The most compelling argument — Russia occupies a place in the world

At any resource that discusses the political news you can find so-called "whistle-blowers and advocates." Many of them are in the description of the current political, economic, social, demographic, etc. situation in Russia provides new evidence — say, Russia, then in last place in the world for something positive out there and the first in the world for something negative out there … And as proof of his words speak — dial into a search engine the words "Russia is place in the world "and see the same!
Well, not lazy, scored. Indeed the real megakucha references to the same table. However, I noticed a strange feature: for all resources, which shows this table are the words — "If you type into Google the words Russia takes place in the world, you'll find that Russia is:".
I decided to look for a source where the information was originally published, but … There is such a resource!
So responsibly declare liberasty gentlemen, referring to the "place" Russia you become common cormorants!
Conclusion: Can Russia and occupies some space somewhere, but she does not know about it :)

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