The lie of the war. Leaving Iraq, remembering Vietnam

Treatment of Barack Obama to the troops at Fort Bragg, December 14, 2011:

You are part of a continuous string of characters that connect the two centuries — the colonists nisprovergshie empire, your fathers and grandfathers, coolly stopped the fascism and communism, and you — the men and women who fought for the same principles in Fallujah and Kandahar, sending justice to those who attacked us on 9/11.

The most important lesson that we can learn from this struggle is not from the area of military strategy — it relates to our national character. Thanks to you, we finish this war so that America becomes stronger and the world more secure.

The lie of the war disappears from memory as easily and quickly as forgettable colorful packaging from Christmas gifts or firm promises on New Year's night. The lessons of the war need to bone up again and again, until finally, they do not zapechatleyutsya in the heart.

The lie of the war in Iraq was buried so easily that six of the seven Republican candidates for U.S. president has publicly pledged to go to war in Iran based on unsubstantiated claims that are identical to those that led us to war in Iraq. The lessons of that ill-fated war, the largest strategic blunder since Vietnam, are so easily forgotten that even before the war as a colossal disaster officially ended, six of the seven Republican candidates pledged their allegiance to neoconservative brain trust that brought us to the loony bin . And the White House is also not far behind.

Those of us who remember the Vietnam War and the years that we spent to do away with it, find the justification of war in Iraq, driven by both our parties, too familiar and profoundly disturbing.

Lies that got us into the Vietnam War, stemmed from the Domino Theory: If we allow transition from one country to the red communist system, then we will lose them all. On this basis, the three Western powers (Britain, France and America) chose a small country next to China as a military playground.

It took more than three million lives to prove that children's games are not a legitimate basis for foreign policy. This is because our leaders have been fascinated by military minds, seek power, and the glory of imperial extraction.

A large post-war lies about Vietnam was that we lost the war, allegedly because, in general, and this is not seriously engaged. Politicians in Washington are constantly held back our generals. From 1965 to 1968 we dropped over a million tons of bombs and rockets on North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but we do not engage in it seriously. We sprayed 12 million gallons of the deadly defoliant "Agent Orange" over Southeast Asia, but we do not engage in it seriously. In the midst of the war in 1968, our contingent there was more than half a million soldiers (including conscripts, that was the first time since the Korean War), but we do not engage in it seriously.

There was only the nuclear bombings … We've been to this unjustified war like no other country before us. A lie that war is still alive. The lie of the war we have acquired mythological features, and believe it was the patriotic ritual.

Not surprisingly, we again commit the same strategic mistakes, just make mistakes in judgment, committing the same inhumane criminal acts, the same desperate and self-destructive behavior.

After Vietnam, America's leaders were condemned to carry out small-scale actions as long as the former CIA director, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Herbert Walker Bush) is not a conspiracy to start a war in Iraq. Although the Gulf War was short-lived, its military success inspired President Bush to announce the "ghost of Vietnam has been buried forever in the sands of the Arabian Peninsula."

"Forever" did not last too long, as his eldest son, has initiated two wars that caused the non-existence of the ghost of Vietnam. One of them was still ongoing ten-year war in Afghanistan, and the other — a return to his father's war in Iraq.

Few today remember the lie of his father, but the son of a lie too fresh to her as simply forgotten. This lie is not only the infamous weapons of mass destruction, but also the more recent allegations, which are almost all over the world are considered to lie. For your information, our first draft resolution in the UN Security Council on the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, based on information about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, failed. The International Atomic Energy Agency debunked our claims and the resolution was withdrawn when it became clear that the Council will vote against the majority.

The members of the Bush administration falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein was one of the organizers of the terrorist attacks on New York September 11, 2001. They also falsely claimed that Iraq funded and collaborated closely with al-Qaeda. These claims were so obviously false that President Bush was forced ultimately to disavow them.

The lie of the war serves its purpose. As soon as the first bombs lit up the Baghdad skyline breaks, support for the war has become a matter of patriotism.

Another lie was that our actions had nothing to do with Iraq's oil, and entirely focused on the establishment of democracy in the Arab world. This lie was exposed when it became clear that the first thing we started to protect the oil fields. Long before it was formed Iraqi government, we are contracted Iraqi oil for our largest companies. All mission accomplished.

The lie of the war, in fact, is not so difficult to detect. It only requires an open mind, the will to find the facts, and the desire to think.

Knowledge of the Iraq war lie can live a long time, if those of us who saw it from the soldiers, who sacrificed and ending with the citizens who supported them and fought against them, promising to accept the truth and pass it on to future generations.

We can be grateful to the elected president, to a large extent by the promise to end the war in Iraq, which officially made it, but we still remember that thousands of American mercenaries remain in Iraq to guard the largest diplomatic embassy on earth.

We understand that at this stage, the president can not apologize for the harm brought by others in the name of our people.

We understand the wisdom of understanding the difference between war and the warrior.

We know that the president can not inform our soldiers that they were fighting for an unjust war for unjust reasons.

But when the president announces that we have given Iraqis the opportunity to thrive and prosper in a democratic state, it is not just hypocritical, it perpetuates the lie of the war. When the president declares that our war in Iraq is the Iraqis freedom and administers international justice, it opens the way for another unjust war in America's future. He is trying to bury the ghost of Vietnam.

Staying in Afghanistan for at least another day, we should all agree that the war in Iraq was unjust from the beginning. It has nothing to do with democracy. It has nothing to do with justice. The purpose of it was oil and strategic advantage.

And who will go not right, he shall receive for the wrong.


Translation: War and Peace


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