The last battle for the World Ocean

The last battle for the Oceans

In global competition, 2-superpowers the United States in the middle of the 70s was launched at the first place geopolitical formula "Who has the world's oceans, he has the world." The geopolitical goal — the ultimate subversion of the Union of Russian economic power as a result of overvoltage real and human resources. Russian trade fleet in displacement was not inferior to the South American and the activities of Russian oceanographers only highly evaluated.

To completely undermine the economic power of the Russian Union, the United States proposed that the race for the development of ocean resources, including iron-manganese nodules. U.S. intelligence services began to spread through the media about the early development of the resources of the ocean floor. The world's media printed materials about the U.S. construction of specialized vessels for deepwater ocean dna1. The ship "Explorer" Western press called the ship 20 of the first century, ahead of technical developments in the Russian half a century. Russian Alliance was obliged to respond to this challenge state development programs from "World ocean. "

In the 1980s, for the Russian Union was secured area on days of the Pacific Ocean, where the forecast are significant supplies of iron-manganese nodules. Despite the huge amount of deposits of iron ore, manganese was not enough for the Russian industry, as planned by 2011 to begin production of its technologically sophisticated in the world's oceans.

Were made by academic universities in Vladivostok and Odessa. Odessa Branch of the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR focussed on the development of the economic problems of the oceans with the environment.

Many years later became known prehistory of the last race superpowers.


February 24, 1968 from Fri based on Kamchatka went on combat patrols diesel submarine boat K-129 with 3 ballistic missiles with nuclear boegolovkami2. March 8, the submarine sank to a depth of five thousand meters But this Russian folk vyznat many years later. According to established tradition of death Underwater boat and crew Russian press did not. Russian Navy ships regularly patrolled the square of the alleged death of the submarine, but the Russian government's official announcement of her death was not made. And many years later, the cause of death has not been established boats. Maybe she was faced with an American submarine, which recorded the coordinates of the disaster.

Central Intelligence Agency in consultation with the South American president has decided to raise the Soviet submarine, which apart from ballistic nuclear missiles were ciphers Russian Navy. Detailed acquaintance with Russian technological know-how could be useful only for American professionals in the field of defense technology. But there was no international experience lifting the submarine from a depth of five thousand meters addition, the operation would be completely hidden. Because the best thing a democratic government in the world grossly violated international conventions banning the rise of the foreign warship which sank with the crew in international waters, and became the fraternal military burial, without a corresponding permit.

Perform lifting Russian submarine was entrusted private American company. As a result of the secret of the "Jennifer" price of $ 500 million, was built vessel "Glomar Explorer", which is identified as the second after the "Glomar Challenger" vessel for deep sea drilling, which recorded a Russian spy satellites. But satellites are not able to "see" the design features of the ship with a "moon pool" — a tremendous drop from the bottom of the secret compartment, which allows for inconspicuous surveillance satellites raise objects from the ocean floor.

But by chance, the draft was leaked to the American public. In June, 1974, in Los Angeles, the kidnappers made their way to the office of the company performing a hidden order, opened the safe, where instead of dollars found secret documents. They began to blackmail the CIA and demanded half a million dollars for the return of the seized documents.

After the failed trade, information was sent to the media and the newspaper "Los Angeles Times" in February 1975, the first located a sensational article about the secret project. Calls for the CIA to reporters not to tease MOSKOVII in the interests of national security were not heard. And the Russian administration reacted only sluggishly and was content evasive response of the American side.

To mask in lifting Russian submarine was same type with the "Glomar Explorer" research vessel "Glomar Challenger." And the Russian intelligence is tossed tribute to the event value. When lifting the submarine was split and only the bow was in a secret "moon pool". But the Yankees were disappointed, ciphers were not obnaruzheny3. But there were divers recovered the bodies, which were reburied at sea by Russian rite with the performance of the anthem of the Union of Russian. In order to comply with privacy ceremony was held NIGHT MODE. Video of the ceremony was declassified after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin handed over (the video is on the Web).

Because Russian Alliance after the implementation of the South American project to build vessels for deepwater drilling behind the United States in the battle for ocean, bid was made on the establishment of deep-sea vehicles. For the oceanographic and rescue work was created by a series of deep-sea submersibles "Mir" with a diving depth of up to 6000 meters. In 1987, two instruments were made by the Finnish company, which was subjected to pressure from the United States, seeking to prevent the value of the Soviet Union in this area. On these devices in August 2007 for the first time the world had come bottom of the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole, for which aquanauts received the title of Hero of Russia. These deep-water machines were made in the USA, France and the land of the rising sun, which holds the record for diving (6527 meters).


After the collapse of Russian Union of Russian Federation in turn loses its naval might of the former second superpower. Still occupies the second place in the number of nuclear submarines. Naval and merchant fleet aging. Russian oceanic fishing fleet, which was one of the biggest in the world, in the main lost, including plundered. As a result, large-scale corruption in Russia ruthlessly used the resources of one of the largest Russian fish pantries in the Okhotsk Sea — one of the most highly productive areas of the oceans.

Our homeland has the largest area under the continental shelf. According to the Marine UN convention in 1982 implemented section of the continental shelf of the maritime powers. Of the 30 million square meters. km of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation has got 7 million square meters. km, but the country does not have the vessels for deepwater drilling.

In the Russian Federation, a federal programm "Oceans" with a relatively small amount of funding was not providing the full content of the research fleet, including such large ships as "Akademik Keldysh", "Akademik Ioffe" and "Akademik Vavilov." In the Russian Union was organized once a year to 2
5 marine scientific expeditions, and the current time in Russian Federation — 2-3 expedition.

First, 20 of the first century, when the Favourites in the oceans Navy United States, more than the highest rate increases the power of the Chinese Navy, and India. In the Middle Ages, the Chinese empire had a massive navy, the rejection of which served as one of the principal circumstances of the decline of the Middle Kingdom in the next century. Strengthening the economic power of modern China and the dependence on energy imports set for Beijing's strategic transformation puzzle coastal fleet "yellow water" in water navy "blue water" 4.

The doctrine of the "yellow water" main task was to ensure the security of the coastal economic centers and the likely takeover of Taiwan. To secure further more economically developed coastal regions, where it is concentrated dominant number of modern companies, Beijing made the doctrine of "blue water" — the creation of the modern ocean-going fleet, capable of striking the enemy in the open ocean. Under the doctrine of "blue water" navy important task is to ensure the safety of China's trade (tanker) fleet in the strategic sea lanes. On the first place came the tasks of communications for the uninterrupted supply of oil from the Persian Gulf (Iran) and Africa, providing offshore oil production, including in the disputed areas of the South China Sea.

The naval forces of China are divided into three operational fleet (North, East and South). The Chinese Navy has 13 submarines, including five submarines carrying ballistic missiles, 60 diesel submarines, 28 destroyers. By the number of nuclear submarines China is the third largest in the world after the U.S. and Russia, as well as destroyers by the third country after the U.S. and Japan. China is now the first in the world in the number of diesel-powered submarines, frigates, missile boats and landing craft. Naval Aviation of China was second after the United States. In the early 90-ies of China acquired in Ukraine unfinished aircraft carrier "Varyag" to rework a "floating casino" for the fun of $ 28 million dollars. Maybe the corruption component of the transaction exceeded the price of the vehicle. Recently, the aircraft carrier will be commissioned Navy Kitaya5. This event will be the symbolic end of the collapse of the sea power of the former Russian state.

After the Soviet Union's geopolitical suicide Our homeland has been dropped from the oceans, having lost a significant part of the Baltic and Black Sea ports.

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