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The possibility of immortality
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Rejuvenating apples, boiling vats, plunged in which you can become a young handsome man (you can, however, and boil alive); treasured bottles of dead and the living water that can resurrect the fallen hero: This is our Russian fairy tales.

But in the epic and folklore of any country reflects the people's attempts to gain immortality.

Much has come down to us from time immemorial, unlike the fairy tales and has all the signs of historical chronicles.

So, was proven that, at different times, in different places of the Earth, either spontaneously or due to special secret techniques, the Chinese Taoist monks or hermits living on Indian more than a hundred to four hundred years or more.

Our elderly compatriot who applied at the beginning of XX century in Tomsk hospital, presented quite authentic documents, of which, as of his stories, it followed that it is more than two hundred years:

Maximum, which decided not to surpass even the fairy tale — this is the age of 5000 years! His survivor testified Indian origin Tapasvidzhi himself lived more than 380 years. At the foot of the Himalayas, he once met a hermit who speaks only in the ancient Indian Sanskrit. Achieve such a long and healthy stay in our world has helped the elder severe diet and knowledge of the composition of the drug, which he kept secret.

Let us turn to the Bible, stories which, in our opinion, are the natural history of mankind "from the very beginning."

No coincidence that the first of the books of the Old Testament (the first book of Moses) is called "Genesis". From it we learn that Adam named his wife Eve, which means if not eternal, but all the same "life." In the Slavic version of the name was transformed to own the word "virgin."

There's also stated that Adam lived 930 years, his son Seth — 912, the son of Seth and grandson of Adam Enos lived 905 years, etc.

And the son Seth was born when Adam was 330 years in Seth's son Enos was born in 105 years, Enos became a father for 90 years, etc.

Old people are not born children. So, a hundred years old in Old Testament times, people were young.

We are looking for allegory, where they are not. Obviously, before people really lived nearly a thousand years, in contrast to our incomplete hundred. Our life force is clearly running out. Perhaps, the End of Times?

By the way, it is believed that the average age of a human life depends on the number of earthlings. Now we are six billion. Whether we have less, we would live longer (and better). And so must live as we can and as quickly as possible to give way under the sun next to "knock".

The legendary Count Cagliostro was quite specific person. And in the second half of the XVIII century, together with his wife even visited St. Petersburg. Following the papers and oral rumor, which was always running ahead of artistry adventurer or a great adept, light-Skye public got an indirect confirmation that the graph has a powerful, if not the secret of eternal life, a very long youth. The wife of the graph, the beauty of Lorentz, the adult son of a mother-captain, was so young for his forty-plus years that he did not deny the merits in her husband.

Known not only the date of birth (1743), but the date of death of the mysterious Count Cagliostro — 1795. He possessed a mystical power and fascinating mystery of all, he is a favorite of Louis XVI, on whose orders directly to chtitelnost Cagliostro was equal to the humiliation of the royal family, a martyr's life ended in the dungeons of the Inquisition.

According to the rules of the time a strange graph paper were burnt as unclean. But something still kept the Vatican. For example, write (copy) of "regeneration by Cagliostro." However, it describes the process (convulsions, sleep, loss of hair and teeth, new growth, etc.), which lasts for forty days, but not prescription pills that give this effect.

Has also been preserved and recorded the Inquisition story of Alexander of Cagliostro that he attended the Count Saint-Germain (the one whose fame was akin to the glory of the Cagliostro) and saw the vessel in which the owner kept his mysterious elixir of immortality.

The essence of the intrigue is best illustrated in the case of Dresden. Someone asked the Count's coachman, is it true that Saint-Germain four hundred years. He said he did not know, but for those 330 years, that he had used, the owner has not changed.

Of course, all of this could have been a hoax. But contemporaries struck such a detailed knowledge of the Saint-Germain, a past that could only be a participant, a witness of events. Older people learned of this man, as seen earlier, in the days of his youth. Only he, in contrast, did not grow old.

He was known in different cities and countries under different pseudonyms. At one time he was even "in the image" of a Russian general, only the name has been somewhat distorted — Soltykov (through the "o").

I like the mysterious Count was not the last. No one did not know him, did not remember the child, etc. Even the death of Saint-Germain in Holstein in 1784, one of his friends called "imaginary." And no wonder: nowhere else in the area does not appear gravestone with the appropriate name. Besides himself "late" a lot of times after his "death" appeared in public (for the last time in Paris in winter 1939) and generally living life to the fullest.

Maybe he is not wearing a tailcoat and a denim suit, yesterday met you on the bus or at the store: Maybe he still lives with us, weighed down with so many memories, not what most of us. And maybe he is not alone:

If now even atheists recognize Christ as a real historical person, maybe you should recognize true and other biblical evidence, in particular the times of "indiscriminate" longevity?

Then it is not as fancy, but the echoes, the remnants of the old features have taken a huge amount of evidence and quite sober, not crazy people on the ageless Count St. Germain and others like it, like it.

It was only clothed in an aura of science fiction, but with a lot of real prototypes, appears to us hero of the series "Highlander", one of the immortal Duncan MacLeod and his comrades.


The detainees IN THIS WORLD

Immortality is given to the person with the immortality of the soul. Grows old and dies only the body.

So, to put it more accurately, mankind has always sought a way to extend the life of existing youth and the body as a vessel, container of the soul.

Why we are largely going the same way in our time of universal nihilism — is understandable. But why is this happening in the past when the religious consciousness of people of different faiths received and held notion that our world — and not only is not the best of all possible worlds?

Gradually, mankind began to think about the brain transplant to another, younger head, to replace diseased or end-organs cyber-vice, or the flesh of the flesh grown method of cloning.

And finally, come to immortality on the other hand, refusing to revive the body and infinitely deciding to try to save for eternity inner world.

Not so long ago, the magazine "Business UViK" described the scientific search for electronic means of reproduction of human personality after death. It's about a specific virtual analogue of the brain and nervous system specific, thus preserving the individual characteristics of thinking, the memory of his past life, thoughts and feelings.

A person seeking such an option immortality of his own mind and soul, must be inserted into the rim glasses miniature video cameras whose signals (his life through his eyes) are recorded on a tiny hard disk the size of a button. These are already being produced, a short drive to record month of life.

So, thanks to the "intelligent electricity," a hundred years living can communicate with the absolute equivalent of the personality of the deceased.

I wonder if the answers to questions received via computer, different from those obtained at seances? If not, Is the game worth the candle? But this is the topic of another material.

In the meantime, regeneration (rejuvenation) of an existing body as a way to stay longer in this world, people seem to be preferable.

Gerontologists have noticed that an important role is played here by the water. Most of today's centenarians drink water mountain rivers formed by the melting of glaciers — melt water. As in Old Testament times.

It is no accident knights, heroes and adventurers of all time looking at literally the fountain of youth, the living water:

Linger in this world can be up to 300 years, dropping a couple of degrees constant temperature of the human body.

And you can use the experience of suspended animation, borrowed some animals. Now a lot of earthlings sleep, frozen in a special way to wake up in the best of times. However, it will be for the time, one more question:

Biological clock counting down the time of our lives are in the chromosomes in the nucleus of cells. The number of cell divisions is limited. But already identified a way to influence this process, therefore, a method of increasing human-tion of life.

There are many anti-aging diet, exercise, extracts from plants and animal organs, special spiritual practices.

The whole range of modern features is using to stay young and live through all of us, the famous singer Michael Jackson.

It is believed that more than a "visible energy" (water, food, medicines, etc.), the process of aging affects "invisible power" that run through us, because we have them generate and get outside. For example, electricity. With age, our bodies accumulate residues, waste, fragments of molecules with high electric potential (free radicals).

In a Moscow newspaper for the year 3998 described how accidentally failed to include information available to each of us in addition to old-age programs hidden program return to youth.

Generally treated with low back pain and other spinal diseases. Spine — this is our energy-sky column, power base. Know-how was that to affect the entire energy system that body healthy, "grab" and the spine, and the body as a whole.

With the help of special equipment patients sent special electrical signals. Soon, one patient, who was over 50, and quickly became visibly younger. Until now, the exact causes of this are not clear.

Presumably the rate of healing Electrosignal resonated with the frequency of a certain gene or DNA sequence responsible for the inclusion of a countdown of the biological clock, that is rejuvenation.

Natural joy was soon replaced by feelings of women directly opposite: it began to look younger than his own daughter.

What's next? Found a way to stop this process?


Punishment of immortality

Do all want to stay indefinitely in this world? No.

Tradition has it that King Solomon himself rejected the elixir grants immortality, because they do not see happiness in life without those he loved.

Cagliostro, who owns the mystery of regeneration, did not take advantage of the opportunity. This led some to believe that he was bluffing, because he was fabulously rich, and certainly could bribe the guards so they gave him the sacred pills.

But why does he really need another "portion" of life and youth? To continue to rot in the gloomy and stinking stone bag on a chain?

It is likely he is holding a secret life extension, consciously preferred death to a fifty small. How deliverance.

A legend of the Wandering Jew? Remember, a man named Ahasuerus was among others to the way of Christ to Calvary. Faint under the weight of the cross convict wanted a little rest at the house of Ahasuerus, but he rudely chased Christ. And Christ said Ahasuerus, it will go a lifetime, to wander, not of death.

It happened. More than a thousand years later, he saw people whose testimony credible. Thus, in the XIII century, the Wandering Jew was in Armenia and spoke with the Armenian archbishop. Later, he was seen talking to him in all the languages of the Earth other bishops, the papal legate, historians and mayors.

At the end of the XVI century, the Wandering Jew is going to Moscow to visit her soon.

A century later, the English professors of prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford even tested, thorough examination of the Wandering Jew, but could not catch in ignorance of the history, customs, culture and geography of the ancient Earth, which over the years of wandering, he walked the.

In the first third of the XIX century, some Englishmen had occasion to make sure that the Wandering Jew is still wandering in the world which has become alien to him:

Still, the main question that the first thing is to find an answer humanity — is why live. Then, once it becomes clear why we do not live a thousand years, is it worth trying and why.














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