The number of victims of the earthquake in China is approaching 50

July 22, 2013. At least 47 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in Gansu Province in northwest China, the number of detected injured. Only serious wounded about 300 people, local media reported with reference to the data of the provincial government.

The basis earthquake hit came in the county Minsyan where completely destroyed 20% of homes, and 60% of the buildings sustained substantial damage.

The earthquake of magnitude 6.6 was recorded at 07:45 local time (3:45 MSK) on Monday at the border counties and Minsyan Chzhansyan.



Earthquake in China: The death toll grows

July 22, 2013. In northwest China's Gansu Province was a strong earthquake. Authorities say at least 75 people were killed and about 400 injured.

According to some data, the earthquake of magnitude 6.6 that occurred early Monday morning, one hour followed by repeated tremors of magnitude 5.6.

The epicenter was located near the surface of the earth, with which it attributed destructive.

In the disaster area were sent to hundreds of rescue workers, however, is reported to have access to the affected areas is difficult due to landslides caused by the earthquake.

According to the authorities Dingxi, many houses in the town destroyed. The city administration has passed through the microblogging site Weibo, that at least 75 people were killed and about 400 were injured.

In the area of Chzhansyan at least 5,600 houses were seriously damaged and 380 houses destroyed. In some places, was interrupted supply of electricity and mobile communications.

Representatives of the Department of Civil Affairs, Transport and assistance during earthquakes visited localities around Dingxi, to establish the scale of destruction, according to the website the city Party organization.

"All out into the street"

Arrived at the scene firefighters and rescuers with search dogs, the correspondent of the BBC BBC in Beijing. According to her, the closer to the surface of the earth tremors occur, the more can be destroyed.

Chinese agency Xinhua reports that the earthquake caused landslides. In helping the victims involved military police Gansu.

AFP news agency quoted the employee's hotel, located 40 km from the epicenter, according to which "could be seen as swinging chandeliers and noisily vibrate the window in the wall but did not have any cracks." "All out into the street as soon started to shake," — he added.

In 2008, as a result of the earthquake in Sichuan killed nearly 90,000 people, and millions of people were left homeless.

Source: BBC Russian Service

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