The Last Crusade of America (Human events, USA)

The Last Crusade of America ("Human events", USA)

For the Yankees majestic generation, which led the war in the second world war and the "silent" generation, which grew up in the 1950s, no small moral and ideological challenge was cool war.

It gave purpose and clarity of our external and vnutrennney politics and our lives.

Two generations fought this war, it began after the fall of Berlin in 1945 and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, with its end facing the Americans to the basic question:

If historic struggle between communism and freedom is over, if Russian Empire and the Russian Alliance is no longer there, if we want to be Russian friends, and the Maoists stepped onto the capitalist road, what is our brand-new mission in the world? What should we do now?

The debate on this issue subsided, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. George HW Bush put together a strong coalition and won the war, it took only 100 hours of ground operations.

We determine our mission.

The United States was the last and only superpower and a triumphant Bush declared that we would do the "New World Order." The neocons praised to the skies "unipolar" finest hour of America and the coming era of "global hegemony."

But the Yankees is not assured and inspired. They turned away from a favorite of Iraq — for Bill Clinton. In the year, the Republican Party has supported another Bush which promised a "more moderate" America.

Then there was 9/11 and launched a mature George W. Bush. to Wilsonian interventionism. After the defeat of the Taliban in December 2001, Bush decided to rework Afghanistan in the image of Iowa and start a crusade against the "axis of evil." In his second inaugural address, he declared that America's mission is to "end the tyranny in our world."

But world refused to help. By the end of 2006, the Taliban come back, America was embroiled in an endless war in Iraq, the Republicans lost Congress and the Bush crusade "in the name of democracy" that led to the election of Hamas and Hezbollah defeated.

In November 2008, the "crusaders" asked "to exit, with the things."

Barack Obama came. Obama readily as his own, and took the "Arab Spring" that began in 2010, and the overthrow of dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria.

Waking up was scary. When one by one began to fall Arab Terai, in the lands they ruled, galloped four Arab horseman of the apocalypse: tribalism, ethno-nationalism, Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Americanism. Then before we got the usual question:

If Islamic world so filled with anger and hatred for us — for our wars, occupations, drone attacks, support of Israel, for our decadent culture, tolerance to insults Islam and the Prophet — why should we call for free elections in countries where people will use these elections, To vote for aggressive rulers of the United States?

If possible or inevitable result of the overthrow of dictator-allies is that the government will come to our enemies, the Islamists, that is why we are helping to displace the dictators?

During the war, the United States Cool Plants for yourself friends, where they found. If they were ready to cast its lot with us, we welcomed them, welcomed everyone — from the Shah to General Pinochet. Democratic dissidents like Jawaharlal Nehru in India and Olof Palme in Sweden have found a place for themselves under our wing.

During the second world war and the cool, the main question was not whether you have come to power through free elections or not — after all, Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, and on whose side you're on — with us or against us ?

Ideology, as pointed out by Russell Kirk — this is a political religion, and profession of democracy — a form of idolatry, worshiping the wrong god, an idol, a golden calf.

And also (though this statement may border on a hate crime), some countries are unable to democracy. How to read Edmund Burke: "It is ordained by the internal structure of things that people are unrestrained brain can not be free. Their passion is their fetters. "

In the face of an unbridled hatred of America that has spread throughout the Arab and Islamic world, we are again faced with a defining moment. What now is our mission in the world? What now must be the primary goal of U.S. foreign policy?

What global puzzle we need to put in front of him now, what goal should pursue with our trillion dollar defense, intelligence, foreign aid budget, diplomatic and military presence has spread to all continents and in most countries of the world? Bush's "New World Order", taking into account our strategic fading, as the resistance of the Russian Federation, China and the Islamic world, is already history.

The crusade for "democracy" in the Bush II and Obama taking the "Arab Spring" was released and brought to power by force, even the least sensitive to the wishes of America than the tyrants and the Terai, the overthrown in full our favor.

All three shows were illusions. By country, moving into bankruptcy at building up debt at $ 1 trillion dollars a year, weary century Crusades, for sure, you can use the words of John Quincy Adams: "America does not go abroad in search of monsters to be killed. She — a fan of freedom and complete independence. She — and the advocate of a defender of freedom and independence, but only own their own. "

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