The Syrian government has not allowed in the country of the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

The Syrian government has not allowed in the country of the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Syrian authorities are not allowed to go to the area of the country the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos. It must be emphasized that in Russia and in the West have previously expressed confidence that the planned visit of the UN zamgenseka will help resolve the Syrian political crisis.

B. Amos said in a statement that she was deeply disappointed by the decision of Damascus deny her arrival in the country — and this despite the fact that there have been repeated requests to meet with government officials Syria to provide humanitarian assistance to the needy (Information Agency «Reuters»).

Representative UN noted that in view of the deteriorating situation frisky, growth needs in drinking water, food and medical care, the planned provision of humanitarian aid — the issue of prime importance.

An anonymous source in circles diplomatically conveyed the decision of the Syrian authorities to avoid B. Amos in the country took place despite Russian attempts to reach a representative visit the UN. According to the source, the government Syria not desire that the United Nations saw the real extent of the devastation in Homs and other towns of the country.

It became clear that in the evening on Wednesday the government troops took Homs — Syrian opposition stronghold. The capture of the town was preceded by heavy shelling. According to reports, during the shelling killed at least 100 people. At this point in Homs is "cleansing": the military to seek out buildings and basements militants, explosives and guns.

Recall that the confrontation between the Assad government and the armed opposition Syria comes from March 2011 to monitor the situation at the end of December last year was sent to Syria Arab League observer mission. Based on the results of its work on January 22 ministers of foreign affairs of the states — members of the Arab League agreed on a plan of peaceful settlement of the conflict. The plan foresaw, in-1's, the resignation of the president, in-2, held in Syria presidential and parliamentary elections. These proposals were rejected by the official Damascus. Then some Arab countries have said about the role of the termination of their representatives in the mission. The work of the League was suspended on January 28 due to the worsening situation in the Syria.

According to UN estimates, during clashes killed 5.4 million people., The main civilian face. The opposition estimates the death toll of 7.5 million people. Third grade — the official Damascus — gives information about the death of 2-thousand soldiers and police officers at the hands of the armed opposition.

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