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Unlike other oldtimers, attracting only metal objects, from Kiev Lidia Jankowska able to "stick" to his marble, plastic, glass and wood.

At a meeting with Lydia Jankowski I was going to seriously. Took from her husband discouraged iron "Tefal", which he intended to iron a shirt. I thought — and took off in the hallway zerkaloѕ Weight three pounds, is no joke!

We met in the Ukrainian edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Lydia was a pretty brown-eyed special without a hint of the demonic. But she has the gift to hold the weight of subjects — from spoons, forks, that and stick to your hands, to the marble slabs.



Heavy mirror stuck

the palm, like a sheet of iron —

a magnet. And hanging in the air!


Scientists unraveling phenomenon Jankowski, the darkness of the hypotheses put forward. It does not recognize them and gives one explanation: it is the energy that is concentrated in the body — the Chinese call it "chi", the Indians — "prana" …

Drafting people reacted to our cooking skeptical: "A computer will be able to pull?" Some immediately tried himself as a "magnet". They tried to squeeze myself that line, then a pack of cigarettes … Held. A couple of seconds. And what if the hands were vlazhnyeѕ

For the purity of the experiment Lydia washed her hands, wiped them dry with a towel editorial. To warm up, asked for my "patronchikah" lipstick and put the palm. A plastic cylinder of "frozen" as taped!

And you can — Lipstick has rolled, but I never thought to fall.


A similar fate befell a pencil, children's blocks and a bottle of yogurt. The book is in the upright position also stuck to the palm of your hand. (Glue or subtle tricks Clip for missing, we watched the press photographer!)

Come on weighting. Carved glass dish (1 kg 50 grams, personally checking on household weights) hung on his hands, like a flying saucer TURNED edge. It is as if the very pink fingers seized upon Lydia! ..

Next take up iron. He was stripped, not smooth "sole". Lydia previously had to deal only with smooth Soviet irons. But on the second try and "tefalevets" surrendered — stuck to the hand!

Jankowska little rested, drank mineral water and began to mirror. Just in case I moved cautiously: a sudden drop it — so I head?

Lydia picked up the mirror above her head on his outstretched hands that trembled slightly, and smiled at her reflection.

Mirror plane behaved obediently — like a sheet of iron with respect to the magnet. Lydia twirling his hands with a mirror — as she wanted!

Keep the "primagnichennym" Lydia could only the weight that can raise the "usual way."

For example, a bag of groceries on ten pounds I carry, hence, to the palm of ten pounds can pull.

And in the store so often the case: come to the box office, and fines from the hand does not want to be separated.

Used to have, I shake quickly.

By education Lidia Jankowska — philologist, taught at the vocational school. The children were delighted by the teacher: Even the director of the grade book does not stick to your hands, and Lydia V. — easily! True, she thought she could read, this is not zabaluesh.

Lydia found a magnetism twelve years ago, after the stress — the death of her grandmother. Not only magnetism. In her family what is now known as clairvoyance, was available to the generations to come. But it did not want to advertise: dear people, engineers, and on you — that aura observed, the events predicted. However, the war foresight has saved elders in the family — the indigenous people of Kiev: several times left the house and soon after, a bomb fell, and neighbors were taken away.

By the way, my mother Lydia Louise V. subjects can not draw. But from a distance, without the phone can communicate with her daughter — feel "hear" each other. That's what everyday convenience!

Olga Musafirova. Sob.kor. "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

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