The technology of hydraulic fracturing associated with cases of inflammation of drinking water

Causes debate the use of hydraulic fracturing (frac) in the extraction of natural gas the first time has been scientifically linked to flammable drinking water.

Four researchers from Duke University have found a higher content of combustible methane gas in drinking water wells in the immediate vicinity of the natural gas wells. Researchers also found that the type of gas detected by the water in large quantities is the same as the gas, the energy of which is recovered from deep wells, which may mean that the gas leaks through a natural or artificial fractures and cracks.

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In most of the water sample tested 68 wells showed methane, but close to gas wells the water samples was found 17 times more methane than wells are far away from the gas production.

Research came in response to a documentary GasLand, which focuses on the fact that some landowners light up the water coming out of the taps and hoses.

Source: Mixednews,


Map of America, which documented similar cases

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