The Tu-214ON made its first flight

The Tu-214ON (Open Sky) on Wednesday made its first flight, said the Kazan Aircraft Production Association. Gorbunov (CAPO).

Tu-214ON designed for inspection flights within the Open Skies Treaty. The aircraft is equipped for aerial devices and allows air to get acquainted with the military infrastructure of other countries and to track changes in order to maintain peace.

The first test flight pilots made Zhukovsky flight test and development base station JSC "Tupolev". The liner was in the air 1:00 22 minutes.

Production of the Tu-214ON conducted by CAPO on order of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega. "This modification of aircraft design bureau has developed" Tupolev ".

Liner to go on CAPO flight development and certification tests, and tests of complex airborne air surveillance. After the aircraft will be placed on the state tests.

Transfer of the aircraft to the customer is scheduled for the end of 2011

In addition, the CAPO is build another aircraft Tu-214ON to fully meet the needs of the state in the framework of the contract "Open Skies."

The Open Skies Treaty was adopted on 24 March 1992. in Helsinki and twenty-seven states — participants of the OSCE. In Russia, the treaty was ratified in May 2001. Currently, the countries — participants of the contract 34. The Tu-liners 214ON replace the Tu-154 and An-30, which are now carried out inspection flights.

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