There was a coronal mass ejection toward Earth

There was a coronal mass ejection toward Earth Facts

As a result of the long flash intensity M3, 2 in 1402 there was a sunspot coronal mass ejection toward Earth. Outbreak consisted of two waves, and at the second rate was higher, allowing it to surpass the first. The basic amount of the plasma will be directed to the north.

Confirmation that the coronal mass ejection directed toward Earth, came from analysts Goddard Space Weather Lab. There was also a warning about the strong geomagnetic storms from 21 to 22 January 2012. Also on 21 January at 22.30 (UTC) aurora lovers can enjoy the spectacular views.

Data for January 19, 2012:

  • the solar wind speed 351.2 km / h;
  • intensity of solar flares M3;
  • radio flux density of 10.7 cm;
  • geomagnetic activity Kp = 1;
  • interplanetary magnetic field Bz = 0,6 nT south, Btotal = 3,7 nT.

In the near future expected further activity in the region of sunspots 1401 and 1402, located in the center of the solar disk. Will be observed further failures of communication systems level R1. Sunspot 1402 has energy enough to produce solar flares intensity classes M and X with a probability of 52% and 41% respectively.

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