The pandemic of pedophilia

During January 2012 the police and security forces have detained at least a thousand people in the United States suspected of sexually assaulting a minor and viewing (storage, transport, manufacturing) of child pornography.

Troubling that the professional activities of most of those arrested were directly or indirectly related to the children. The defendants — teachers, sports coaches, school bus drivers, security guards, managers Boy Scout camps, employees of religious institutions and other professionals.

To cite just a few examples.

Police in Los Angeles (California) arrested 61-year-old Mark Berndt — an elementary school teacher with 30 years experience. For many years he has molested children, fixing distortions on a photo and video camera. In 1994, parents of students have asked prosecutors to bring an action against a pedophile, but they were refused.

In Marion County (Oregon) is taken into custody 52-year-old Jim Carl Shifferer, worked as a school gardener. He is charged with four counts, including sexual contact with minors.

One of his victims Shifferer raped more than ten years ago. All this time the victim was afraid to go to the police because the rapist threatened to "show the sexual act, captured on a video camera, all the locals."

Another scandal, who inflicted a severe blow to the reputation of the Catholic Church erupted in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). Against local religious workers filed about 550 lawsuits from matured children and their parents. And some sexual harassment occurred in the early 50's of the last century. The diocese has already paid about $ 30 million in restitution.

Manage the implementation of customs and immigration laws (Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE), which five years ago was engaged exclusively deportation of illegal immigrants turned the fight against pedophiles in one of its main priorities. Each week, as part of the "Predator» (Predator) delayed a few dozen people.

In addition to ICE pedophiles today are engaged in a variety of departments — from the non-profit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation — FBI).

The increase in the number of sexual deviants led federal and state policy makers to prepare for the consideration of a number of bills. One of the most important bills put forward the policy of the New England states. They offer included in the National Register of sex offenders (National Sex Offenders Registry — NSOR) persons aged 14 years.

The reason for the bill — a recent study by New England Adolescent Research Institute, according to which 35% of sex abuse of minors committed themselves minors. Here lies the biggest problem that caused a heated debate at first, and then a wave of indignation in the community.

On the one hand, the system must be registered NSOR every aggressor, who used sexual violence to anyone. Dirty hints frank harassment, intimidation, not to mention the rape — all this is reason enough to name the offender was placed in the sex registry, and he regularly report to the police.

On the other hand, any normal adult involuntarily arises doubt that the inclusion of NSOR 9-13-year-olds would be an effective measure. In the sex registry State of Delaware, for example, is a 9 year old boy. Local prosecutors continued to insist that it is extremely aggressive, and prone to sexual acts. Human rights defenders but can not believe that 9-year-old child is equated to a hardened adult pedophiles, perverts.

Sexologists continue to insist that sex aggression on the part of the 9-13-year-olds is primarily due to a bad upbringing and the nature of mental disorders. However, no one can say what penalties against them apply (children, I repeat, are responsible for 35% of all crimes such as «child sexual abuse»).

As for the fight with older pedophiles, here each state makes its own initiative. So Republican Phillip Gunn of Massachusetts intends to push through a bill that requires all without exception, people who witnessed sexual abuse of children, report it to the police. Otherwise, the witnesses can quickly turn into the accused.

The senator from Omaha (Nebraska) Pete Pirsh proposes to increase the time of filing lawsuits against pedophiles to 12 years instead of four years provided for by law (the report starts from the moment the victim of sexual aggressor turns 21). Therefore, if a child is subjected to harassment at the age of 10, he can send the offender to jail, even 23 years later.

A number of politicians and human rights activists in Florida, North Dakota and Ohio offer to introduce special rules of conduct for people working with children. This bill is still under development, but it is clear that its proponents intend to issue detailed instructions defining the precise point at which adults can not move.

It is worth recalling that a clear definition of "sex harassment" in America is not so far. It is generally worn by adults to "pedophile character" in relation to children or not — the courts decide.

Advocates for children and wrestlers with sexual perverts no secret that the United States needs a "filter" that covers the access to pedophiles to work with children. Today, school staff, children's sports coach and members of Boy Scout organizations are only checking for criminal episodes in the biography. No one asked about their marital status, sexual orientation, and psychological tendencies.

Any attempt to reveal the same workers in children's potential pedophiles ends in failure. After all, any suspicion could be interpreted as discrimination. In Florida, for example, there was a case where the 52-year-old school teacher was denied employment because he had never been married and "long delayed look at the children." Offended by the school teacher accused of discrimination acquired position thanks to human rights activists, and a few years later still went to prison for pedophilia.

It is also worth noting that a large-scale fight against all forms of sexual abuse against children, and made the crowd of modern moms and dads. According to statistics organizations for the protection of the rights of minors, one in four parents worry that his son or daughter to be subjected to harassment in schools or other institutions.

As for the false accusations of pedophilia, they are now getting more and more. However, in spite of the excessive workload of the police and intelligence agencies are trying to test each alarm …

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