The truth about 9 Rota

The War in Afghanistan began to forget. Disappeared from the political map of the USSR, together with him gone, and Russian army, passed away many of the witnesses of those events. And only Afghanistan itself since that time almost not changed, there has been about 30 years does not stop shooting, only a limited military contingent of Russian army was replaced by a contingent of NATO. In Russia since the time came two Chechen campaigns, and more specifically to the topic of the 2-wars begin to address the Russian cinematography and writers can be forgotten about Afghanistan would all, except those specifically touched on that conflict, if not Fedor Bondurchuk shot movie — Company 9. As it often happens between cinema and reality may be very little in common.

The movie came out quite good at medium zabugornyh militants, not a masterpiece, and not frank failure, benign such motion picture on which went to the viewer, particularly sensitive people even cried. Bondarchuk's film fully support a certain ideology. For him, the Afghan war — Worthless and stupid, specifically it tries to bring us to the director in his own movie. That's why the whole company Marines killed in the last days of the war, under the pressure of brutal dushmans, forgotten by all and left. Survived in the end only one.

One can endlessly berate long Bondarchuk for his film, but specifically it — the director. His right to tell us his position in such a Makarov which it considers necessary, but position, not supported by the facts, it looks convincing.

The truth about 9 Rota

There is no correct or incorrect wars. Perhaps the last "right" war of this century can be called only Russian stateliness, when the victory of life is directly dependent on the many peoples of our country. In the coming all the wars pursued a much more mundane political or economic goals. Since the Afghan War was the last major war, which was held by the Soviet Union and the last "colonial war" in the world. It would be naive to think that it was stupid. Every war has its own specific purpose, the Soviet Union sought to secure its southern border, setting the control of the region, which has always been in someone's interests — England, pre-revolutionary Russia, and now the United States. And do not think that that war was bloody, and the management of our troops is not good. Management of troops was at a level as their general training. Over 9 years of war, the general loss of the army amounted to about 14,000 men killed and it is quite small for the large-scale conflict, held in the highlands.

In order to substitute movie under their ideology Bondarchuk distorted the history on which the movie is based and. In the movie fight scene with paratroopers dushmans to really has no case. Different times of the year (actually — winter, in the movie — Summer); different locations (in fact — the mountains, in the Film — desert); fight itself went NIGHT MODE, instead of days. And most importantly of loss (as a result of the battle killed six people from 39, in the movie is still alive and only one). And, of course, to achieve greater effect was modified year battle going on since 1988 for 1989, in which the withdrawal of troops and began.

In fact, the battle at the height of 3234 occurred as part of "Highway" (held from 23.11.1987 on 10.01.1988), the main aim of which was the blockade of the town Khost, on the ground that Mujahedin were going to establish an Islamic government. It was the largest combined arms operations on the territory of Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. Province had to release because of the inability of the Afghan government to strengthen its grip on the ground. Handing District Host control of Afghan forces within six months the whole area, not including the host itself in the hands of dushmans. It should be noted that the roads in Afghanistan, a little, because they are of fundamental importance. Along pave their electricity and piping on them carry food, fuel, equipment. Specifically along such roads Gardez-Khost and turned the main acts operations "Highway". A joint operation of Russian and Afghan army has completed successfully. Already on December 30th on the road, which cleared from mines and roadside bombs, car went to food. Part of the 40th Army seized more than 100 stores guns, 4 tanks and armored personnel carriers 9. Operation dushmans for rejection neighborhood of Khost in Afghanistan has been broken.

The truth about 9 Rota

Fight 9 th company with units of Mujahedin occurred Jan. 7, 1988. Height of 3234 was a good position, which was near Gardez-Khost highway. Village with her great browsing on 10s km, because it was perfect platform for observation and adjust artillery fire. Specifically, at the top of the height and entrenched 9th squadron 345th Parachute Regiment.

The battle began at 16:30 and lasted until 4:00 am the subsequent day or. Initially, the company's positions came under fire from grenade launchers and recoilless guns. Because of the remoteness of the support company of positions was provided by an artillery and aircraft, but because of the proper use of terrain Ä still managed to get close to the positions of the paratroopers.

First attack took place at dushmans gun nest with a heavy machine gun NSV-12, 7 "The Rock" Art. Sergeant Alexandrov. While under heavy enemy fire, Alexandrov acted calmly and firmly, its experienced actions, he was able to cover the withdrawal of his comrades at a different position. He shot up to the time that a gun is not jammed, after which he continued to fight, having admitted the enemy closer and successfully threw five grenades, he just died of a grenade. For this fight, he received the title of Hero of the Russian Union posthumously.

The truth about 9 Rota

Then the action developed on the rise: Adventure, The advantage of owning a ten-fold in number, were able to carry out 12 attacks from different directions, one of the attacks ran into a minefield. Soon gunner killed Andrew Plant, the remaining third gunner Andrey Melnikov constantly changed his position, running from the 1st turn to the other, kept to the end (awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union posthumously). At some sites dushmans defense managed to step up to the company's positions on the 50 meters at some points only 10 meters. These criteria particularly distinguished artillery spotter Art. Lieutenant Ivan Babenko, which almost caused a fire on himself. The dispersal of shells at that distance was the same 50 meters. Almost all thanks to him, Ä and did not take heights. The fighting subsided until 4:00 am, and all that time on the heads of the advancing Russian artillery shells were strewed. In the most critical moment of the battle came to the aid of razvedvzvod that rally joined the battle and just decided it in favor of paratroopers. By the time reinforcements arrived in the ranks had 5 people from the company, 6 people were killed and 2
8 were injured to varying degrees of severity. During this battle all the paratroopers company were awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Combat Red Banner.

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