The truth about the death of riot police from Sergiev Posad in Chechnya

In 2000, to be exact on March 2, in Chechnya, there was another disaster: a column of riot police from Sergiev Posad at the entrance to the rigors of the attack was made, resulting in the deaths of 22 employees of riot police, and another 31 were injured.

In April 2000, took special meeting Security Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the analysis of the circumstances of the catastrophe. This meeting was preceded by a devastating article in the "newest newspaper," where Vyacheslav Izmailov, who is a military columnist edition, argued that the death of Russian riot police guilty by his own soldiers. This is the article and was the reason for the committee meeting, inviting the responsible bureaucrats from such agencies as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Internal Troops Main Military Prosecutor's Office.

The truth about the death of riot police from Sergiev Posad in Chechnya
Sergiev Posad OMON

From the day or the catastrophe was almost 12 years in which people close to fighter managed to sob out all the tears and nasporitsya on this topic. Since then, many things happened, because we live in a time when what should not get used to, suddenly become common. And that should not be forgotten, just forgotten, as an event of the distant past life.

Now the hunt to tell the truth about the events of how senior municipal bureaucrats could not hide the truth from the Russian society, about how they're brazenly lied to the deputies of the State Duma and all members of the Security Committee.

Do not be surprised to run these thoughts, because now for the first time we present selected passages from transcripts of meetings a year ago, in order to give for you to realize how to distortions of the truth was that process.

So, come back to the year before and we get to 06.04.2000, at the special meeting, which leads AI Gurov, Chairman of the Security Committee.

To give an understanding of what was happening part of the transcript from the meeting. The first to present a report Mikhailov, Major-General, who is a senior consultant of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs:
"So, the essence of the events around this. At 10:00 03.02.2000, at 11 cars column Metropolitan riot police moved into the area in the locality Podgornoe Staropromyslovskiy District severe. At the time when the first machine "Ural" was 130 meters from the turn of the base riot Podolsky ATC clear shot from a sniper rifle was murdered by her chauffeur. The machine, having lost control, veered sharply to the left and after driving a certain distance, braked, crashing into a concrete pillars industrial zone, eventually falling pillars were seriously injured two police officers of fire cover.

For the first single shot from the houses of the village Podgornoe opened fire from a machine gun, followed by a descent from the industrial area were made 2 shot from a grenade launcher …

…In other words, on the motorcade of sniper rifles and automatic weapons with about 8 points was a massive open fire. These points were: the home of Mullah Nos. 53 and 63, the tank, which was behind the gardens and two points that were behind the fences of kitchen gardens, as the elevator, who was facing the left rear. Cover group Staropromyslovskiy department in the direction of the attackers opened fire back a massive …

…At 10:15 came to the battle, Major General Manyuta, which at the time ran the grouping of the Interior Troops in severity. Gen. with his own band on the run came to fight …

…What can be said about the results of the official investigation on the article? Mean that a fire was conducted because of the fence our units. It happened Tipo because they have taken this column for a column of militants. But this time simply refuted by the fact that reliably established places where the shooting was carried out, where they found the sleeves and abandoned ordnance, including those from and grenade launchers.

Further. The arrival of the convoy leaders knew Temporary Department of Internal Affairs, next to which it happened this fight, because it was impossible to make a mistake. In addition, measures were taken to enhance the safety of the route, which also excludes the possibility of error. In addition to the rest of the convoy had sharp features, which qualified her as belonging to the federal forces. "

All that said police general Mikhailov deputies was a lie about what he knew. Apart from him knew the truth and the other speaker, Maxine, first deputy commander in chief of internal troops, which confirmed what police general, adding that as a result of the operation were arrested about 60 people on suspicion of involvement in gangs.

Further to the meeting came contend between Mikhailov and a member of the safety committee, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Kulikov, as a result of which it became clear that:
• Upon the death of 20 fighter military prosecution was conducted only official validation of command actions in this situation, not an investigation as required by law.
• The audits are conducted by representatives from the military prosecutor's office, not from the ministry.
• There have been violated during the passage of the column to the point of dislocation and change specific group.

In the end, the military prosecutor's office without the help of others decided not to institute criminal proceedings against the officials.
Next in the process of the meeting was read by order of the Minister, in which one of the guilty parties, Deputy. Chief of police of the Capital Region, responsible at the time for the passage of a column of riot police, it was announced just a warning only partial approval of his office. A similar "punishment" threatened him typical decline — he was appointed head of the Moscow Region traffic police! That's it!

This coming at a meeting of the Deputies, members of the committee Mikhailov, to clarify the facts of the incident and the measures taken to prevent further such, questions were asked, in response to which, the general continued with the same zeal to convince everyone in the correct assessment of the military prosecutor's office of the incident.

Participants of the meeting was drawn to the attention of all those present that an article in the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", which caused public profile, top management MIA actually did not respond.

From the mouth of Mikhailov also was information, that there are some Tipo detained militants who participated in the attack on riot police.

In the course of the meeting some members of the committee questioned the competence of the creator of the article in "Novaya Gazeta" — Major Izmailov, who, allegedly not understanding, gave the public, tense, and so to the maximum, "hot" stuff. Their conclusion was awful — not the article title is ethical, and he invented!
The finish line summed Kulikov S. which pointed out, as the management of Ministry of Internal Affairs surface refers to those facts. He sent a note that the same management is not an analysis of what happened in order to prevent future similar to the punishment for the guilty parties.

A year after meeting after re-reading the transcripts and understanding of what happened, it is clear t
hat everyone present defendants by the military authorities openly lied. Those who came to the meeting, were well aware the whole truth, but they continued to lie, but, as happens in life, that all lurking ever become apparent. So fortunately happened in this time.

Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation GNSeleznev March 2 received from the Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov official response that the information to which attention was drawn in the program "Moment of Truth" television channel "TVC" from 18.02.2000 year, "alleged death" in Chechnya riot that killed 22 officers riot painstakingly tested prosecutors.

In response to the information included a formal investigation that year 1.03.2000 control Staropromyslovskiy time ATS was received timely information about the likely arrival in severe convoys unknown armed men who were to be dressed in a police uniform and have a certificate "gantamirovtsev."

According to the order management VOVD for neutralization of unknown armed men workers and military commander Staropromyslovskiy police department settled near the checkpoint number 53 in the yards of homes in the village Podgornoe Fri.

03.02.2000 year column machines ("ZIL", "GAS", "Ural" and bus "Ruslan") Riot Police in the town of Sergiev Posad approaching Podgorny was shelled checkpoint near the number 53.

Workers patrol Staropromyslovskiy District Department of Internal Affairs, the Crucible, Dakaev AN, MS Umarov and Asakaev BU, who were at the shooting range, opened fire on the lead vehicle of the column, since that is not braked near the checkpoint number 53.

The personnel of the riot police Sergiev Posad, who was in the convoy, opened fire in response, after which the column was opened fire with a base area of Podolsky riot police, which is located next to the checkpoint number 53.

In the end the battle were killed 22 employees Sergievposadskogo Riot, and another 31 people and wounded.

On the fact of what happened against the responsible persons have been used following penalties:
• Fadeevu BV, major-general of militia, charged under Art. 293, part 2 of the Criminal Code: negligence, not the full implementation of the obligations of officials, resulting in serious consequences. Major-General, as chief of the Metropolitan Police area, not escorted by helicopters and armored columns, without agreeing with all this movement of the column with the Joint Staff of the Joint Force in Chechnya, while for all this to Mozdok.

• Levchenko, ML, colonel of militia, charged under Art. 293, part 2 of the Criminal Code: negligence, failure to comply with its own service obligations, which led to the death of people. At the time of the incident he was the manager of the Management Group of the Joint Group of Forces in Chechnya from the Russian Interior Ministry. In addition, he was the person responsible for the asset management company and the forces of the Interior Ministry to ensure the safety of personnel.

• Tikhonov, I.,. police major, was also charged under Art. 293, part 2 of the Criminal Code: negligence. Mayor, being in the position of acting commander Podolsky riot police failed to organize the service personnel, based on the checkpoint number 53, which was reflected in the smooth and non-hazardous passage in his area of responsibility of Transport of the federal forces.

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