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Police did not give in to the capital of Belarus "Slavic gay parade"

Culture Wars has become global. And there are differences not only between countries but also within them.

"Homosexuality was suddenly outlawed — lamented Jay Leno (Jay Leno). — I mean, it looks like Germany. Let's grab the Jews. Let's grab homosexuals. … I mean, that's how it all starts. "

Leno was talking about Putin's Russia. Obama readily agreed with him. "I am impatient to countries that treat gays and lesbians so … it scares them and causing them harm. Most of all … I have offended some laws against gays and lesbians, adopted in Russia. "

Leno and Obama had in mind the new Russian law, which prohibits "propaganda of homosexuality". Moscow also warns foreigners, including guests of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, that the statements of the gay rights can threaten them with a two-week imprisonment. And no demonstrative kissing in public in protest.

"Middle Ages — howled Washington Post. — War of Putin with gays and lesbians — is an integral part of his descent into xenophobia, religious chauvinism and general intolerance. "

On Monday, the New York Times front-page article titled posted "Gay men in Russia are vulnerable, despite the support of the West", accompanied by a picture of her ill-treatment of protesters.

Our moral and cultural elite notified Putin: Come with us to keep up on the rights of homosexuals — otherwise we boycott your Olympic Games in Sochi.

All this shows the great distance traveled by America culturally and morally in a few short years, and our forgetfulness about who we are as Americans once were, and what we believe.

Only yesterday, homosexual sodomy, which Thomas Jefferson demanded treated as rape, has been outlawed in many states, and same-sex marriages were considered absurd.

Is the America in which we grew up like Nazi Germany?

In the Catholic school, where he studied yours truly, for pornography, not to mention the promotion of homosexuality, you would definitely excluded.

Really it was like Kristallnacht (pogroms against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria in 1938 — approx. Trans.)?

As he wrote in 2005 in the pages of Crisis priest Regis Scanlon (Regis Scanlon), Pope Benedict XVI reiterated the position of the Catholic doctrine that homosexuality — is "a strong tendency toward the inner moral evil" and an "objective disorder." The fact that homosexual acts are unnatural and immoral, is part of Catholic teaching.

Therefore, if we want to build a good society according to traditional Catholic and Christian standards, then why in the promotion of homosexuality can not be treated in the same way as for the promotion of racism or anti-Semitism?

We are not able to agree on what is good and what is evil.

When dad Francis said, "Who am I to judge?", He meant that people can not control their sexual orientation, which is given to him at birth or in early infancy. Therefore, we must not condemn homosexuals, and take in the community.

As for propaganda and acts of homosexuality, it is quite another matter. The question arises: what are the views on it in those Protestants who openly support the Republican Party in matters of promotion of homosexuality? Do they agree with the Washington Post? Or do they agree with Putin?

When Francois Hollande, Socialist regime enacted a law approving same-sex marriage, a million Frenchmen came to Paris for a protest march. On whose side America — Hollande or these protesters?

When the ultra-Orthodox haredi Jerusalem condemn the annual gay pride parade in the Holy City, whose side America?

Washington Post laments about the "young women of the persecuted rock band Pussy Riot», who worked together become filthy half-naked at the altar of the holy temple in Moscow.

And if these women have painted swastikas on the walls of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, Washington Post showed to them the same compassion?

Putin suggested that these ladies organize a similar performance in Mecca.

During our recent wars in the Middle East, America fought for secular democracy. However, as a result of this struggle most affected Christians. There have been murders of priests were burning churches, was terror. It was across-the flight of the Christian population.

As the portal LifeSiteNews, Putin during a meeting with Orthodox leaders called on the world to unite and stop this brutal persecution: "With anxiety and pain, I note that in many regions of the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, are multiplying sectarian tensions, violated the rights of religious minorities, including Christians, including the Orthodox. I think this is an urgent problem to be the subject of attention of the international community "

Calling on America and the West together with Russia to come to the rescue of the Syrian Christians, Patriarch Kirill said that their expulsion from Syria would be a disaster for the whole of civilization.

Obama once served as clearly and forcefully for international action to save the Christians? New York Times at least once expressed even the smallest shred of concern about the persecution of Christians, which she expresses every day due to the persecution of homosexuals?

What is referring to Washington Post, when he speaks of "religious chauvinism?" Putin is trying to revive the Orthodox Church as a moral guide of the nation, than it was for thousands of years, while Russia has not become a prisoner of atheistic and pagan ideology of Marxism.

"The adoption of Christianity — said Putin — was the decisive turning point in the history of the Church and the state, helped Russia to take its rightful place in world civilization, making it an integral part of the Christian civilization and helped turn it into one of the world's major powers."

Has anyone read something like this in the pages of Washington Post, New York Times, or heard from the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama?

Patrick Buchanan — author of the book «Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?" (Suicide of a superpower. Whether America will survive to 2025?).

Original publication: Culture War Goes Global

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