The strongest boy in the world live in Sumy

Eight-year Yegor Leonenko raised the bar to 2 kilograms heavier than himself and broke the world record in powerlifting.

This was announced by First National.

Egor, which itself weighs 39 pounds, first took the bar weighing 37 and a half pounds, then — 40 and later — even more than a kilogram. Next — the representatives of the project "National Records of Ukraine", who came to fix the new achievement, which officially is: "bench press at the age of 8 years."

"National record in the bench press bar lying installed and the title of" The Strongest Boy Ukraine "goes to Leonenko Yegor" — said Lana Vetrova, head of the project "National Records of Ukraine."

Egor broke another world record and set the same age as him from America. Preliminary results — 37 and a half pounds — could not overcome six years.

Behind Egor — winning the regional and Ukrainian competition. In the sports guy brought his father. He is convinced that such loads only benefit the young organism.

Among the objectives of the next Egor — the championship in the competition to be held in early February in Sumy, and in Ukrainian championship tournament, which kicks off two months later.

In the words of a classic: "There ought to another sample when in the eyes of his father's example." However, the eight-year Yegor Leonenko not yet read "Woe from Wit" Griboyedov. But from early childhood watching his dad Andrew workouts. Example father was so contagious that the boy asked for a room for adult uncles, even when went to kindergarten. Dad did not deny his son. Although the thought that kid, children's curiosity satisfied, again run away to friends. But Yegor liked it and stayed. The boy was so talented that for the sake of it first arrived in Sumy experts from the National Registry of Records of Ukraine: an eight-year athlete set a new world record in powerlifting.

"Son, there was no one left at home, and I took him to the gym," Yegor engaged zhimom rod from a prone position on the horizontal bar. Trains boy only two years, but it has reached great results. It's no joke — at such a young age barbell, which weighs more than a weightlifter. At the recently held in Sumy regional competitions in powerlifting performance of the youngest athletes has become a major sensation. Eight-year Yegor Leonenko, weighing 39 pounds, first raised bar weighing 37.5 kilograms, repeating the record coeval American Rakim Vedingtona, which was established in 2007. Then took the weight of 40 pounds, beating the previous record. But the best result, and eventually a new world record was set in the third approach — 41 pounds. While stunned the audience applauded, the boy ran off skipping to the Pope.

— Achievement of Young sumchanina recorded project experts' national record of Ukraine ", — said the present Project Manager Lana Vetrova.
— National record in the bench press bar lying is set, and the title of "The Strongest Boy Ukraine" goes to Yegor Leonenko.

* Diploma and the championship trophy to the young athlete and his father-coach Andrew Leonenko handed the head of the project "National Records of Ukraine" Lana Vetrova

When I asked Yegor, who he wants to be like the boy did not hesitate to answer: "For my father and for Schwarzenegger." An eight-burly now a small copy of his athletic father. Andrew Leonenko proud of his son, although it is recognized that for records they are not particularly sought. And if you suddenly decide to leave Yegor powerlifting, will not argue with his father.

— To be honest, I do not even think it was that his son would go to the gym, all the more so to train hard, — says "FACTS" 33-year-old father of champion Andrei Leonenko. — When he was young, he liked to treat my sports magazines. And learned how to paint beautiful uncle with muscles. One son had no one to leave the house, and I took it with me to the gym. He sat on almost all simulators, played small dumbbells. Then he tried to raise the bar, he liked it too.

Soon we were offered the first time to speak at the event. Egor then "squeezed out" 20 pounds. Now he is competing with 12 letnimisopernikami and all wins.

— Who is the training program Egor?

— I correspond with trenerom13-letneyMaryany Naumova — the strongest girls of the world, living in the suburbs. She has set 16 world records in the bench press bar lying among girls. I also give advice sports doctors from Russia. I told them I send videos of our workouts, and they adjust the program.

— Is not it dangerous for a growing child's body such loads?

— Bench barbell from a prone position — one of the safest sports. The man is in a horizontal position, the load on the spine is not, as it happens, for example, in the squat and deadlift. Work the muscles and tendons. In this bar does not prevent the growth of a person. Yes, and in training we work mainly with light weight. At the maximum go very rarely — once every five months. This sport is not completely contraindicated in children.

— A father of the young champion as "too tight"?

— Recently completed the Master of Sports of Ukraine — 245 kilograms. In the gym I went to 13 years. As a young man was seriously engaged in melee combat. But after 30 years, had to retire from the sport, giving way to a more youthful. But physical strength continues to develop. A lot of veterans in the power events give young athletes a head start. The main thing — competently approach to training.

"Every day in our family eat six packs of cheese and a large chicken for dinner" — For power strictly follow?

— This has been our mother — meets Andrew. — Of course, sometimes unbeknownst to her, we can with Egor and "McDonald's" go, but very rarely. In general, food has to control. Particularly strict — in front of the current competition. We needed to make the weight Yegor remained 39 kilograms. But there is now growing boy is pulled. Therefore, the food was limited. Although Yegor eats a lot, day five or six times, but in small portions. In the morning he was good breakfast (cottage cheese with honey or porridge with meat) and goes to school. There, too, have breakfast, and then another, and dinner, and he is given a supplement. Comes home and eats. Then, training and dinner.

— Calories we do not believe, but monitor the quality of food — into the conversation Egor's mother Jana. — My men eat mostly protein foods: cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, lean chicken, meat, eggs, cereal. Every day in our family eat for six packs of cheese and a large chicken for dinner.

— A biscuits, cookies, potato chips?

— No, my father did not allow — smiles John. — White bread in the house either. Yegor had a small child with an allergy, so he's used to a similar diet. And do not even ask any chips or crackers.

— You have such a sporting family. Mom record holder, by chance, the bar is not engaged?

— One time specifically tried to lift 35 pounds, to find out whether the hard Yegor — says the woman. — I realized that it is very difficult, and no longer trying. I seriously do not practice as a family without my athletes enough. But fully support her husband and son. Although it is not thought that Yegor select post. Tried to interest him dancing. He danced two months, but to no avail. Then we went to fight. Not too much. Now here's weightlifting. I believe that the child has a child should be all bright and beautiful. That it has developed, largely self tried. I think this record will remember him forever. What does he want to be engaged then — time will tell.

"Classmates ask me to pick them up, once the most powerful" — And what did you want to be when you grow up? — I ask the young champion.

— Probably, the artist — suddenly declares eight Egor. — While still a dream to be the strongest boy in the world.

— So you're an already very strong!

— No, I am the strongest boy in Ukraine. And now I want to be world champion.

— Son, participating in such competitions to 13 years — says the Pope. — So while we still have is, do not worry. You will become a world champion.

— Egor, you have to train a lot?

— I train three times a week. First, do a workout: first, head, neck, then arms and legs. Dad told me so. Then I go to the bar. In training, I pick up a little weight to 20 pounds, sometimes 30.

— How do you manage and train, and teach the lessons?

— I came home from school, rest, then go to the gym again a little rest and teach lessons. And then, in the bed.

— You learn well?

— Normally … and a little fine — says the boy. — Estimates my eights, nines.

— And sometimes, a four — laughing mother.

— Most of all I like physical education classes and labor — continues an eight-year champion. — I also like to draw, make origami.

— Teachers are good to you?

— Sometimes — it is bad, it happens — well. I thought that when a record, I regret it. But did not leave …

— How classmates took what you — the strongest boy?

— Previously, few were friends with me, and now more. I have three friends in the class. When I brought the cup to the school, all began to congratulate. And then they started asking me to pick them up, if so strong.

— And what did you do?

— Raised to quickly fallen behind — calmly responds a little athlete.

— You better they gave autographs. Or did not ask?

— I do not know how to put them — sigh companion, hugging her mother. — I like to train with my dad. He says it is better to "reap", you need to strain your chest muscles, not just the hands.

— Yegor immediately caught the right technique — adds Andrew. — We want it to be in the age of eight, took the weight of 45 kilograms. Although I will not insist, if the son of a sudden does not want to continue to engage in the bar. For me, the child's opinion is very important. Here's son says he wants to become an artist. And I did this too full support. He's doing well to draw. So soon may go to art school. And while Egor continues to train and improve the results of each competition.

— The world record for bench press at the age of eight years, belonged to an American boy named Rakim Vedington — said "FACTS" Vice-President of the Regional Powerlifting Federation, honored coach of Ukraine Pavlo Mogilnikov.- In 2007agodu in Las Vegas, Rakim, weighing 44 pounds, benched bar weighing 37.5 kilograms. And his age Yegor Leonenko that weighs just 39akilogrammov, raised 41. Such a result did not show anyone in the world! Not every adult would do such a thing. Of course, this is a talented boy. And he was very lucky with my parents. From the guy is sure to be a good judge. We hope that Yegor this year even improve your score and we will fix a new achievement — even for the Guinness Book of Records.…ne-umeyu-stavit-avtografy 

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