The scientist says that vaccines are changing the traditional orientation of people



70-year-old Italian scholar, journalist and opponent of vaccination Jean Paolo Vanoli firmly believes that vaccines are able to change the traditional to non-traditional sexual orientation.

This is a pernicious process Vanoli explains: "The vaccine is injected into the child, the child is growing and trying to find and understand their own personality. But the vaccine contains various substances that depressing effect on people if it enters the brain, and he lost the challenge of selecting and become gay. "

Special sizes, according to the scientist, the problem reaches across several generations. After all, when gay men give their biological material for fertilization surrogate mothers than only worsen the situation. Children receive information from the DNA of future orientation and diseases, although the WHO does not consider homosexuality a disease that is very indignant Gian Paolo Vanoli.

"So for every vaccine is the emergence of a new gay, it does not give the person free to form. In the future, we are waiting for genetic catastrophe ", — said the scientist. Surprisingly, while Vanoli refers to sexual minorities tolerance and support same-sex marriage. He says he can not blame these people, just as there can not blame someone for the fact that people got cancer or had a heart attack. "Although I believe that it is a disease that does not mean I do not respect these people. In addition, they are the real hostage situation — all the fault of the vaccine, "- says the researcher.

However, the arguments Vanoli his colleagues argue for the past 30 years. For example, in 1975, the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, saying that "the study found no association between the change of sexual orientation and psychopathology." Also, experts say that there is no evidence that sexual orientation can affect any factor.

Meanwhile, in Italy continue to defend gay rights, but same-sex marriages in the country is not officially supported as a politician to publicly support gay compared with support for pedophilia.

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