The most powerful fighter in the world

In Paris flew the most powerful fourth-generation fighter in the world — the Russian Su-35s. He arrived there not to bomb the most beautiful city in Europe, and — to participate in one of the largest air shows in the world — "Le Bourget 2013". The exhibition aircraft took place in Paris for the first time in 1908, has since held every two years. Our country has made its debut here in the 1932nd, and since 1957, is a permanent member.

This time, on the 50th anniversary cabin uchuvstvuyut 2,000 companies from 44 countries. It is assumed that the amount of transactions that can be entered during number, is about 125 billion. This may be a record figure in history.


The central location on the main avenue of the exhibition took our Su-35s. Let me introduce you. This is a super-maneuverable multi-role fighter jet of the 4 + + is a deep modernization of the Su-27. But by the fourth generation of it can be attributed very conditional, as in almost all respects, except for the stealth technology, the aircraft complies with the fifth generation fighter.

This bird is designed for air superiority by destroying any aircraft hitting surface and ground targets in all weather conditions, as well as land-based infrastructure, air defense systems and so on.

Su-35S is equipped with a strapdown inertial navigation system SINS-SP2. It is designed Concern "Radio-electronic technology," which is a corporation Rostekhnadzor. SINS-SP2 system determines the location of the object without the use of satellite navigation systems, and in the absence of ground communication, and accuracy is twice previously established counterparts.

In addition SINS-SP2, the most important difference between the new fighter from the machines of "4 +" was the introduction of the fifth generation avionics. Radar with a rotating phased array "Irbis-E" provides guaranteed detection and capture of air targets at ranges of up to 200 kilometers, and in the narrowed field of view of 350-400km. This system can accompany up to 30 targets simultaneously and direct missiles in 8 of them, the monitoring of air space is not interrupted. Radar also provides selection of ground targets. The visibility of the aircraft to enemy radar has been reduced several times. Protect Su-35s from enemy missiles electronic warfare systems developed by the same concern "Radio-electronic technology."

Armament is divided into gunnery, guided missile class "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface" uncontrolled missile and bombing.
Today, the Su-35S is one of the most popular fighters. Under the Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2009 was concluded the largest in Russia over the past decade, transaction for the purchase of military aircraft. The agreement provides for the delivery of 48 Su-35C, at the beginning of 2013 has already delivered 10 fighters.

It is the only aircraft that can carry out a "pancake" — a turn of 365 degrees in the horizontal plane without loss of speed. Experts from the air show started very complimentary about our plane, for example, an engineer Christian Kuhn said: "I am 22 years in this industry, seen a lot, but this mission — something incredible, this is not a fighter, it's just a UFO! Frankly, I cried for the first time in my life with joy! "

While foreigners admire our technique, we can sleep soundly, for heaven Russian guard the world's best fighters.

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