Their mission — Earth

…I sat in the car, looking in the direction of the radiator sunrise, and suddenly saw the crest of the hill because of the rising red-orange clot. At first I even thought it was a fire. And only when the dome came, I realized what it was. The heart was ready to jump out of my chest. Later I could see this huge disc hovering over the hill.
I was trembling with excitement and to shoot better, put his hands on the steering wheel and took a picture of the object when it rose above the vegetation, highlighting its steady orange …

According to the frequency of references to the «flying saucer» has already become the subject of statistics. But people have long developed an antidote to skepticism in relation to reports of phenomena of this kind: as long as the pilots «small plates» will not give interviews on television and did not present the evidence legally irreproachable their extraterrestrial origin — as long as no new evidence is not swayed by self-preserving armor of skepticism …
…as long as someone did not see the miracle.

But the miracle is not to everyone — and what a strange logic of these aliens? Well, the more curious evidence of those to whom it happened. Let them not very cohesive, even artless, fantastic — but they are still interesting. Especially, if they are confirmed by photographs. And even more so when the genuineness of these pictures is confirmed by special services and organizations such as NASA …
Mexican Carlos Diaz miracle happened to not only see, but also to photograph. And not just shoot …

When I was seven years old, I saw my first UFO. The very first photo of this object I made in October 1979.
We lived in Coyoacan, Mexico City. The object appeared three days in a row at one and the same time. On the fourth day I prepared: got up in advance, took the tripod and camera. As I was happy when it was born, how to order!
The next meeting was in June 1989 on a hill Ahusko south of Mexico City. I worked as a photographer, and one magazine gave me the task to remove a beautiful sunrise. The camera was in my hands, when there was a UFO.
From the file:
According to U.S. researchers of the UFO problem, flying aliens watched about 5% of earthlings, ie, more than 100 million people. In the archives of Professor Hynek has more than 100 thousand descriptions of UFO sightings. At the trial in Washington, DC American ufologists found that only the CIA possessed no less than 10 million pages of documents on the issue.
He emerged from behind the hill like a helicopter.
When the UFO appeared above me, the whole machine trembled. Motor her working at the time, and the lights were burning, because I was afraid to sit alone in a car in the desert area. But suddenly the lights were brighter for a moment, and then went out. Motor also stalled.
The object was still visible, but take it out of the car I could not. And then I went outside and took another 15 shots.
From the file:
The size and shape of the UFO can be very diverse. According to French reports, the spheroids represent 30% of all unidentified objects, disks -16%, cylinders — 14%, in the form of eggs -14%, a variety of triangles, cubes, «comet», «mushrooms», «dumbbell», «bullet» «crosses» — 14%, dot — 9%, domed -3%. The quantity of objects varies from a few centimeters to tens of kilometers, mainly — 2 — 3 70 — 700 meters (normally figure numbers 5-10 m).
Identify similar objects (to distinguish from netehnogennyh types, ie from mirages, halos, air lenses, chemiluminescence, etc.) from a distance is difficult: both those, and others often look like «small plates» with blurred outlines.

I have a strange feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, once in the laboratory, I asked the owner to let me attend my slides for film development. After reviewing them, I realized that I was a victim of hallucinations. What I experienced was real! And the proof was in my hands. And analyzes conducted later by NASA, eliminate the possibility of tampering.
In the following weeks I repeatedly returned to the place in the hope that the object appears again, but he appeared in just two months. And that’s when there was my first contact.
I went up the hill along the highway to Ahusko south of Mexico City. Increased cloudiness, I lit the lights, although there were only about six in the evening. It began to rain. When I climbed the hill, pouring in torrents. But the hill was visible all the plateau, which is our gigantic city. ‘ And again, I discerned among the firs this strange yellowish glow.
I went through the fog and undergrowth straight to the light. I had to get in between the rocks, rain lashing the rocks, and I walked and walked to that light, hovering over the line. My God, it was real, this object consisting of a light! I raised my eyes and at that moment felt like someone for my shoulders. Then he lost consciousness.

When I came to myself again, it was at the same place. It was completely dark. In the darkness, I almost got to touch the car. Turned on the light and then found near another car.
From it came a young man about my age, the twenty-three, and an unusual quiet voice spoke: «Tomorrow morning we’ll meet again at the fork in the road. Then you will know what happened to you.» All I was able to squeeze out a «Thank you» …

And then something happened that turned the rest of my life.

We met up with a stranger, and he told me about things that I still can not make available to the public completely. But since the day I started my friendship with these extraordinary beings. And this friendship has lasted for nearly seventeen years.
Before contact me feel kind of tingling in the solar plexus … You know how it is when deeply in love with someone. And this feeling is often wakes me up at night. And then I find out that the meeting. Sometimes they are in human form, sometimes — like glowing substance.

When they are like people, they are almost indistinguishable from us, only the skin is more delicate — like a baby. They said that in ancient times as programmed their genetic development, which is now virtually no different from the people — it’s easier to live freely with us.
They are very long lived among us. That young man, with whom I met, is the head of the kindergarten. Children for them — sacred.
But, even though they live among us, they think, of course, is not like us. They are trying to establish contacts with the normal, reasonable thinking people with a stable psyche. Paper statements, they do not care about politics.
One day, while walking with one of them on the paths Tepotslana, I asked how they came to us. He smiled, then put his hand on my shoulder and said, «Carlos, how it can make a difference? Main thing is that we are here. I can give you any star, constellation, nebula, but why?»
I liked that answer.

From the file:
Many of those who spoke about the contacts with UFOs, often cited in support of his own words on the statements of representatives encountered civilization. Recently, however, it became clear that the information reported by the aliens are often deliberately false. Some analysts argue that tells us information contained misinformation sometimes up to 90 percent.

Just as we discover new secrets of the universe, as well as thousands of years ago they came upon us. Began to monitor the evolution of life on Earth. They said they did not expect such a rapid evolution of man on earth. Everything was as it would run.
And now «running» we’re going to the environmental crisis. But they promise that will not let us perish. Errors can still be corrected.
I am often asked whether I am with them flying on their aircraft. Yes, commit, and a lot of times.
And what their spaceship? It’s a ship of light. When the subject is standing in front of me, I could
hand to go through it «trim.» He pulled his hand back, I did not notice any changes in it. Came back and all around glowed yellow. This light I have now in the eyes.

There, they had a ship, I have nothing but light, not seen, although it felt like they were there. It was so light that at first I was trying to cover his eyes with his hands, but again — nothing but a yellow light. Moreover, my own hand once passed through the head, which has ceased to be a matter in our sense of the word!
What is the main thing I took away from these my contacts? Knowing the love that they have all manifestations of life on Earth. And it struck me the most.

Magazine «Unknown Planet»: Their mission — Earth

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