The last hope of the world for the triumph of justice — Russia


Edward Snowden: Over the past eight weeks, we watched as the Obama administration shows a lack of respect for international and domestic law, but in the end justice is served. I thank the Russian Federation for giving me asylum in accordance with the laws of the country and international obligations.

Father Edward: I am so grateful to the Russian people, Putin and Kucherenu for what they have done for their courage and humanity. I think that Russia's decision is respected, and I am grateful to Russia for that.

WikiLeaks: U.S. is no longer a safe place for people to freely disseminate information about national security. The U.S. government should reconsider its attitude to these people and to restore the moral authority of the country, respecting the Constitution and international law.

Snowden's comments on the situation around the politician and member of the Public Chamber, Vice President of the Russian Economic University. Plekhanov Sergei Markov.

— It Snowden showed the world that Russia is not at all dependent on the U.S.. And showed that all the modern world, including Europe, Russia advantageous independence from the U.S.. Although the Russia of that independence is the international problems and conflicts.

The case Snowden — really slap the U.S., as Senator McCain said. But Americans do not slap Russia gave — this tremendous slap the U.S. have closed up themselves. You can not insist that "we stand for freedom and human rights around the world" — and ever secretly spy on the rest of the world.

Edward Snowden Russia gave refuge right — because the United States to extradite him we can not. U.S. does not have a contract with us for extradition: although we give them a lot of times it was offered, but they have always refused.

They do not give us any traitor Kalugin, who privechayut or former foreign minister of Ichkeria terrorist Akhmadov, nor of the murder Nevzlin. But it kidnapped a Russian citizen Viktor Bout.

We can not issue Snowden United States for political reasons. After a disgraceful act of Magnitsky and Browder U.S. support for the thief does not have the political authority and the right to a positive attitude.

In addition, the United States, George Bush authorized the de facto torture, and Snowden will not be granted the normal justice. And our justice is imperfect, but it does not mean that the U.S. has with him everything is fine — there are too many problems.

Many in the U.S. to take a wise position in the case of Snowden. The majority of public opinion believes that the right and the government, and Snowden at the same time.

Americans believe that the government can all totally listen to the security of the state, but it should not do in secret, and under the law. Therefore Snowden rights, describing the illegal wiretapping.

But the main thing in Snowden — not what he revealed. This is because everyone knew. The case Snowden showed everyone how wickedly and only through brute force attempt to rule the world, the United States. For example, they forced the Europeans do not care about all the diplomatic norms and search plane president of Bolivia.

President Putin, providing shelter Snowden, at the same time held out the hand of friendship the United States, saying that it will be done on one condition: Snowden stop anti-American activities.

Russia's prestige in the world today, thanks to actions like saving Snowden is definitely growing.

In addition, it manifests itself as a defender of traditional Christian values and modern human rights. Thus, the promotion of sin of homosexuality is forbidden here, but gay men in this country are not prosecuted. Russia on this issue has taken reasonable relaxed position.

Sensible centrism Russian policy is causing more sympathy in the world. Russia in today's crazy world looks like a normal country.

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