The laws of the United States

The laws of the State of Arizona

• A man can legally beat his wife more than once a month.
• Any act committed at a time when you have to face a red shawl — is a crime.
• It is illegal to play cards in the street with the Indians.
• You can not be more than two dildos in a house.• donkeys allowed to sleep in bathtubs.
• Glendale: Cars can not drive on the back of speed.
• Hayden: If you disturb the American rabbits or bullfrogs, you will be penalized.
• Hunting camels is prohibited in Arizona.
• In Arizona, allowed to consider photos with naked people before noon Sunday.
• If you are over 18 years old, you must not smile when you smile you can see more than one missing tooth
• illegal to refuse a person a glass of water.
• Maricopa County: In one house can not live more than six girls.
• Do not smoke cigarettes closer than 15 feet from a public place, unless you have a license to sell alcohol.
• Mohave County: If you are caught stealing soap, then you must flushed it all by himself. Only then can you let go
• Nogales: banned the wearing of braces.
• Oral sex — a type of sodomy and punishable by law.
• Prescott: No one is allowed to enter a horse up the stairs of the hall of the District Court.
• You can be jailed for 25 years for the cut cactus.
• Tucson: Women are not allowed to wear pants.
• Attacked criminal or burglar, you can protect yourself only with the same weapon, which has to attack you.

To be continued …

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