The secret of the mysterious hum of British cities is not disclosed?



The mysterious buzzing sound is heard and recorded in such places on our planet, as Bristol (England), Bondi (Australia), Taos (New Mexico) and Lars (Scotland). These persistent, droning sounds distinctly heard at night in a completely different and far apart regions of our planet.

Despite a number of research still remains a mystery — why is this "noise" affects only a small percentage of the population? Complaints from the public about the annoying, low-frequency sounds began to come back in 1950, and from people who have never heard anything unusual. However, experts have found out that in these mysterious accidents, there are several common factors. Typically, the "noise" is heard only in the room, and at night it is more pronounced than during the day. In addition, most often hear it in rural or suburban areas. Most likely, because in the big cities there is a natural background noise.

In 2003, an English acoustic consultant Jeff Surrey did a study and found that only 2 percent of people living in some "noise zone" hear this phenomenon. Typically, these people from ages 55 to 70 years. Most of them described the "noise" as the work of the diesel engine, located near these unpleasant pulsating sounds of some people just brought to despair. "It's a kind of torture, of which just want to shout!" said retiree Kathy Jacques, who lives in Leeds (England), in an interview with the BBC, and although Leeds is one of the few places in the UK where the "noise" appeared recently, Jacques believes that to live with it is simply impossible! "The worst time — this night. When you spend hours tossing and turning in bed, and these pulsating sounds simply do not allow you to fall asleep," said Jacques.

The majority of sufferers from the "noise" of people have made normal hearing and are not whiners or mentally ill. These people complain of headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds and sleep disorders. There was even a case of suicide that occurred in the United Kingdom due to "noise."

Researchers, many years studying this phenomenon, unfortunately, still can not solve the mystery of the "noise." The only thing able to come, is that "noise" — a reality, not an invention or the result of mass hysteria. In some cases, the accused vibrations from passing transport and industrial machinery humming. In one case, it was possible to identify the source of "noise" — it was the buzz of central heating nearby building.

Some experts tend to believe that the sources of "noise" — the result of high-pressure gas pipelines, power lines, and wireless communication devices. However, the study showed that only in very rare cases, the "noise" was associated with the work of the mechanical or electrical appliances. Someone suggests that the "noise" may be the result of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which can only hear some people. Environmental factors are also considered, including seismic activity, which provokes a very weak, low-frequency tremors. However, what really creates an unpleasant "noise" is still a mystery!


S. Vasilenko

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