pounds, and is worth at least seven times cheaper than European counterparts. At the moment, addressed the issue of the construction of the plant for its mass production.

The new power plant — the heart of the future of e-mobile. Unique traction motor Vologda scientists have created just for six months. Its advantages in weight, in power, and most importantly, the price. Russian motor turned cheaper than foreign analogues.

"Usually considered a good achievement when one kilogram of engine weight has kilowatts of power. In this case, the weight is 15.4 kg, and power — 30 kW. Accordingly, we have improved the rate in half. Also we had to get access to e-mobile "for consumers, and this should be available to the basic elements. And, if in Europe the price is from 7 to 30 thousand dollars, that we have — just a thousand, "- explains the director of research and production enterprise" Novtek "Sergei Radievsky.

The company, the developer working mainly young scientists, graduates of local technical university. At 25 years old Oleg Pogodin — is the veteran of the enterprise. Came here on the 4 th year. At the moment, in parallel with the work of preparing to defend his dissertation at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, the theme of which will just be this engine electronic control unit which — just the work of Oleg. "There is a feeling that uchastvuesh in a large project. When I started, I wanted to do something big. That's what I want now, "- he said.

At the moment the engine for Russia's first electric vehicle being tested. Next week it should take the designers of the plant, and only after that the motor will put on a wide production.

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