The used equipment on the Moon revived humanoids?

How to find a competent circles NASA (about atom repeatedly reported the U.S. media), «all the flights of American spacecraft controlled from afar and near the aliens (or their auto ship.) However, land bases ordered the astronauts to store this information in secret.» According to unofficial data, a similar pattern was observed and the former Soviet Union, where virtually every spacecraft launch from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kapustin Yar is not controlled by an identified flying objects. Most of the famous UFO photographs were taken from the surface of the Earth. However, there are a number of images of «alien spaceships * obtained by photographing orbiting the Earth. Such, for example, a unique snapshot of a UFO over Venezuela, made February 12, 1966. Evidence suggests that the meetings with UFO in near space began from the very first flight man in near-Earth space. went into space after Yuri Gagarin, American astronaut John Glenn was apparently the first person who saw the UFO through the window of a spacecraft. Poe. his description, it was a glowing sphere that followed his capsule in orbit. {Subsequently, they faced and other astronauts, among whom these mysterious satellite space stations and ships established itself the nickname of «fireflies John Glenn.») ‘astronaut Walter Schirra, making for years orbiting the Earth on the ship’ Merkuriy8 ‘informed base in Houston by the phenomenon of next to him an unidentified object. UFOs orbiting satellite photographed the first James McDivitt June 4, 1965, when the ship «Gemini 4» flew over the Himalayas. were next Franc Borman and James Lovell, who from the board of «Gemini-8» December 4, 1965 two years have seen a UFO flying at a distance of 800 meters from them, and made high-quality images of these vehicles that looked «like glowing mushrooms.» In 1966, James Maxwell Lo and Edwin Aldrin, being on the «Dzhemini12» just photographed two UFOs , stationed them at a distance of about a kilo meter. Frank Borman and James Lovell to «Apollona8» December 24, 1968 and Thomas Stafford and Gene Yaigom («Apollo 9») 22 March 1969 repeatedly photographed a UFO that accompanied them during the flight to the moon and back. July 20, 1969 during the first landing on the moon when the lunar module undocked from the orbital module «Apollo na11 * and went on to decline to the descent capsule at a distance of about 50 feet approached by two unidentified object that looked at According to the astronauts, «a blinding snow balls.» Shopping around the module, they were accompanied his way to the surface of the moon. Was in the descent module Edvyn astronaut Aldrin was filming this phenomenon through the window 16 millimeter movie camera, and Michael Collins on board the orbital unit was shooting a film where you can see both the object slowly circling around walking on the lunar landing module. After landing on the moon and out onto the lunar surface Neil Armstrong re given in Houston: «I see not how many craters with a diameter of 6 to 15 meters, and more tracks, similar to the ones that leave the tank tracks or all-terrain vehicles. Millions of people in the world who viewed this Lunar report on TV live, never nezabudut Armstrong’s voice shouting through the whistling and screeching from the surface of the moon, «I do not know what it is! Some moving objects on the other side of the crater are watching us! .. Other ships flying program «Apollo * also took place under the close supervision of someone. Then some drives, move at a speed of 11,000 kilometers per hour, which was recorded on-board devices, approaching the ship (in those moments ceased to operate all equipment); then on «Apollonom10» zipped unknown «white object», then a glowing spherical UFO escorted «Apollon12» on its way to the moon … Fortunately, UFO maneuvers in near space is not repaired the damage in manned spacecraft earthlings and crews successfully completed their part of the lunar program. Trouble began in 1970, when on board the persecuted strange objects «Apollona13» oxygen tank exploded, and the astronauts who were supposed to deliver to the moon nuclear explosive device at shlos for emergency pro gram to return to their home planet, refusing to drop on the satellite. crew following the ship, «Apollo by 14», Shepard and Mitchell, returning to Earth, he immediately filed a petition for a rate of not explaining the reasons for this action and not telling anyone what they saw when wandering around on the slopes of lunar craters However … on the film, then shot them, seen a few ^) unidentified objects round, egg-shaped (in many ancient myths say about the appearance of the ancestors of people from the «celestial eggs» and a cylindrical shape, and the apparatus of irregular shape, hovering above the crater .. . these pictures were published in the mice received * fame book by American scientist Fred Steklinga «We found the alien base on the Moon,» written on the materials analysis of photographs of the moon, NASA received within about lunar program. Professor F. Stekling states: «Since the discovery of German astronomer, Professor of the University of Munich, F.P.Gruytuyzenom 12 July 1822 …. «city», like a «piece of spider’s web», close to the crater Schroeter, and to terminate the program «Apollo * You cages with six American astronauts to the moon, its surface is constantly observed objects clearly artificial … A unique snapshot of the disc-shaped device on the edge of the crater De card was taken in April 1972 during an expedition «Apollona16.» In the foreground photo «lunar truck» and astronaut Gene Young. still remains with the nasty «spontaneous» activation ALPEKa (astronomical lunar surface experimental complex) left on the surface of the moon by U.S. astronauts. ALPEK includes devices to record the magnetic field, sublunary shocks, cosmic rays, etc. The batteries were calculated for one year, but the device continues to transmit information much further this time. Jan. 18, 1976 ALPEK suddenly fell silent, and the world is already on its chayalis «spice up», but after some time again … he has earned, and the quality of the transferred dachas was higher … Earned and some of the devices that fail a year or more ago … Such cases with left tion scientific instruments on the moon are not unique. Similar events with sudden stops and the subsequent resumption of radio were also with artificial earth satellites operating in automatic mode. On a constant presence and periodic intervention in the affairs of the Earth «unknown reasonable force» (as defined by Tsiolkovsky) Many facts of our long as well as short stories.

Valery Kratochvíle. Hawthorn
«Interesting Newspaper»

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