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Inside our planet another life

November 23, 1968 American spacecraft ESSA-7 (Environmental Science Service Administration) took a few pictures of the North Pole. These pictures clearly shows a huge black hole in the pole. Publish images added fuel to the fire having gone was on the wane discussion about the fact that our planet is hollow inside it there are vast areas where it is possible, there is another life. What would be counter-offered or science, this version pops up again. The last time — at a new qualitative level. Version sweet to our hearts, it is based on the folklore and in one form or another is known to every people.

The story of the journey of Orpheus in the underworld for his Eurydice beaten repeatedly in all the epics of the world. In the depths of the Earth takes it all — from Aladdin to Soldier at Andersen. The belief that this planet can and should have in her womb another, more comfortable for living, reflected in a favorite book of Soviet children "Dunno on the Moon." For the older generation there was an adult from the pen of a serious scholar Obrucheva version — an adventure book, "Sannikov Land" where the entrance to the underground unknown and fertile continent was located, significantly, all in the same Arctic.

No scientist in the world who does not have admired the genius of Leonhard Euler. But genius must be seen in full. So, according to one theory Euler our planet is hollow inside it is another sun that shines above the inhabited continents. The famous Edmund Halley, Astronomer Royal and discoverer of Comet Halley terrible, thought that the inside of our Earth are three other planets. Euler and Halley were top-notch mathematicians, their theories are not built on the water and do not take out of the air, it was all confirmed severe as they thought, calculations.

In the twentieth century, this theoretical hypothesis has been confirmed in practice, based on the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions U.S. Rear Admiral Richard Byrd from 1926 to 1947. Especially important were his flight to the North and South poles. In February 1947, the brave Rear Admiral sent on board his plane: "I would like to see the land beyond the North Pole. This earth is the center of the great unknown." Some cards can be assumed that the route counter Admiral lay so that he had flown in the direction of 2750 km. Some enthusiasts believe that Admiral Byrd radioed that he saw the land where there is no ice and snow-covered mountains, forests and greenery, where walking around strange animals like mammoths. According to another research expedition in 1957 under the supervision of Rear Admiral Byrd has penetrated deep into the earth is a south pole at a distance of 3700 km. In the same year, the admiral died, but there are witnesses who heard him talk about the vast continent that could be home to the legendary described in many, beginning with Babylon, the sources of the lost civilization. However, Buddhists and now believe that millions of people live in an underground paradise, called the Aharta …

In confirmation of the existence of large areas inside the Earth is looked set of facts: at the poles, the air becomes warmer, floating in the water timber, the strange behavior of the compass, and even the aurora, which can be regarded as the sky lights reflected from the underground civilization. In accordance with the spirit of the times underground cities now considered as the base, where grand "flying saucers." Underground haven of quiet, they put forward to us, and then quietly disappear into the womb of the Earth. And we suffer, we can not find them.

All the bad luck that the magazines that kept during his many expeditions, Admiral Byrd did not contain any evidence supporting the travel deep into the earth. Flight "for the pole" (English beyond) does not mean "a pole." Sensational same picture of the American satellite is simple: this property is the TV mosaic while shooting for 24 hours, when, because of the polar night area near the pole appears black.

According to the scientific secretary of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Sergei cabin boy, the pressure beneath the earth's surface increases so incredible that it can not withstand any crystals even diamond. Such conditions will not stand no shell. The presence of large cavities under the surface is not confirmed by the dynamics of the propagation of seismic waves — the accuracy of tomographic studies is very high. Separate cavities are possible only to a depth of 3-5 km, but then they must inevitably shlopnut.

So, the idea of a hollow Earth completely insane. But the science develops in a spiral. It was a crazy idea, according to the remark of Niels Bohr, it may be fair. In recent years, the geophysics is becoming increasingly popular theory of the so-called fractal structure of the world. In the U.S., even the specialized magazine is published on the subject. Examples of such devices — building brick, bone, splayed bunch of fives, the cerebral cortex. Everywhere there is a cavity — the nature saves on material is its principle. But because the Earth is also built on the fractal principle. And the existence of "weak areas" under the surface has been proven — then breaks in the earth's the matter can not be excluded.

In many karst caves visited. Suddenly, this is the entrance to the weak zones? In karst caves solid strangeness, there is not even a mouse crawling and flying around. To the bottom of karst caves nobody got. Who else is flying, science does not know.


"The News", 2003

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