The last war, global trends: Reduces and conservation

The last war, global trends: Reduces and Save

The Ministry of Defence of England to 2014-15, plans to reduce military spending by 8 billion pounds (7.5%).

Already at this point in England under the reduction is a huge amount of military equipment. So for example fighter interceptors "Tornado» F3 and patrol aircraft "Nimrod" will be reduced by one hundred percent, as part of a reduction in falls fighter-bombers "Tornado» GR4. Exposed to a significant reduction in other types of weapons, as the personnel of the British Army. In addition, the Ministry of Defence of England, in order to reduce costs reviewing all existing contracts for R & D (research and development activities), and the volume of purchases under these contracts. It is planned to revise the general difficulty about 900 defense projects, many of which may be suspended or canceled, absolutely.

The last war, global trends: Reduces and Save

fighter-bomber "Tornado» GR4

The last war, global trends: Reduces and Save

patrol aircraft "Nimrod"

The last war, global trends: Reduces and Save

Fighter Interceptor «Tornado» F3

Thanks to these measures, according to preliminary estimates, by the spring of 2011 British military authorities will reduce the cost of 3.23 billion dollars (2 billion pounds).

Structural reduction of military expenditures and share with them the military infrastructure in general occur not only in England. In virtually all countries of the euro NATO are similar processes. France reduces the volume of purchases of promising arms originate severe cuts in the armed forces of Germany and Norway and other European countries have also cut back and reduce the amount and costs.

In general, the current tendency within the framework of NATO, there are three areas of development.

Constructive reduction — first characterized for the states of Northern and Western Europe.
Reduction military spending while maintaining the balance of power — the U.S.
Military build-up is typical of Turkey.

Background of the processes are obvious enough. First, European countries are required to review military spending because of the economic crisis. This strategy also explains the outlined new trends in the European Union, cooperation with Russia and blocking inside NATO (compensation fall of the military power of the method of combining efforts).

U.S. solve two problems, on the one hand, they have to maintain military power in order not to lose their influence and ability to intervene in any place in the world of action. C on the other hand is all the same economic crisis affecting the United States as well, to improve the economic situation in the country, states have cut back military budget.

Turkey is a home that does not belong to the EU and is located in the conflict, a volatile region, active military actions in what could begin at any moment. Taking into account the situation in the Middle East, Turkey, no matter what the crisis is unacceptable weakening, and even more reduction of the armed forces.

In the end, member states of NATO are actually quite different preparing for war. Turkey and the United States in the future will be ready for a role in a major regional conflict, with the highest intensity of the fighting. Then, as the large Western European countries belonging to NATO, and more than so small countries of the same block in the main focus on expeditionary operations, the local character.

Such a development affairs in the block NATO allows to predict development military reform in Russia.

Our home, like Turkey can not afford for themselves ambitious and drastic reductions in the armed forces. The threat of being drawn RF in the great military conflicts on its own borders for the burning of the Russian Federation is not less than the same in Turkey. Also, as for the United States to the Russian Federation is fundamentally retain sufficient military capability to defend strategic interests.

To minimize the likelihood of a military conflict with NATO allows RF refocus efforts in areas where the appearance of a possible military conflict. It can be concluded that the Defense Ministry will strengthen the development of military infrastructure on the south and east, is not afraid to start a major war in Europe.

Working in this direction, and is also a natural development of expeditionary forces. Ultimately, the development of Russian military found the use of all of the above trends in world military development.

Let us hope that our homeland has chosen the right strategic development of their own military forces.

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