The right of the shot. Vladislav Shurigin the legalization of guns

The right of the shot.  Vladislav Shurigin legalization of weapons

So, after a shooting in the office of "Rigla" when the lawyer for eighteen seconds Vinogradov shot seven people, and after stabbing at number 8 tram at the stop "DC Compressor" where five Caucasians slashed with a knife three passengers, a new step dispute erupted between supporters and opponents of legalization snub rifled guns, and in a simple way — guns.

With all the opponents of the legalization of guns do not get tired to put forward the same arguments. This "special criminal situation" in Russia, and the "natural" tendency to Russian aggression. With all of this beloved topic enemies legalizing firearms — is worsening crime statistics introduction of "travmatiki" in the country. Specifically, the introduction of statistics "travmatiki" for some reason constantly projected on the legalization of a short-rifled guns. But I see this transfer is quite unjustified. I dare to imagine that the ill-fated "travmatika" was the victim of idiotic "PR". Her long as "public relations" as a "non-lethal tool"That most people just do not take it as an instrument of life-threatening. For most it is a kind of "automatic slingshot" like pulnul and forgotten. Nothing terrible! The fact that "travmatika" kills, many have learned only this killing.

In addition, quite a long time to get "travmatik" could be the lightened version though what the person. It was necessary only to get help at the hospital and get a "good" in the permitting department ATS that there is no difficulty.

With rifled korotkostvolom all wonderfully different.

In-1's, all rifled cannon to shoot, no matter what the bullet fired from his sleeve or rhinestones will point to the owner, and it deprives him of "anonymity" "travmatiki."

In-2, obtaining such weapons — is wonderfully different procedure, which has yet to be established.

B-3, the stories about the full danger of possessing firearms Russians, to put it mildly, exaggerated.

As an example, take the situation with a hunting gun. Now in the hands of more than 5 million barrels of hunting, of which a quarter — threaded. Among those who possess this instrument, there is a wide variety of people with different customs and characters, I dare to imagine that is not always adequate, but with all this, the number of cases it is not illegal introduction to exceed 10 years. At a briefing in St. Petersburg police management police recognized the right, which is 16 thousand legitimate, in other words registered in the police hunting barrels per year accounts for only 2.1 version of their illegal introduction.

Perhaps the most resounding case of its introduction was shooting, organized last week with the flying reel Dmitry Grape, but I dare to imagine that, had he not legal guns, for it would have been without problems and get a couple of illegal trunks. The result would be the one.

According to official data of the Interior Ministry, as of December 1, 2004 at the law enforcement agencies of the country has been stolen Offenders (or simply "lost"), 178,344 units of firearms and military equipment, including 66,679 rifles guns, 23,451 of them Machine , 25,916 guns, 1,927 machine guns, 2,661 grenade launcher and 71 portable rocket launcher.

I specifically asked — how much is now gun on the black market? 2000 USD "Makarov", 5,000 cu — "Colt" and 7000 — "Glock". Delivery time — a couple of days!

And now, at the hands of thousands of these unregistered trunks. But something rarely shoots it tool. Citizens of figuring things among themselves, prefer to everyday kitchen knives and everything that comes to hand, but do not live guns and rifles!

In those States, in states where citizens are allowed concealed carrying of guns, the overall level of forcible crimes down 18% compared with the states where tool wear prohibited. The murder rate in the "armed" states BELOW 33%, robbery — by 37%. In states where the tool wear is prohibited committed murder 289.7 per 100 000 population. In states where concealed carrying of weapons allowed — 183.1 variant murders per 100 000 population. 100 cases with excessive less! Police statistics indicate that the owners of firearms significantly less often become victims of robberies and assaults. Interestingly, the introduction of firearms as a means of self-defense is quite rare complete shedding of blood. On average, only one percent of the cases the offender is injured and in tenth of percent of cases — killed.

Because I am for the legalization of a short-rifled guns.

The law-abiding citizen should be given equal rights to those who despise the law and has long been armed to the teeth.

But that is tool got into the right hands to perform the following conditions.

By analogy with hunting societies, to get permission to gun only through the rifle clubs and associations, after passing the exam and pass the medical board with the payment of the yearly contributions.

These criteria person who received permission to gun and bought this to be fully worthy of the owner of the gun.

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