The tragedy of the Titanic could be repeated

A huge array of ice Ward Hunt, who for three thousand years, has joined the Canadian territory of Nunavut (Ellesmere Island) with Greenland has broken up into many pieces, which were to drift in the Beaufort Sea. These icebergs can be a danger to passing ships — the tragedy of «Tikanika» despite the remoteness, remember everything. Stretch of sea where drift ice blocks, navigable enough — there are major ports in Greenland. The original shelf area is 388 square meters. kilometers.
Obviously, the glacier has broken up due to climate change. That’s just the question remains — whether it is a consequence of global warming or local. Apparently, the latter still — the most true. The fact that this 1967 Atlantic temperature rose, on average, 0.4 degrees for every 10 years. Moreover, as scientists believe, indirectly to the destruction of the glacier is relevant that disappeared from its surface freshwater lake with rare species of algae and plankton.

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