The U.S. Army does not get rid of the super-secret weapon

Experimental ship Sea Shadow («Sea Shadow") — a vessel weighing 563 tons with a length of 50 meters and width of 21 meters — was designed by "Lockheed Martin" during the "Cold War" and cost the Pentagon $ 190 million. He became the first in a family of stealth warships.

Technology "stealth" provides for giving the object a geometric shape that would facilitate the maximum dissipation of radar waves. In addition, from the radar "invisible" to protect special materials. Compared to conventional ships the distance at which you can find in less than three times, which gives a strategic advantage in combat.

In 1985, the ship was launched and until 1993 was kept secret. Thus, despite the large sum spent on its development, Sea Shadow has not been put into operation and used to "break-in" of new technologies.

He was famous for using the same ship in 1990 for the film of 007 "Tomorrow Never Dies» (Tomorrow Never Dies), released in 1997 — was used in the film is almost an exact copy of the Sea Shadow. According to the plot of the movie The Invisible ship owned by international media magnate Elliot Carver, and being in the territorial waters of China, has been used to provoke an armed conflict between China and Britain.

After starring in another application pilot the ship is not found, and the ship was decommissioned. In 2009, the U.S. Navy, Sea Shadow was trying to turn into a museum piece, but apparently none of the naval museum has not expressed willingness to take such a unique exhibit for the maintenance. But now all is not lost — Navy Command spokesman Chris Johnson said that at the last moment the buyer can still be found.

Now a unique vehicle for sale on eBay. Under the terms of the auction bid the buyer agrees to "fully utilize» Sea Shadow, «to be scrapped in the United States." "By disposing of the property is understood grinding to a stage where it would be of value only as a raw material" — to be confirmed on the website.

The auction is held on the internet site of GS Auctions, which shows a decommissioned military equipment and will last until May 4. Currently the rate is 100,420 dollars.

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