The Syrian government is committed to peace but the Islamists have created yet another massacre

The Syrian government is committed to peace but the Islamists have created yet another massacreIt has become a tradition naizloveschey and sad. Like going to the Security Council or the General Assembly meeting of the United Nations, where the situation should open a discussion in Syria, or else any international meeting on the subject — so just be a bloodbath. The purpose of these actions — to denigrate management Syria, accusing him of "killing of civilians." But it's bad luck — such atrocities taking place in areas where at this moment there are militants.

So once again committed the same bloody sin, as previously in the village of Hula at Homs and in the village of At-Tromsø under Hama. Now — near Damascus, in the capital's suburb of Duma. The terrorists killed 25 people in cold blood.

Oct. 24 near a mosque, 25 bodies were found. They mutilated, the death was caused by stab wounds. In the middle of the victims — a woman and three children.
Some groups have rushed to incriminate the Syrian government, but here was found extremist group "Brigade of Islam" under the Allyusha Zahran, who took over this terrible sin.

These are the "team" is now equated to Islam! Not many of the bodies were found nowhere else but in the mosque. So by the same sin committed before the sacred to all self-respecting Muslims Happy holiday of Eid al-Akhdan (which in Russia is another name — Kurban Bayram).

The Ministry of disk imaging Syria has said that this is another massacre of innocent people once again confined to the UN Security Council meeting on the events in the SAR. This means that the terrorists who are creating such horrible atrocities act on the instructions of foreign interests. On the one hand, these foreign circles say they want peace of Syria, on the other — are arming these terrorists and ignore their brutal crimes.

The statement also stressed that countries that support terrorism in Syria, oppose all UN resolutions aimed at combating international terrorism.

At the same meeting, the UN Our homeland has proposed two draft statements. The first contained a condemnation of the terrorist attack on the area of Bab Touma in Damascus, as a result of which 13 people were killed and 10's were injured. In the 2nd indicate support initiatives UN special envoy on Syria Lakhdar al-Ibrahimi, which complete the proposed fire in Syria during the holy prazdnichka Eid al-Adha.

And so the first application project — the condemnation of the terrorist attack — was rejected. In previous times, when it was a terrorist attack in Aleppo that killed more than 30 man, RF with great difficulty managed to break through in the Security Council condemnation of this crime. Now, apparently, for the victims of the West are not very many to condemn the terrorist attack on the historic Bab Touma, a Christian neighborhood of Damascus.

What's all the same for the initiative of Al-Ibrahimi and the draft statement in support of it, the West had little to do, you take it — well, that of rejecting the project would be very stupid and outrageous.

The Syrian government has said it supports the initiative. October 25 has been issued a special Statement Army Command CAP that army suspends military operations. With all of this in the armed forces to protect the country and its people reserve the right to respond in the event that if the militants commit attacks on people are either sample penetration of armed men across the Syrian border.

And what about the militants? Some groups, however, have agreed to a cease-fire. But one of the biggest gangs — "Dzhebhat An-Nusra", is closely associated with "Al-Qaeda", has already said that to respect the cease-fire will not.

The fact that a single "Syrian opposition", which the West says does not exist. She does not have a single command, not to mention a single favorite. If anyone has agreed to a truce, it does not mean that it will be respected others.

And then, when it was already clear that the government agreed to a truce — in the evening on October 24 — a bomb in Damascus another terrorist attack. In the quarter Tadamun suicide bomber detonated a car bomb. 4 people were killed and 20 — were wounded. Here's to you, ladies and gentlemen, and Eid al-Adha!

And in the morning, followed by the province Damascus aired another nasty sin. He was killed by a Christian priest kidnapped earlier Fadi Haddad. October 18, he was kidnapped by terrorists in a time when he negotiated the release of hostages captured by bandits in the village of Jade Artusi.
It would seem that the last thing — to kill the people leading the negotiations. But the "opposition" is not stopped neither this nor the priest. He was kidnapped and later killed.

Support to peace initiatives by the government of Syria — on the one hand. The slaughter, explosions, murders committed by militants 'opposition' — on the other.

Who should support the public opinion?

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