The reset of Russia is more dangerous than open hostility

Interview with Director General of Foreign Policy Research Institute and initiatives Veronica Jurevna Krasheninnikova

— Veronica Yu, "non-standard diplomacy" of the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has already made his newsmaker in our press. He recently said he is shocked by the extent of anti-Americanism in this country. I suppose that under anti-Americanism, he understands the criticisms of Moscow to Washington in funding opposition NGOs. Plus, our reluctance to believe in the United States declared peaceful purposes placing a missile defense system in Europe. Yes, probably, and more. But it is not a diplomat. Tell me, anti-Americanism — the unwillingness of any state and any politician in Washington to take action as a benefit? As a genuine concern about democracy in the world?

— If the "Americanism" — a plantation of military bases around the world, unprovoked war under false pretenses, disruptive hands of Western and local non-governmental organizations, what a normal person would not be against such an America? When against your country by all means acts such machine, the resistance — it's the only healthy reaction.

In fact, anti-Americanism, Washington often called a true understanding of the true intentions and policies of the United States. Do not want to believe that America — the light of freedom and democracy? Anti-American. Do not want to support the U.S. war against Iran? Anti-American. Do you want an independent, sovereign policy for your state? Anti-American.

Of course, it is important to share the American regime and the American people. Many Americans, too, are victims of his regime, war and economic crisis. But the propaganda system in the U.S. is so tough, so impenetrable — Soviet compared with her baby talk — that you can not count on any opposition from within.

— In the United States, President Barack Obama's opponents also accuse him of anti-Americanism, saying that they announced a "reset" detrimental to the national security of the country. We have a lot of politicians who believe that the much-touted term is used only for the treatment of Russian public opinion and create an image of "peace-loving America." But what gave the Russian "reset" — except unjustified euphoria, which is offered to all citizens of the country to fall?

— Charges Obama's anti-Americanism — the perfect nonsense. In the U.S., always competing with each other are two approaches to the enemy: an open aggression and the use of state, defined as the enemy, for its own purposes — on techniques of judo, where the weight of the enemy used against him. First — so to speak, "macho" of politics — is such as Senator John McCain, who was at one time Vice-President Richard Cheney and Mitt Romney today. There are in this group of patients and most of the head, at that time, even General Dwight Eisenhower, they declared communist agent, because in the spring of 1945 he went to Moscow.

The second group — the "partners" — guided by a long-standing principle of the Italian Mafia from the movie "The Godfather": keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It really is a smart, sophisticated approach — use the state against him, his hands to solve their problems. Barack Obama and Michael McFaul, in particular the approach dubbed the "reset." It gave Russia? Good prospects to become a satellite of the United States. Give the "reset" a few years — and our soldiers will fight in the American War, as it is done today by Georgians.

In fact, this is only a tactical differences. And the goal is the same — to break the independent course of the state and put him into his service. We boxer two fists: prefer a right or a left? The "reset" of Russia is more dangerous than the open hostility of Washington, because it allows you to work actively inside the pro-American lobby under the pretext of "collaboration with our partners."

— I believe in the United States still can not understand how is it that in Russia for a long time is there all the paraphernalia of Western consumer society. It seems that we are westernized in full. But opinion polls show that the vast majority of us do not trust Washington …

— Yes, the vast majority of the people do not trust Washington. But "trust" the so-called elite. Recall for the preservation of the Soviet Union in March 1991, 76.4 percent were citizens of the country, that did not stop Boris Yeltsin and the company from signing the Belovezhskaya agreements. The most effective way of submission of such states as Russia — not a frontal attack by tanks and aircraft, for an open war, we always won, and the sly inside — subversion in society through NGOs, the psychological impact and the corruption of key people. In Washington, this is called a "victory without war."

Now Washington will increasingly act by Russian hands. A few years ago there were puzzled internal search, Russian sources of funding subversion — and to save money, and the charges removed. Pay attention to the "Committee of Civil Initiatives", but claimed that Alexei Kudrin. He emphasizes that the Western money the new organization do not need enough money here in the country. Who would doubt … Kudrin going to work for regional and municipal levels — it's a known Washington-bypass strategy of the central government, the attacks from the rear.

Or another newly established structure: the Russian Council on International Affairs, headed by Igor Ivanov and Andrew Kortunova — the latter for the past couple of decades, receives a salary from the U.S. Treasury. Ivanov, as Kudrin denies Western funding — but look at the list of members of the INF Treaty, there really is who fork out. Interests of the Russian pro-Western oligarchy is much closer to Washington's interests than to the interests of the Russian people.

But perhaps the most powerful mechanism for Washington's interests in Russia could be "open government." In Washington, like all the "open" — open to their influence. In the concept of "open government" brought three key resource subversion: the pro-Western community of experts, the liberal faction in the leadership of Russia and pro-Western NGOs. In such a bunch of experts develop the right policies, the liberal part of the government realizes it, non-governmental organization monitoring the implementation and make a fuss if something goes wrong.

But it turns out, in addition to creating their own structures, Russia plans to start some kind of international partnership "Open Government", a concept which has been developed in the Council for National Security. The main promoters of Russia's entry into a partnership called Mikhail Margelov, who has passed recently Libya, and Michael Abyzova — close associate of Anatoly Chubais, knows how to become adviser to the president. This partnership will oblige Russia to disclose to Washington a lot of useful information for him to consult when making decisions on domestic policy, to report to the NGO — before Navalny and Nemtsov? .. — And perform many other commitments that add up to a partial loss of sovereignty.

— However, three years ago, "New York Times" reported that anti-Americanism is not a characteristic feature of the Russian people, he comes down on top of the ruling elite. This is all the more strange that we in the higher echelons of power are many influential people in the liberal Western views. Interestingly, we did blind kittens, or people who are able to see and evaluate the true reality?

— The people are not fooled. Our people intuitively understand who is friend and who is foe. But people do not ask. As for the "elite", the "blind kittens" — clearly not about them. On the facts of the real U.S. policy, some answer, and that we, at war with America? The answer to this is: what do you not understand that America is at war against you? Or do you think they have such a friendship? German strategist Carl Clausewitz, a great authority in American military circles, said: "War is the continuation of politics by other means." So, if you can not attack openly, politics is warfare by other means. In this case, all — "cooperation", "fight against common threats," the economy, investment, modernization — is Washington's way of waging war against Russia.

— In the mid-1970s, the list of 26 U.S. universities had several Sovietological centers. In those years, the U.S. came out 43 Sovietological periodicals. Let's not talk about the analytic intelligence units that do not advertise their studies. The Soviet Union is long gone. It is unlikely that huge staff "sovietologists" and "Kremlinologists" retrained in the pizza, I believe, the main purpose of the same: to find vulnerabilities in Russian politics and economics. Or do they have now become "friends of the new democratic Russia"?

— Would be better if they carried the pizza — more would be good … Yes, the "friends" of steel — such which do not need enemies. They said that the fight against communism. The Soviet Union is long gone — but the fight continues. The most "friendly" attitude towards Russia, which can be found in the American establishment: Russia should actively cooperate with the U.S. and NATO, "President Medvedev may become popular, as Gorbachev." Not my words — quote.

We have to understand: no concessions will not be enough for Washington, his insatiable appetite — in the case of Russia it will settle for a full and unconditional surrender to the dismemberment of the country. The tactics of appeasement is working with Washington are no better than the Third Reich … "The fight against common threats" with the United States, as we have seen in 10 years in Afghanistan, gives an increase in drug production there more than 40 times — because the United States struggle with the actively sabotaging production.

— About our scientists in American almost inaudible. Yes, and the term is long gone. As unnecessary?

— Many of our Americanists have turned into a pro-American lobby, forgetting why they studied the United States. The impression is that some of them "reset" the brain. Yes, the Soviet Union has disappeared, but the U.S. goal setting has not changed — on the contrary, more active! I have worked long enough in the U.S. and heard plenty of talk in Washington about "partnership" and "collaboration", and how to implement it. When exactly the same thing is repeated compatriots in Moscow — is, frankly, shocking. After all, in Washington these words carry a very different meaning: under the cover of being a real "war by peaceful means." And we repeated Washington's Myths — and then do what they say!

Before the presidential elections, much has been said about the funding of the West of Russian civil society — but the same problem exists in the expert community. After more than two decades of life in the United States and NATO grants, many Russian experts were sincere messengers — no pizza, sorry, and the Washington political orders. It is therefore necessary to limit Western funding, not only civil but also in the Russian expert community.

— To sum up, ask a naive question: what America we really come to love? And will it ever be our ideal match?

— I repeat — you must separate the American regime and the people. On the human level, and now you can love. But at the level of the U.S. system, the terms "love" and "friendship" does not have a stroke. What is the American system is acceptable for us? One that will cease to strive for world domination by means of open warfare and clandestine sabotage operations, cease arming thugs of all stripes — from the "Al-Qaeda" to Mikhail Saakashvili, will cease to overthrow the legally elected government and incite separatist movement. What is the chance that this will happen? Zero. In the American system, in its matrix is not mortgaged other behaviors. They never have been, and within 230 years of the system only crystallized, increased its strength.

— Headed by you Institute publishes studies that critically analyzes the activities of NATO, U.S. foreign policy. So, it is your institute inculcates in us the same "anti-Americanism", which complain about in Washington? And that is so terrified of Michael McFaul?

— If something terrifying Michael McFaul — so it's right in terms of the interests of Russia. A sort of test of loyalty to the course. Our young Foreign Policy Research Institute and initiatives (INVISSIN), is currently focused on outreach. We give information and analysis of important events for Russia and processes from the perspective of independent experts — not fitting result for what else policy. Some facts and only the facts. In this case, use a strict scientific approach and do not present the facts, backed up by sources. In these educational purposes, our Institute in cooperation with the publishing house "Kuchkovo field" launches a series of "Real Politics", which consists of translations of books of Western researchers that reveal the true, real policy of the United States and the Anglo-Saxon system — as opposed to the propaganda of the version that we serve from Washington and pro-American "nests" in Russia. In America, a story called "alternative" — it is not taught in school. But this is just the history and politics that is taking place.

The first book will be released in late April: "Drugs, Oil and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina" Canadian researcher and historian Peter Scott. It explores the role of the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies and their allies in drug production and trafficking. The second will be released immediately after the May holidays — is "NATO's Secret Army: Operation" Gladio "and Terrorism in Western Europe," the Swiss researcher Daniele Ganser. The author investigates the scandal secret units created in the years 1950-1960 in most of Western Europe and led from NATO headquarters in Brussels. Their mission was to prevent the rise to power of the Left through terror — part of the U.S. "strategy of tension" and "false flag terrorism". It turns out that when joining the NATO states had to sign a secret protocol, requiring them to "maintain an inner orientation to the West Block by any means." So NATO — is not only a war against "foreign enemies", but terror against its own population.

Such is the real story turns out, unfortunately. But facts are facts — that the U.S. and NATO are doing, and how to speak. Because the NATO Information Office in Moscow is unlikely to tell about it.


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