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The correct choice of typographyThe number, as you know is not always accompanied by quality and a huge number of choices to make it more difficult. Last but not least this applies to the printing presses. A person not familiar with the intricacies and peculiarities of the modern printing press, it is difficult to make the right choice, just be tempted by low prices and lose quality. Because there are several important points, paying attention to which you can make the right choice of enterprise, perfectly capable, rapidly and at reasonable prices to provide you the desired printed output.

Leafing through the collections of companies providing printing services, pay attention to their specialization. Some are known for printing booklets or brochures, others are engaged in outdoor advertising, for the third main focus is the production of catalogs or office materials. Therefore, choosing a printing press, guided by its specialization and experience. And if your order corresponds to the main direction of the printing company — talk to experts.

On any Web site will certainly mention the hardware on which it runs. We will motivate you first characteristic brilliance and format. As the right choice in this case will allow, and reduce production time, and the price of the order. Absolutely, if the brilliance of your order will be the same brilliance, which can provide equipment chosen enterprise. For example, you wish to print full-color brochures and colorful means to be 4. When using a two-color machine — it may be, but it will take more time due to the double run, you can lose as an incorrect application of paint, and you eventually get married.

The formation of the final price of your order will affect the price of circulation and price setting up equipment (special forms, colors, etc.), because so important to know the format of the machines that will be issued your products. What format is, the more expensive respectively adjustment and higher price because produce small-size form on machines with huge format will cost a lot of hard assets. And of course, we should not forget that the small print runs — this is the value of digital printing, while huge — and faster and better and cheaper to make offset development. Do not forget, before placing your order, review the requirements for registration of the layout, and if your company has no respective spetsa that can do it well, printing in Moscow, presented the design center will help printers to adjust it.

We will be happy if posodeystvuyut our tips for you to make the right choice of typography, and its products will not disappoint you.

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