Traditions of genocide. British — its the Germans, not the Britons

In the UK there was an early ethnic apartheid. Genetics support the view of historians.

Anglo-Saxons came from the continent, at the expense of ethnic segregation and limitations of mixed marriages, were able to genetically displace indigenous islanders (the Britons) and that is why today the British genetically generally have German roots. This conclusion was made by Mark Thomas (Mark Thomas) and his colleagues at University College London (University College London).

Earlier genetic studies have shown that common genetic "profile" of modern British statistically somewhere between 50% and 100% Y-chromosome (inherited, respectively, in the male line) — German origin.

And it was a mystery, as the historians (based on documents) say about 10-200 thousands of Anglo-Saxons who migrated to England in the time interval between the V and VII centuries AD, and it is — very small compared to the two million local people who seemed would have had to dissolve the aliens in itself. In fact, the opposite happened.

A few immigrants from mainland Europe (Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark) were able to dilute the indigenous inhabitants of Britain, so that today the genes of those old immigrants — get the most overwhelming way.

To solve the puzzle, British scientists used computer simulations that helped trace the genetic changes in the population of the country that have taken place with the arrival of such a small number of workers.

The researchers took advantage of evidence that says that Anglo-Saxon settlers had significant economic and social benefit, compared with the original inhabitants of the island. In particular, the ancient texts say that the life of an Anglo Saxon was rated higher than the life of a native.

Dr. Thomas explains that, initially small invading Anglo-Saxon elite quickly established and has grown due to a larger number of children surviving to adulthood. And it happened because of the military power and economic advantage of newcomers.

And Thomas also believes that they (the invaders) prevented the introduction of indigenous genes in the Anglo-Saxon population by restricting intermarriage and the system of segregation similar to apartheid, but, accordingly, not by race and by ethnicity.

So the indigenous British were genetically and culturally absorbed by the Anglo-Saxons in only a few hundred years. It also confirmed a computer model that describes the gene transfer and the establishment of cultural and social ties, which, with different combinations of input data, taking into account the above factors, "losing" the desired number of generations, has led to the genetic and linguistic (English — refers to the Germanic languages) picture observed in the population of the United Kingdom today.


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