The strategic plans of the West and its implementation through Titos Market, humane, democratic, arbitrarily socialism on Western money


What all this orgy is over for Yugoslavia in 1989-1991, in general terms it is known, but to understand Russian, or in a broader sense, the Soviet, a person (for this, the inhabitants of all the republics of the Union), the true causes of the Yugoslav disaster, even under the most severe pressure of more than a decade of unbridled anti-socialist propaganda, fallen on Russia — a very, very difficult.

"But how can that be?" — Cried sincerely Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and intellectuals of left and right, and the latter-day business of the former physicists and linguists, and the workers and party staff found themselves out of power, some standing on the Russian-Marxist -orthodox positions. "How is it that we have been there yourself, being a tourist or a business party and voyages, what a prosperous country, not to mention the natural beauty! And how they all relate well to us "- they cried sincerely and unwittingly confusing, unfortunately, God's gift to the eggs.

It is to understand the complex Balkan node in its internal contradictions and external intrigues, I would, at least in large, to trace the way forward Tito "Communist League" / Ck / nationalist movements in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Montenegro and Macedonia. Of course, we must not lose sight of the goals and interests of the impact force of the West — the United States, as they are certain periods in their understanding and changing situation in the world and changed.

Churchill and Western strategists since World of war, of which the Soviet Union emerged victorious, not so much like to see the Yugoslavia of the capitalist with a not very smart but with manual King Peter II led many to drive a wedge in the emerging socialist community of nations that have received the opportunity through victory and strength of the Soviet Army to try to build a happier and fairer society than that which before the war had. Clever strategists would not only drive a wedge, but in the case of good luck to use it, as they say on all cylinders. And Tito in 1948, having secured by guarantees of the West, playing the card of socialism is not on the "Soviet, Asian, totalitarian" pattern, and the pattern of Western democracy, "humane, legal and free of any kind whatsoever clips, market, self-governing "Socialism. To lull the peoples of Yugoslavia, with great enthusiasm, took up the construction of a more just society than the pre-war and Monarchist and bourgeois dictatorship, to lull people who are just that, along with Soviet Russia won the amazing beauty of the historic victory over fascism alone Tito slogans that they say, "we do not so we did not go with those allies …" was not enough. To do this, and was derived from the Anglo-American, international monetary and other funds are billions of thirty pieces of silver, and which played a "modest" role temporarily artificially raising the standard of living of the workers. Although the so-called system of arbitrarily Tito for some 20 years, from 1950 to 1970 and created a class of nouveaux riches, demoralized party staff a huge mass of unemployed, an increase of illiteracy among the lower strata of the population, provided the conditions for the Americanisation of society through the introduction of American mass culture, pornography, drug abuse , prostitution, forced on the desire for hoarding and greed as the main purpose of life, but the social unrest in the near future is not in sight. Tito, to be objective, lucky. He opened the western frontier. Yugoslavian, such as a passport highly quoted in the criminal mafia world peace, because you can go to the West Kuts want-no limits and no control. Closed were only eastern border, then control was excellent, at the highest level.

A huge army of the unemployed Yugoslavs began to flow to the West. Western monopolies in this post-war period were in need of low-skilled workers and willingly accept guest workers from North Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, from Turkey, Spain, the Middle East, and now also from Yugoslavia. Thus temporarily successfully solved Prblema unemployment, one of the main problems of the system.

Western strategists would love to build "a humane, democratic, market, arbitrarily" socialism in the Anglo-American capitals, with their direct involvement was known around the white light, but first of all the peoples of the socialist community. And Tito's anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, anti-Russian, and at the same time and earned antislavyansky horn at full power. Curious reader need only view the Yugoslav newspapers, magazines, listen to radio and television recordings of the fifties, sixties and seventies, and everything falls into place. River flowed anti-Soviet, anti-communism, cleverly interspersed stories with actual materials shortcomings in the Soviet reality. It's one thing when the "Voice of America", "Bi-bi-si" or "Freedom" fluttering against socialism, but a completely different effect is obtained when this really, but still wrapped in polumarksistskuyu phraseology, says renowned freedom fighter known Communist Comintern, the head of the "Union of Communists" and his associates. It was he, Tito, knows all about this "evil empire."

Building a "new market, democratic, arbitrarily, the humane society" on Western money and Western-style, Tito conducts a complete decentralization of the economic system, giving it control of "their" human resources in the national republics (of "their" frames will be discussed later) and carried out their stable relationship and submission to Western monopolies. The continuous decentralization has led to the absence of any planning has led to the creation of Yugoslavia in the six centers of economic power with their own independent connections, markets and interests. These centers are in the pursuit of profit (as much as possible to buy and give as little as possible), generated nationalism and separatist aspirations. They're just waiting for an opportunity, motive and set of circumstances, to seize each other's throats. But until such time still had to live. Anti-communist Tito's mouthpiece acted very well and oh-oh-how needed Americo-English-German capital in the conduct of the Cold War. Served them faithfully horn, regularly. It was Tito's contributions for loans, abundantly produced on the West.

Khrushchev in strengthening the role of Tito-ism in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

The change in policy was to have an effect on the alignment of political forces in the Yugoslav society. It has been said about the terrible violence that Tito's communists perpetrated against dissidents, with the CPY in the years 1948-1955. For the sake of truth we must add that in political terms, in psychological terms, the resistance of the Communists and their many supporters of the treacherous policy of Tito final blow was dealt by decades unsuccessful, a primitive attempt by unscrupulous advances Khrushchev put Tito in the camp of their allies in the years 1956-1958.

Tito, unfortunately, was an order of magnitude smarter, more calculating and cunning. Shouldering the Soviet Union, all the burden of the transition to the camp of imperialism Tito, Tito proclaimed "true Leninist," Khrushchev because of its limitations and the pursuit of personal interests could not understand what prospects it opens up for Tito and the West in the fight for the destruction of the Soviet Union. Now Tito's cult of personality, his position in Yugoslavia itself intensified not only the West but also the East. As the number one fighter against the "villain Stalin" Tito could not afford very much. The gap in the ideological monolith of Soviet society and the Communist Party has been artificially created, and through it flowed additional streams of lies aimed not only against Stalin and against Lenin and socialism in general. Khrushchev went on inertia and extensive cooperation of the CPSU and the UK. Hundreds of party and government delegation headed look at the "Yugoslav miracle" to learn how to build this "wonderful, humane, democratic market socialism", which so ably cooperated with "nice" all the Western monopolies and such teachable western politicians. It turns out that they do not feed bread, give them only an opportunity to help the Yugoslavs, and any other people to build a market-humane socialism. Soviet leaders and the intellectual "elite" Tito organization took a big way — the good money for treatment "of these underdeveloped Russian" Tito spared. Shown and full windows, and plush resorts, casually pointing to numerous anti-Soviet literature, fabrikuemuyu in the West and is widely translatable, and printed in Yugoslavia. There were also on hand and anti-socialist Yugoslav protitovskih literary opus.

Khrushchev thought suddenly late, late yelled in 1962 that Tito "did not keep pace!" Inflate the authority of Tito here among party cadres, the Moscow and Leningrad intelligentsia helped by the barrage of anti-Soviet, anti-socialism, prozapadnichestva, which collapsed under the guise of combating the personality cult of Stalin in 1956-1964's, which is repeated once Goebbels' behinds, then the US-British and finally, Tito propaganda. His authority and contributed to a cleverly throws up faktik ideologues Tito-ism that, say, Tito was not afraid to enter into combat with the "villain of Stalin" in 1948 during his lifetime, and Khrushchev, serving him faithfully during his lifetime, he began kicking him dead, yeah and then after two years of silence. This, as is sometimes said, "two very different."

The Soviet partocracy, Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev humanitarian intellectuals, journalists, doctors from the economy, from the philosophy of Marxism, were Tito school. It passed with Yevtushenko and Voznesensky, and the tents with Rybakov and Abalkin with Popov and SHatalin Gaidar — the grandson and son, and with Aganbegian Bunich and Arbatov with Primakov, and Afanasiev with Shmelevo and Shafarevich with GOVORUKHIN. Not to mention the Korotych, Bovina, and Solzhenitsyn's hard still doing their dirty work, and openly supported by the services of America. Not to mention the various members of the Politburo — Gorbachev, Lukyanov, Yakovlev and Shevardnadze, Aliyev and Nazarbayev and Akayev Zasohova, and hundreds of other party players, bureaucrats from various members of the Central Committee of the CPSU type Wolski, Travkina Chernomyrdin, secretaries of regional committees, heads of trade unions, the Communist Youth League and others make bureaucratic organizations. On Tito yeast betrayal of fundamental revision of Marxism — Leninism — the so-called "reformist", under the patronage of Khrushchev brought up quite a powerful group of party players and humanities, now listed as the so-called "sixties." In the words Bondarenko is a "rotten and worm-eaten generation" of the sixties, turned into the fifth column of the West (and nenahodyaschihsya are now in power) has led his irresponsible activities in the 60-90s gradually powerful socialist country to disaster, and actually provided counter-revolutionary coup in Russia. But this is a problem of Russian.

We came back to the Yugoslav issues, one can only lament and regret following. Part of Yugoslavia at that time, Tito drugged and Western propaganda, do not imagine that for his "shock" work on the decomposition of a monolithic Soviet Russia and the Communist Party's period 1948-1980 he paid in 1991 and the defeat of the ruin of their country, the tragedy of fratricidal wars, and NATO bombings the introduction of the American occupiers in the center of the former Yugoslavia. However, it must be emphasized that working people should not be confused with the acts of Tito's Yugoslavia and his government. No Tito-ism and long Americanization (and this is clearly demonstrated by subsequent events) were not able to dislocate the faith of the working people of Yugoslavia in the greatness and power of the working people of Russia. Tito and Gorbachev come and go, but the fighting brotherhood of the peoples of Yugoslavia and Soviet Russia forged in the difficult years of Hitler's aggression, centuries-old martial, cultural and economic ties stronger than any Western and pro-Western propaganda. They do not erase from the fraternal peoples and they remain and live in the consciousness of the working people as a guarantor of future victories.

"Cadres decide everything!"

To replace the Communists killed, arrested, tortured, exiled, in a word, as in Moscow are fond of saying — repressed, Tito had to be in the years 1948-1952 in the new environment urgently rely on other frames, firmly standing on its position, the position of anti-Sovietism. Well where to Tito and his entourage could find? For a night not to re! Well, where to get them? Of course, among the remnants of the fascist elements in Croatia and Slovenia, among nationalist elements sympathetic to Mihailovic in Serbia among Muslim nationalists in Kosovo and Bosnia. So these elements, then, oppressed until 1948, will be faithful support in the fight against the Communists and against Soviet Russia, where they saw the root cause of his post-war afflictions, losses, and certainly hated them with all my heart.

I will allow myself to elaborate on the post-war fate of the anti-Soviet elements in the construction of the system Tito "humane", "market" socialism in the Anglo-American money.

With the victories of the Red Army at Stalingrad, the Orel-Kursk, opening it to the Romanian border growing power of the national liberation movement, grew confident that the end of German fascism, that victory is ours, Slavs. More and more lost power proponents occupiers, their servants and servants — in Serbia and nedichevtsy drazhinovtsy, Ustashe in Croatia and domobrany, rupnikovtsy in Slovenia, Macedonia probolgarskie items. Thinning the ranks of the Chetniks and Ustasha Mikhailovich Pavelic, all those hands are stained with blood were skulking in 1945, along with the retreating Wehrmacht. Croatian Ustashe settled in close to the heart of West Germany, the Chetniks as Mikhailovich settled mainly in the U.S.. And why not in England, cherished Mikhailovich, the War Minister of the Government of His Royal Highness?

Yes, because the Chetniks Mikhailovich and most Mikhailovich hit not only the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, not only our own deeply erroneous nationalist aspirations (he was not in fact the Serbian and Yugoslav Minister of War), but also Churchill and the British powers that be. Yes, yes that Churchill, who from 1941 to 1944 supported the Royal Yugoslav Government in London and the minister of war weapons and politically. But under the pressure of success of the national liberation movement, under the pressure of such an old-fashioned, and it would seem such a non-life in the 90s, the slogan of fighting the guerrillas — "brotherhood and unity of the peoples of Yugoslavia), and inscribed the blood of tens of thousands of fighters Serbian Krajina, Banks, Grmecha, Kordun, Slavonia, Herzegovina, Lika, Montenegro, Sirmium, Kosovo and Slovenia on their banners, political strategy Mikhailovich, who was involved in the betrayal, nationalism and waiting was untenable.

Given all this, Churchill was to provide military assistance and one and another, until the fall of 1944 did not play a great game of strategy — translation Tito in his camp, which was completed in 1948 For the sake of these plans and, of course, given the general the situation at the front at the end of 1944, he donated the beginning of 1945 and the Royal Yugoslav government in London, and King Peter II, and by the Secretary of War Mikhailovich. For Churchill and his own circle shirt has always been close to the body and cause it clearly commensurate forces and the forces of the Red Army. And if we talk about the tragedy Mikhailovich, the first thing a human being can understand what a blow struck him and his brothers-in-class movement — the English bourgeoisie, so understand it, and yet sacrificed their relatives 'blood brother'!

But, to me inadvertently not "cast a shadow" on the bright figure of Churchill's anti-communist and unjustly accuse him of commitment to communism, the story throws us the next page of Churchill.

At the same time, the question is, light fall of 1944, when over the northeastern part of Yugoslavia, as a purifying storm that swept through the III-rd Ukrainian Front, south of Yugoslavia, far Greece has successfully acted against the German occupiers ELAS — People's Liberation Army Greek people, led by the Communists. Nationalists in Greece is waiting to see who would win. And what happened? Churchill drops in Piraeus landing-punitive expeditionary force of Her Majesty, who in bloody battles with fire and sword, strangled the national liberation movement of the Greek people, of course, not without the help of Tito in 1948. And so is the reader. Greek king, his colonels and nationalists much more fortunate than Mikhailovich and Peter II.

As already mentioned, after 1948 for the nationalists in Yugoslavia was the turning point, so to speak, the better, of course taking into account the particularities and specificities of various Yugoslav regions. Committing treason, Tito was forced to rely on the anti-Soviet nationalist elements. Created by Tito "The Communist League" (instead of the crushed CPY) opened its doors to all who are against Soviet Russia, who for an alliance with the Anglo-Americans, who for the policy pursued by the "great" and "wise" leader. During 1950 in the UK was made more than 400 000 new followers. There and headed careerists all poshiba. Bought with American money partocracy such a motley over looks and composition, more and more rot in the market, arbitrarily, decentralized, democratic socialism, more and more divorced from the immediate interests of the people of Yugoslavia as a whole, while the gap has not reached its peak. Part of the Yugoslav communists, who were former members of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, have remained loyal to Tito after 1948, a member of the elite of the UK, serving as its culture and faith and truth, could not resist the creeping counterrevolution and the Americanization of the country, gradually losing positions before the aggressive and self-confident young staff managers business, business people, who know very well what they personally need. This old elite odryahlev, left the political arena, muttering under Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo restaurants: "As this is done, gentlemen."

Nationalist and semi-fascist elements that were included in Partocracy SC, Repainted by neo-communists, have flourished, walked on Europe to use credit, participated in all sorts of machinations by stripping the "collective work, arbitrarily" property, and their offspring filled with all kinds of vacancies scholars from various Western sponsors Rome to Madison. Treatment of public opinion in the spirit of superiority of the West was in full swing, the adherents of the Western way of life among the intelligentsia became more and nouveau-business, establish, together with the directors of various companies relationships with foreign concerns and wanted to be free at the end of the ends of the remnants of socialism. Served throughout this transition period, and along with the cult of Tito's personality and defectors from the Communist Party of the defeated, and the Ustashe and Chetniks, and Muslim nationalists. Although the pro-Western Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Macedonian and Kosovar intellectuals divorced Tito along national and feeders, lots of chatting about their "special" positions, referring to the representatives of the type known Djilas, Tito General Tudjman, the allied republics Nikezicha, Savkiv Dapchevich, Latinas Perovic, trypan about their alleged desire to change the position of their alleged opposition and resistance of trying, the basis of their performance in those years was just the personal well-being, career, ambition painful, spiced with a little disguised nationalism, open profit and so close to their hearts and antirusizm Tito's anti-Soviet, anti-Stalinism disguised public policy and antileninizma.

From the book by Predrag Milicevic "Six West's aggression against South Slavs in XX — century"

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