The official list of words that the federal government keeps track of the social networks

The federal government was forced to publish a guide to monitoring social networking in it, among other things, a list of words that the government monitors the networks and news sites.

Earlier Huffington Post reported that the feds were forced to reveal a list of words that they monitor on the Facebook, Twitter, as well as readers' comments under the articles on news sites, the list I have listed below.

Instructions of the Department of Homeland Security. List of key words for the monitoring of social and news media.

Have you ever complained on Facebook that you feel "sick (sick) ?"Report to their friends about the intention to" look »(" watch ") certain TV show? Left on the site of some media comment about the "pigs» (pork) in the government? (pork — pig, ham, amer. — Governmental privileges or subsidies, jarg. — The police)

If you do something out of these things, or tweets, for example, about your recent vacation in "Mexico", or shopping with a certain "order» (Target), the Department of Homeland Security, you probably took note.

As a final revelation of how the federal government is monitoring social media and news agencies, the Center of private electronic media (Electronic Privacy Information Center) has published on the internet instructions from the Department of Homeland Security in 2011, which includes hundreds of keywords (for example, see . above), and the search terms used to identify potential terrorist threats to public health and the natural disasters occurring. Center, a private group dedicated to the confidentiality of personal information under the Freedom of Information Act, asked the court to release of the documents of the Department of Homeland Security.

39-page "Binder — Desk Analyst» ("Analyst's Desktop Binder") used by the National Operations Centre of the Department, includes such obvious words like "" attack »(attack),« epidemic »(epidemic) and" Al-Qaeda (Al Qaeda) »(in various embodiments, this writing). But the list also includes words that can be interpreted as threatening or innocent depending on the context, such as "exercise» (exercise), «teaching» (drill), «wave» (wave), «Initiative» (initiative) , "liberation» (relief) and "Organization» (organization).

These and other words, which are "broad, vague and ambiguous" terms in the "huge number of members of the First Amendment protected freedom of expression, it is not relevant to the mission of the Department of Homeland Security to protect the public from terrorism and natural disasters," said Center for private e- information in a letter to Congressional Subcommittee on National Security, counter-terrorism and intelligence.

The statement has been released by the Center for a week after the Department of Homeland Security officials have been severely questioned in Congress during a hearing in relation to other documents obtained according to the suit based on the Freedom of Information Act. Careful analysis of the claim and the comments showed that such documents could "adversely affect" the federal government. Mary Ellen Callahan, Chief Privacy Department of Homeland Security, and Richard Chavez, director of the National Operations Center, said that the published documents are outdated and that social media is only strictly monitored in order to provide situational awareness, not to hunt down the disparaging opinions about the federal government. On Friday, officials of the Department of Homeland Security have finished their testimony to this statement.

A senior official of the Department of Homeland Security, who spoke to the Huffington Post said Friday on condition of anonymity, that the testimony of the Department's staff last week, are "true" and manual — a "starting point, not the endgame 'in maintaining situational awareness of the threats of natural and manmade. The official denied the charge of the Center is that the government monitored dissidents. Those provisions of the Regulations, which states that the analyst must determine the "date which may adversely affect the operations of the Department and its retaliatory measures" aimed not? To suppress criticism, and to identify and address the problems, she said.

Source: The Huffington Post

The official list — the use of these words online will put you in the crosshairs multibillion-dollar spy machine Big Brother

Domestic Security

Assassination — murder of a political or public figure (for ideological reasons or for money), undermining (chego-l.) murder, act of terrorism;

Attack — attack

Domestic security — internal security

Drill — teaching

Exercise — exercise training

Cops — police

Law enforcement — police

Authorities — power

Disaster assistance — assistance provided by the public armed forces during natural disasters

Disaster management — management actions in the aftermath of disasters

DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) — Department to identify nuclear materials

National preparedness — a national preparedness

Mitigation — prevention of the consequences of their minimization

Prevention — Prevention, prevention

Response — response, the response

Recovery — recovery

Dirty bomb — a dirty bomb

Domestic nuclear detection — vnutnrigosudarstvennoe detection of nuclear materials

Emergency management-emergency management

Emergency response — the response to an emergency situation

First responder — the service fast / rapid response

Homeland security — national security

Maritime domain awareness — (MDA) — vigilance, increased readiness for sea areas

National preparedness initiative — a nationwide initiative to prepare

Militia — police

Shooting — Shooting

Shots fired — shots

Evacuation — Evacuation

Deaths — death, loss

Hostage — hostage

Explosion (explosive) — explosion, explosives

Police — Police

Disaster medical assistance team (DMAT) — a medical unit for emergency assistance

Organized crime — organized crime

Gangs — Gang

National security — national security

State of emergency — emergency

Security — Security

Breach — break, break, the offense

Threat — a threat

Standoff — Siege


Screening — check

Lockdown — lockdown (prisoners)

Bomb (squad or threat) — engineers or bomb threat

Crash — crash, bang, crash

Looting — robbery

Riot — riots

Emergency Landing — crash landing

Pipe bomb — a homemade bomb (from iron pipes with explosives)

Incident — an incident

Facility — the object

Toxic or radioactive materials

Hazmat — hazardous or toxic substances

Nuclear — Nuclear

Chemical spill — spill chemicals

Suspicious package / device — a suspicious package / object

Toxic — Toxic

National laboratory — National Laboratory

Nuclear facility — nuclear site

Nuclear threat — the threat of nuclear

Cloud — Cloud

Plume — loop

Radiation — Radiation

Radioactive — Radioactive

Leak — leak

Biological infection (or event) — biological contamination (or event)

Chemical — Chemical

Chemical burn — a chemical burn

Biological — Biological

Epidemic — Epidemic

Hazardous — hazardous

Hazardous material incident — Events of hazardous materials

Industrial spill — industrial bottling

Infection — infection

Powder (white) — Powder (White)

Gas — diesel, gasoline, fuel gas

Spillover — overflow

Anthrax — Anthrax

Blister agent — blister

Chemical agent — a chemical

Exposure — Exposure (being under the influence of smth.), Radiation exposure, exposure to external shocks, the risks

Burn — Burn

Nerve agent — nerve action

Ricin — Ricin

Sarin — Sarin

North Korea — North Korea

Health and (flu) H1N1

Outbreak — flash

Contamination — pollution

Exposure — risk exposure of something

Virus — a virus

Evacuation — Evacuation

Bacteria — bacteria

Recall — sample retreat, cancellation

Ebola — (fever) Ebola

Food Poisoning — food poisoning

Foot and Mouth (FMD) — Foot and Mouth Disease


Avian — Bird

Flu — Influenza

Strain — strain

Quarantine — Quarantine


Vaccine Salmonella — Salmonella vaccine

Small Pox — Smallpox

Plague — Plague

Human to human — (from) human to human

Human to Animal — (from) human to animal

Influenza — the flu

Center for Disease Control (CDC) — Center for Disease Control

Drug Administration (FDA) — Administration of Medicines

Public Health — Health care

Toxic — Toxic

Agro Terror — agroterror

Tuberculosis (TB) — TB

Tamiflu — Tamiflu

NoroVirus — "stomach flu", gastrointestinal infection

Epidemic — Epidemic

Agriculture — Agriculture

Listeria — Listeria

Symptoms — Symptoms

Mutation — a mutation

Resistant — resistant

Antiviral — antiviral

Wave — Wave

Pandemic — Pandemic

Infection — Infection

Water / air borne — airborne

Sick — sick, sick

Swine — Swine

Pork — Pork

World Health Organization (WHO) (and components) World Health Organization (and its subsidiaries

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever — a viral haemorrhagic fever

E. Coli

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security — Infrastructure Security

Airport — Airport

CIKR (Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources) — critical infrastructure and key resources

AMTRAK — National Company Railway Passenger Traffic

Collapse — crash

Computer infrastructure — computer infrastructure

Communications infrastructure — communications infrastructure

Telecommunications — Telecommunications

Critical infrastructure — infrastructure that is critical

National infrastructure — a national infrastructure

Metro — Metro, Big City

WMATA — Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority — Transport Authority of Greater Washington

Airplane (and derivatives) — plane (and derivatives of the word)

Chemical fire — chemical fire

Subway — Subway

BART — San Francisco Metro

MARTA — Metro Atlanta city

Port Authority — Port Authority

NBIC (National Biosurveillance Integration Center) — The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Transportation security — Transport security

Grid — the concept of architecture, technology, networks,

Power — power, energy

Smart — Smart

Body scanner — body scanner

Electric — Electric

Failure or outage — failure or malfunction

Black out — blackout

Brown out — brownout

Port — Port

Dock — docking

Bridge — Bridge

Cancelled — canceled

Delays — Delay

Service disruption — disruption of services

Power lines — the power lines

Violence in the south-western border

Drug cartel — drug cartel

Violence — Violence

Gang — a gang

Drug — drug

Narcotics — Drugs

Cocaine — Cocaine

Marijuana — Marijuana

Heroin — Heroin

Border — border

Mexico — Mexico

Cartel — Cartel

Southwest — Southwest

Juarez — Juarez

Sinaloa — Sinaloa

Tijuana — Tijuana

Torreon — Torreon

Yuma — Yuma

Tucson — Tucson

Decapitated — headless

US Consulate — U.S. Consulate

Consular — Consular

El Paso — El Paso

Fort Hancock — Fort Hancock

San Diego — San Diego

Ciudad Juarez — Ciudad Juarez

Nogales — Nogales

Sonora — Sonora

Colombia — Colombia

Mara salvatrucha

MS13 or MS-13

Drug war — drug war

Mexican army — Mexican army

Methamphetamine — metamfamin

Cartel de Golfo — Cartel de Golfo

Gulf Cartel — Cartel Gulf highways

La Familia — Family

Reynosa — Reynosa

Nuevo Leon — Nuevo Leon


Narco banners (Spanish equivalents)

Los Zetas — Los Zetas

Shootout — Shootout

Execution — execution

Gunfight — Shootout

Trafficking — transportation, trade, smuggling

Kidnap — abduction

Calderon — Calderon

Reyosa — Reyosa

Bust — flash

Tamaulipas — Tamaulipa

Meth Lab — laboratory manufacturing metamfamina

Drug trade — drug trafficking

Illegal immigrants — illegal immigrants

Smuggling (smugglers) — Smugglers



Guzman — Guzman

Arellano-Felix — Arellano-Felix

Beltran-Leyva — Beltran Leyva

Barrio Azteca — Barrio Azteca

Artistic Assassins — killer artists


New Federation — New Federation


Terrorism — Terrorism

Al Qaeda (all spellings) — Al Qaeda (all versions)

Terror — Terror

Attack — attack

Iraq — Iraq

Afghanistan — Afghanistan

Iran — Iran

Pakistan — Pakistan

Agro-Environmental terrorist — agroterrorist

Eco terrorism — eco-terrorism

Conventional weapon — conventional weapons

Target — target

Weapons grade — class of weapon

Dirty bomb — «dirty" bomb

Enriched — enriched

Nuclear — Nuclear

Chemical weapon — chemical weapons

Biological weapon — a biological weapon

Ammonium nitrate — ammonium nitrate

Improvised explosive device — IED (Improvised Explosive Device) — Improvised explosive device

Abu Sayyaf — Abu Sayyaf

Hamas — Hamas

FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces Colombia) — the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)

IRA (Irish Republican Army) — The Irish Republican Army

ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) — ETA

Basque Separatists — Basque separatists

Hezbollah — Hezbollah

Tamil Tigers — the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka)

PLF (Palestine Liberation Front) — Front for the Liberation of Palestine

PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) — The Palestine Liberation Organization

Car bomb — a car-bomb

Jihad — Jihad

Taliban — Taliban

Weapons cache — a cache of weapons

Suicide bomber — a suicide bomber

Suicide attack — attack

Suspicious substance — suspicious substance

AQAP (AL Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) — Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula

AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) — Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan)

Yemen — Yemen

Pirates — Pirates

Extremism — Extremism

Somalia — Somalia

Nigeria — Nigeria

Radicals — radicals

Al-Shabaab — Al-Shabaab

Home grown — homegrown

Plot — a conspiracy

Nationalist — Nationalist

Recruitment — recruitment, selection

Fundamentalism — fundamentalism

Islamist — Islamist

Weather / disaster / emergency

Emergency — emergency

Hurricane — Hurricane

Tornado — Tornado

Twister — tornado

Tsunami — Tsunami

Earthquake — Earthquake

Tremor — shock, vibration

Flood — Flood

Storm — Storm

Crest — crest

Temblor — earthquake

Extreme weather — extreme weather conditions

Forest fire — wildfire

Brush fire — the local fire

Ice — ice

Stranded / Stuck — stranded, stuck

Help — help

Hail — hail

Wildfire — Wildfire

Tsunami Warning Center — Tsunami Warning Center

Magnitude — magnitude

Avalanche — avalanche

Typhoon — Typhoon

Shelter-in-place — shelter in place

Disaster — disaster

Snow — Snow

Blizzard — snowstorm, blizzard, snow charge

Sleet — Snow

Mud slide or Mudslide — mud flow

Erosion — Erosion

Power outage — power outage

Brown out — brownout

Warning — warning

Watch — watch, watch

Lightening — Zipper

Aid — help

Relief — assistance, relief, exemption

Closure — closing

Interstate — interstate, mezhshtatovsky

Burst — blast breakthrough

Emergency Broadcast System — Emergency Alert System


Cyber security — Cybersecurity


DDOS (dedicated denial of service)

Denial of service

Malware — malicious software



Keylogger — keylogger — keylogger

Cyber Command


Spammer — spammer

Phishing — Phishing, a kind of Internet fraud

Rootkit — rootkit (A set of tools that a hacker installs them on a compromised computer after gaining initial access).

Phreaking — kind of fraud

Cain and abel

Brute forcing

Mysql injection

Cyber attack

Cyber terror






Social media

A link to the edited document the Department of Homeland Security to monitor online media — "Filing — Desk Analyst" ( Analyst Desktop Binder_REDACTED )

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