The Russian government has opposed the appeal of free guns

The Russian government opposed the free circulation of gunsIn the Government considered the draft federal law.

The bill proposes to include a civilian weapon of self-defense firearms short-barreled rifles tool Russian production with a muzzle energy of less than 300 J, giving him the right to purchase Russian Federation citizens who have reached 23 years of age, is under license.

But introduction allowed in the current time types civilian self-defense weapons can be rated as excellent and successfully serving the goals of self-defense. Together, the technical properties of the short-barreled guns can not be a factor in the evaluation of its greater efficiency in comparison with existing legislation means of self-defense.

In addition, continues to be a very alarming situation with offenses committed with the introduction of firearms restricted lesions (tool self-defense), including those that people have on legitimate grounds. Over the last 5 years has been committed over 2 thousand crimes and offenses with the use of a designated tool, including inflicted injury of varying severity over 500 citizens, 100 people died from wounds acquired.

In connection with this appeal rifled free snub guns will have a negative impact on public safety in the country, will lead to a significant complication of the state of law and order and the rise of crimes committed with its implementation or in order to capture them.

Immediately believe it necessary to note that the configurations to provide for a ban on the wearing of short-barreled firearms rifled guns by citizens for self-defense (paragraph "b" of the bill Fri 2) conflict with changes in subparagraph "a" pt 3 of the bill, according to which the holder of a designated civilian guns self-enforcement bodies given permission to keep and bear.

Based on the aforementioned Russian Federation Government submitted a draft federal law does not.

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