The Russian government has reported on the implementation of the state defense order

The Russian government has reported on the implementation of the state defense order

Municipal defense order for 2011 year executed by 96.3 percent, reports RIA announcements with reference to the Government RF. "Purchased some results on the nomenclature and quantitative indicators differ from the initially established tasks," — quoted by text message.

At the end of January 2012 the first deputy Secretary of Defense RF Alexander Sukhorukov said that the military-industrial complex on the basis of the past 84 years has not fulfilled the agreement negotiated by the state defense order. The total price of unfulfilled obligations amounted to 42 billion rubles. Total volume defense procurement in 2011 amounted to 580 billion rubles. So Makar, the Defense Ministry estimated the degree of implementation of the SDO to 92.7 percent.

Earlier, Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepac said that the state defense order for 2011 and 2012 year is likely to be disrupted. A similar view was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Valery Goregliad. According to them, a bad implementation defense procurement partly to blame for the current system of contracting.

Some experts have expressed fear that the majority of defense contracts in 2011 will fail. The reason for this was called the delayed signing contracts with defense companies. Thus, the recent agreements with the GOZ-2011 were made only in November last year.

Defense procurement in Russia is not running on one hundred percent a couple of years in a row. Thus, in the 2010 state defense order was made on 70 per cent, and the GOZ-2009 Russian enterprises had complied with only half. To remedy the situation in the Russian Federation plans to reform the system of placing the SDO and control its execution.

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