The Trap: What happened to the dream of freedom? (Movie 1)

Year: 2007
Genre: Documentary
Issued: United Kingdom, the Air Force
Directed by Adam Curtis

About the film: Oh, that's sweet word Freedom! Write it on your banner, and many people will follow you without even asking, what sense do you mean by that word. And he in fact may be different. There is a positive freedom — freedom for, freedom to do something. And there is a negative freedom, freedom from — from any outside diktat. Proponents of negative freedom argued that positive freedom certainly is a threat of tyranny, because there are always those who point to the other, how and what to do to suppress dissent. They believed that it is enough to release a person from any outside pressure, especially — from the state, introducing the community to the same rules that apply in the markets and exchanges, and then comes the general welfare. Our point of view, they have confirmed links to the apologist of individual freedom of Friedrich von Hayek, and the mathematical theory of John Nash. Under Reagan in the United States, Major and Brown in the UK, proponents of negative liberty began to implement their ideas in the management of society. However, instead of the promised celebration of individual freedom and prosperity was just the opposite. Why? The answer to this question is looking for in his film Adam Curtis.

Movie 1. Woe to you, man / Fuck You, Buddy. Friedrich von Hayek and his understanding of freedom. John Nash developed the theory of games, which then decided to apply for the management of society. The man presented her lonely selfish, thinking only about their own well-being, constantly ready to betray neighbor for his own benefit.

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