The scientists addressed the question of disposal of solid deodorant

The scientists addressed the question of disposal of solid deodorants Facts

Most recently, the company Earth911 and Unilever, the company global consumer goods and cosmetics maker Axe, Degree, Suave and Dove opened the public that they are going to be members of a partnership, the aim of which is to define the capabilities of solid deodorants, antiperspirants. In other words, companies will try, see if you can make from the used tubes from deodorants other goods, and whether it is appropriate from a financial and environmental terms.

Unilever thus wants to focus its production into the mainstream of sustainable development and environmentally friendly technologies, and reduce the environmental footprint of its production. If the program is a success, the manufacturing industry will soon receive information on how to re-use multismoly and do it for the benefit of all.
During the initial stage of this project Earth911 and Unilever will focus on the collection of used packaging deodorant. And to help them do so are likely to be the representatives of the U.S. youth, students in about 50 schools and colleges. For such assistance of schools receive bonus money in your budget. The project is also supported by the company and Nextlife FundingFactory, which will coordinate the collection of raw materials and follow the process of recycling and getting recycled polypropylene.

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