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U.S. will not stop breaking records in the field of tolerance and political correctness. In California schools will soon begin to study the heroic milestones gay stories, and in the New York area schools, meanwhile, edit out the words and phrases that may seem to some as offensive. For example, "dinosaur", "birthday", "poverty" and "unemployment".

War politically incorrect words announced the Ministry of Education of New York. Experts departments intend to blank out of school tests expressions that may offend students. At the moment, compiled a list of 50 words.

The list is not that strange — rather, it gives the impression of something in the ministry are working very mistrustful people, either in the New York schools are learning hypersensitive children.

"The Department of Education sent out a list of banned words compilers tests, which at various times during the year are held in the elementary grades to assess progress students. Political correctness has become an obsession civilization, based on the incredible mixture of peoples and cultures. It was in the U.S. in the 70s, when there was a struggle for civil rights, and was born the term "politically correct." Since then, the war between the right and left swept the world. But why now the children have to pay for the linguistic problems of adults? "

Thus, the list of forbidden horrible word "dinosaur." It is, as the authors of the list may offend adherents of the theory of creationism, that is the divine creation of the world. In addition to the dinosaur, the religious feelings of the children can touch the word "Halloween", which alludes to paganism, and "birthday" that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate.

In the Ministry of Education is generally considered that the name of religious holidays do not include the so-called standardized tests. After all, schools of New York City multi-religious, and thus Christmas, Hanukkah and Ramadan necessarily offending anyone.

One religion in the ministry, of course, cost. Tests should not hurt those children whose parents can not boast of a prestigious job and a high income. Wherefore, the word "poverty", "unemployment", "home pool" and references to various expensive gifts and luxury items should also be excluded.

In the black list also hit the "divorce" and the names of various diseases. This was done in order to once again not to injure the delicate psyche of a schoolboy who has experienced parental separation or, God forbid, someone from the family disease.

Undesirable to use is the word "dance" — it's very sexy, and they generally knock children with ideas about education. Exceptions are made only for the ballet.

Pupils interviewed by CBS, to the care of the Ministry of Education reacted with irony rather than with respect. "If my family celebrates Christmas, and the family of my friend does not, it does not mean that one of us offends another," — wisely observes the pupil of one of New York's schools.

"If the children are forbidden from discussing important topics such as poverty, evolution, religion and divorce, they will never learn to talk and think," — says the writer Thaddeus Russell.

Public criticism is not cooled the ardor of the staff departments, more than that, they intend to expand the exclusion list. Because so many students, and all you need to please.

As part of the excessive political correctness with U.S. officials are matched only by officials from the UK. Thousands of children in the United Kingdom are on the list because of the racist and homophobic words that the younger generation of calls to each other during the fighting. Nearly 20,000 school children under the age of 11 years were recorded in the report of the so-called hate crimes, for example, for the use of the word "fagot."

The list of "criminals" were even three-year pupils of kindergartens. Thus, the report got a boy who said to his friend that his head is similar to broccoli. This statement is considered racist.

Lists of "criminals" and their actions in the school keeps a file that the administration can send when a child moves from primary to secondary school or educational institution is changing. The same information from the schools may require a university or potential employer "intruder".

A couple of years ago in the British county of Kent was a scandal because of alleged racist remarks six-year girl. Sharon Gower was playing with a friend and ate a chocolate mousse. At that time, she was approached by two eleven-year-girl and began to tease her.

According to the parents of Sharon, black schoolgirl girl said that she had chocolate on her face, to which Gower said, "You too." Black girl first tried to wipe his face, and then came to the conclusion that Sharon made a joke about the color of her skin, and complained to the teacher.

In this case, the parents were notified that the complaint documented in accordance with the rules of the institution. However, later the director of the institution said that the information about the incident did not make a personal matter of Sharon. The girl's parents, in turn, believe that the charges against their daughter — is political correctness, "driven to madness." Baby's father says his daughter does not even know what racism is.

Apparently, to educators in the U.S., and the UK is more visible than the children themselves, what they mean five-year plan, we call each other in the sandbox, and that may be offensive to the student's secondary school. Than it threatens the younger generation of Western, one can only guess.

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