To South America has fallen snow

July 26, 2013. Natural anomaly observed in the Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Snow in those countries did not drop more than 20 years, reports "Uralinformbjuro."

The air temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees, while the norm at this time of year is a plus 3. Cold wave, which covered South America, came from Antarctica.

Approximately 11,000 homeless people in Sao Paulo were urgently evacuated to temporary shelters. Total in Brazil from the cold killed nine people in Argentina — six of them, write federal media.

In Brazil, closed several roads, including federal. Doctors have recorded growth of colds, because in Brazilian homes have no central heating system.

According to weather forecasts, snowy weather in South America will last at least another week.

Source: Uralinformbjuro

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