The record low temperature recorded in Yakutia

The record low temperature recorded in Yakutia Weather and Climate

At the beginning of this winter in Russia, the weather was unusually warm. In Kaliningrad, January 2 temperature remained at around + 9,5 ° C, which is a new seasonal record in the north-western Russia. For the past hundred years at this time for the Finnish brings cold weather in the vicinity of St. Petersburg and further to the west, did not happen in 2012. However, in eastern Siberia to Yakutia raging abnormal frosts with temperatures up to — 56 ° C. In the Far East, the thermometer fell to — 40.

Fig. 2. Average temperatures in Russia.

In winter, a high-pressure front bringing to Russia the strong southerly and southwesterly winds, bypassing the Pacific. Summer under the influence of a low pressure front in a country dominated by the northern and north-westerly winds. This weather combination helps reduce seasonal differences in temperature in the south and the north of Russia, where the average temperature in January in St. Petersburg — 8 ° C, — 27 ° C in the West Siberian Plain, — 43 ° C in Yakutsk, which is located at the same latitude as St. Petersburg, but much farther east. At the same time, winter is slightly softer edge mongolkoy anthrax, although the difference in latitude is only about 10 °.

Summer temperatures are much more dependent on the latitude. On the islands of the Arctic average summer temperature + 4 ° C, in the most southern regions of Russia + 20 ° C. National record for the lowest temperature was set at Verkhoyansk, north central Siberia, where the temperature dropped to — 94 ° C. The highest summer temperature was observed in several locations of southern Siberia and was + 38 ° C.

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