The number of extremist groups in the United States reached a record high

The number of extremist groups and sowing discord in the U.S. grew to a record level in 2011 on a wave of anti-government radicalism, according to a report today by the Legal Aid Center of Southern The poor (SPLC) — the well-known human rights organization in Montgomery. In 2011, there were 1,018 "groups based on hatred," which means a small increase compared to the previous survey conducted a year ago in 2010, when the group was established in 1002. 2011 data show an increase in the 11 th year in a row and now they have reached the highest level since 1980, when the SPLC began began to count the extremist groups. In 2002 there were only 2,002 such groups across the country. Although the FBI has not yet estimated the number of hate crimes in 2011, in 2010 they counted in the 6624 U.S. crime, it is only 26 more than the year before, when it was recorded by a minimum of 14 years, the last value. SPLC found that from 1999 to 2009, stocks of white racist and anti-government extremist speeches were surpassed by only a decade and followers of radical Salafi Al-Qaeda.

The most populous state of California led the country in the past 84 to extremist groups, followed by Texas with 65, Florida with 55, and New Jersey with 47. The report provides a breakdown of the number and type for 2011:

Ku Klux Klan 152
Neo-Nazis 170
White Nationalists 146
133 racist skinheads
Christian extremists 55
Neo-Confederates 32
Black Separatisty140
Other extremists 190

At that time, as the anti-gayest and anti-Muslim groups have experienced growth, the number of groups the Ku Klux Klanovtsev significantly decreased from 221 in 2010 to 152 in 2011. A small group of Muslim extremists, such as the movement of Al-Sabikum, were not taken into account, although at the end of last year SPLC extremists active research of this type. SPLC found a significant decline among extremist groups of local residents involved in the confrontations with the purely political positions, such as the persecution of undocumented residents or patrolling borders.

Sovereign Citizens and Patriots

Perhaps a bigger concern than the small, though steady increase in the number of groups based on intolerance, causes a parabolic growth over the past few years in the number of anti-government "Patriot" and militia groups, according to SPLC. These groups are grouped in the extremist segment in which there was an increase by 55% to 1,274 in 2011 from 824 in 2010. In 2008, these groups was only 149, in 2009 it rose to 512. In Michigan, the largest number of "patriotic" groups — 79, followed by Texas with 76, California with 59 and California with 50.

SPLC and other analysts attributed the rise to the growing dissatisfaction with the government, as well as malicious and conspiratorial rhetoric against President Obama. In the past, anti-government groups have surpassed the record in 1996 (858 groups), the next year after the explosion of a truck near the Alfred Murrah government building in Oklahoma City that cost lives of 168 people. Despite the bellicose statements and the growing number of extremist groups, successful attacks from both hardcore traders hate and the extreme right-wing militants in the U.S. were rare in the past decade. Although extremist groups, including the far right, with some notable exceptions, have not succeeded in violent activities, analysts are increasingly concerned about the following:

1 unmasked steady stream of acts of aggression
2 A few well-known spontaneous clashes with police
3 rapid growth of such groups
4 universal rise of political, economic and social discontent

Besides SPLC government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI is increasingly concerned about the growing threat from radical anti-government group calling themselves "sovereign citizens." According to Darrell Johnson, author of the extremism that is soon to come out, and a former senior analyst at DHS: «Sovereign Citizens belong to extremist anti-government movement, who believe that the government is illegitimate and has no authority to control them." In addition to violent tendencies, he explains: "Sovereign Citizens seriously used the crisis to the estate foreclosures and pushed debt reduction schemes and scams to people caught in a desperate financial situation."

Calculations show that the number of sub-ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 equal. Most of them are non-aggressive, although many well armed, and some have criminal records. Just a month ago, the FBI held a press conference in Washington, DC dedicated to threats from the "Sovereign Citizens". "Because of the threat of violence, we focus our efforts (on anti-government extremists)." In September 2010, the FBI released a report that said the killings of six law enforcement officers since 2000, the number of householder "Sovereign Citizens." The report warned:

"The threat of the Sovereign Citizens amid the economic downturn will spread across the country, with recharge via the Internet. Across the country held seminars to spread their ideology and show people how they can dispose of funds and reduce debts, using fraudulent methods. As the number of Sovereign Citizens, increasing the risk of collisions with the law, and therefore the risk that such incidents will escalate into violence. "

In August 2011, the central government conference held by the National Counter-Terrorism Centre, and the Department of Homeland Security at the Center of San Bernardino, University of California for the Study of extremism and intolerance, also sounded a warning about the threat of the Sovereign Citizens, especially singles and armed autonomous cells acting beyond the orbit of influence of the more influential, but non-violent organizations. Center of the State of California has noted growth of their operations and resulted only in the last quarter more than a dozen examples of incidents or criminal convictions. Most of these incidents involved with spontaneous encounters with the officers of the law, threats or financial and tax frauds. The FBI says that in the last 2 years were 18 claims per year, primarily related to financial frauds, it is more than 10 in 2010 (So in the text. Approx. Mine).
Senior researcher SPLC Mark Potok explained that the cost of the dynamics of modern extremism:
"As in Europe and the U.S. domination of the white matter has come to an end. At the same time, globalization has led to a serious economic imbalance in the West as the transfer of some industries and sectors in the less developed countries. "

Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, California State University
Brian Levin 

Translation Ursa Manor

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